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Finally I got to watch Super Size Me. I watched it in German, with German subtitles and the narrator-voice dubbed. It was a very good documentary, I think.

Before I started watching the movie I bought me a big pizza. First I thought about going to McDonald’s to buy me a huge meal – just for the fun of it, to point out the irony. But I was too lazy to travel through my city to get me McDonald’s food. I must say, I also haven’t been at McDonald’s anymore for a really long time. I don’t even remember when I was there the last time. Though I worked there for about a year, and I didn’t feel bad about it really. I was a vegetarian when I worked there, so all I ate was salade, burgers without meat and such, and I drank the shakes often. It didn’t damage me, but I saw others that worked there and regularly ate ALL the stuff, and nobody ever got into that kind of trouble.

I mean, the documentary definitely has a point. I think especially the sugar is really bad, and that is probably what causes the addiction. You shouldn’t eat that kind of crap too often. But I don’t know… I think, Morgan Spurlock must have had some problem already before he started this documentary. Maybe it’s in his genes. It’s weird that he got that sick. Maybe his body was just shocked suddenly, because he wasn’t used to that much sugar and fat at all.

Anyway, I put half of my pizza away as soon as they listed all diseases you can get. Haha. I wasn’t hungry anymore anyway. And maybe that is part of the problem – maybe some people just can’t stop when they’re done already. Morgan Spurlock went on eating also, although he didn’t feel like it anymore. And I do think you can’t just blame it on the industry. Of course, it’s their fault also. But people should just watch themselves what they’re doing.

Conclusion in the end is – I think, this is the best, most entertaining documentary of the year so far. And for me it sure had the biggest impact among all docus so far this year, too. Not concerning McDonald’s, but just about food and habits in general. Fahrenheit 9/11 couldn’t have that kind of impact, because I already knew and felt with my whole body that Bush is a prick before. So – maybe Super Size Me is a good candidate for the Oscars in 2005.

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  • I agree, it’s definitely a solid flick. Sugar in a Big Mac…that’s just plain evil. On the other hand, have you seen Control Room or The Corporation? I haven’t yet but I’ve heard they’re great docs as well.

  • I’ve watched “The Corporation” already and thought it was great, too. I haven’t watched “Control Room” yet, but it’s definitely on my list.