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Super Tuesday – Should We Pass Obama the Kryptonite?

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The prospect of choosing one of the Republican candidates today – Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul – is kind of like having to vote for one of the Marx Brothers (and don’t you dare call Ron Paul “Zeppo”). Together they constitute as much presidential timber as Charlie Brown’s poor choice of a Christmas tree, and no one should go thinking that Linus can come along and restore one of them with his blanket anytime soon.

All this “super” talk is beyond ludicrous at this point. Even together these guys are about as super as Don Knotts in Three’s Company. Not one of them is anything close to a “super” candidate, but when one will emerge as the ersatz Clark Kent of the Republicans by tomorrow morning, Mr. Obama will have his Kryptonite ready and he looks unbeatable right now.

The Republicans are really on a roll lately. Take their candidate John McCain in the 2008 race: how could they have even put that man on the ticket? The answer is clearly there was no one else. Four years later we have much of the same thing going on. The Republican party seems to have a lot in common with the New York Mets: bad investments and players who are already out of the race before it even started.

Whoever emerges as the Republican version of a winner on Wednesday morning is going to be a lot like Clark Kent looking for a phone booth in present day Manhattan. I guess the smart money is on Mitt Romney, but putting him up against Mr. Obama is like betting on Rush Limbaugh to win Humanitarian of the Year.

The Republicans will have their convention with their candidate this summer, but in the end Mr. Obama will still stand as the obvious favorite in the election this November. He has that Kryptonite in his pocket, but it is doubtful he will ever have to use it.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Which is why I’d bet my bottom dollar that there’s more than a few Republicans out there who are wishing that something Really Bad happens between now and November. I just hope that none of them are actively working towards it.

    As far as alternative candidates go, I think we can all thank Dubya for preventing the only Republican from running who I think would have had a real chance to beat Obama – his brother Jeb, who is sorta like Dubya, but with brains, a pinch of common sense, and the ability to complete a sentence. Nobody else out there – not Chris Christie, not Jim DeMint, not Paul Ryan – has a real chance against Obama…which is why none of those last three is running – they know better.

  • Glenn, it could well be that lots of the unrest is being stirred by Obama’s opponents. This whole thing with Israel is a big part of it too. It’s going to be a LONG summer!

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Yeah – I just hope they don’t try anything too stupid.

    But I think what the Right is not prepared for is that the Occupy movement is going to kick into high gear in late spring with the warmer temperatures, and especially in the days leading up to the election. OWS hasn’t gone away…


    Go, Rick, go!

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Who said it – the GOP’s Mr. Romney or The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns? Betcha can’t get them all right – I sure didn’t.

  • Baronius

    Glenn, nothing would make the average Republican happier than a resurgent OWS.

    As for the main article, I know I’m repeating myself, but neither party put in much of an effort to develop its farm team during the Clinton and W years, and that’s coming back to bite them. It doesn’t happen on its own, and there are enough John Ensigns and Anthony Weiners along the way that you’ve got to be grooming anyone who looks like he could have potential.