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Super Smash Bros. Brawl First Play

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My little brother just got Brawl on Sunday, since he pre-ordered. On Sunday I was playing it single-player and with him a bit. The game is very similar to Super Smash Bros. Melee (the GameCube iteration of the series), which is a good thing.

The first thing I did was check out the Classic Mode. I chose Kirby as my character and powered through it on Normal relatively quickly. Classic Mode has remained pretty much unchanged since the first Super Smash Bros. The only real difference was better visuals and some variety to the opposing characters.

I’m glad they have kept the same basic move sets and controls from Melee. I was able to pick up and start playing right away with a GameCube controller without any thought to it. Though I am disappointed that Mario’s whirlwind punch was replaced with the Fludd Cannon.

The next thing I checked out was Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Mode. It took forever to find a match. When the match finally loaded there was no lag noticeable. There are tons of features missing from online: voice chat, leaderboards, and player skill levels. There are just basic options available of Play with Anyone or Play with Friends.

Later on I played against my brother in the game’s meat and potatoes – local multi-player. The local-multiplayer is also very comparable to Melee. You can even play Melee stages which is some nice fan service.

The main difference between Melee and Brawl are Brawl’s additions. The new powerups, final smashes, and assists trophies add new elements to the strategy. They are also cool to look at and execute. Some may find balance problems. Some of the Final Smashes take up entire screens, some just one side, and some only certain areas. So basically some Final Smashes are an almost guaranteed KO, while others are not. And some gamers might find certain assists over-powered, when using an assist only requires you to be the first person to pick it up. If it is dropped near you, you have a good chance to do some damage.

My brother and I each played as some of the newer characters; Initial impressions disappoint. Most of the new characters have lame B moves, or only one really effective one. Diddy Kong’s, Wario’s, King Dedede’s, and Captain Olimar’s move sets are lame. Pit has basically two moves you can use for damage. On the other hand, my brother played as Meta Knight and completely destroyed me. Digging deeper with these characters might produce better results.

Some of the old character’s moves have changed slightly. Playing against Yoshi seems less annoying, but Yoshi’s moves seem more effective. The older characters still have the right amount of balance.

The last thing we played was a little bit of the Subspace Emissary (the game’s story mode). It is not exactly mind-straining or even button-straining work. People have called it a platformer, but I would consider it more like a Beat ’em Up. Not too deep, but a fun co-op diversion from beating each other’s brains out.

Yes, I’ve only played it for one day, but I’m really digging it so far. Some may be disappointed that not much has changed from Melee. I think it was a wise choice. The game is a refinement of Melee in many ways and an expansion in others.

I’ve had epic battles and marathon sessions with both the original Smash. Bros. and Melee and don’t expect it to be any different with this game. The game is still strangely addicting, easily accessible, and deeper than it first appears.

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  • Danny

    Hello I wanted to share my thoughts on the SSBB game. Although this game has several new features, I was in part disappointed. Mostly because the physics engine are so different compare to Melee that you have to play differently in this game. The character that I most use is Link, and to tell you the truth, though Brawl Link looks better, I still prefer the Melee Link, and so with other characters as well. Another thing that I didn’t like was that this game doesn’t have past stages like the DK and Dream Land stages that were also in Melee, oh and yes, Final Destination from Melee is better than Brawl’s, though the music is cool. The online experience wasn’t as I expected. Not only there’s server connection problems with this game, but the online game is TOO limited. It doesn’t have like stats, records or whatever is thats helps you keep track of your online gaming like there is in PLAYSTATION NETWORK or XBox Live games. It doesn’t have options for your matches, I mean you can’t choose whether you want “free-4-all”, “3 player” contest or a “1v1” contest and you can’t set rules like stock, time, etc. it has to be a 2 minute contest only. You can set rules in Friends Mode, but it would be better if you could do it in Anyone Mode as well. I hope this changes in the future, because as I said before, the online experience for this game was not as I expected. And for last, the most important thing that I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with was the removal of the WAVEDASH technique, along with few other techniques. I don’t know to this point if there’s a new way to do it, but you can’t do it the same way you do it in Melee. I would’ve love so much to do it in Brawl. All this and few other little details were the things that I dislike from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • aidyn6677

    how do we get to play super smash bros brawl online

  • Aidyn,

    First you have to set up your Wii for online. If you’re already set up online just select “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection” from the title screen. It’s pretty self-explanatory from there.

  • dk61865

    i want to play supersmash bros brawl