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Super Bowl, in general context, refers to the season championship game of the National Football League.  Prior to January of 1967, the professional football championship game was simply called the NFL Championship.

During that period of the 1960s there was a popular toy distributed by the Wham-O corporation called the Super Ball.

Lamar Hunt, founder of the American Football League, was observing his grandson playing with his Super Ball when Lamar jokingly referred to the NFL Championship Game as the “Super Bowl” with the belief that a more appropriate label would be conjured up to market the event. The media picked-up on the name and the rest is history.

Original Technorati articles discussing the “Super Bowl” include USA Today Ad Meter Rates Super Bowl XLV Commercials and Finds a Ratings TieNFL Drops the Ball – Leaving 400 Fans Hanging and The 2010 NFL Game of the Year. Also see 25th Anniversary Celebration of the 1986 New York Giants

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