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Super Bowl XLIV: The Least Baseballiest Championship Ever

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Peyton Manning throwing what appears to be a novelty baseballSuper Bowls are chock full of fun facts. Of course, the fun lies within the scope of the Super Bowl. For example, statistics about the Super Bowl coin toss are fun but have no practical application to, say, your mortgage or the new ketchup packet.

With this in mind, MLB.com noted something about this 44th installment of the Super Bowl: Indianapolis and New Orleans are two cities that have never had Major League Baseball teams. And this is the first time we can ever proclaim this.

They both have Triple-A franchises, however. Indy has the Indians, which are a farm team for the — you guessed it — Pittsburgh Pirates. The New Orleans Zephyrs, meanwhile, have been a veritable minor league whore for talent, changing allegiances three times in the last five seasons. Currently they're the Triple-A team for the Florida Marlins. They probably outdraw them in attendance, too.

Unfortunately, we can't stand this entropic baseball data on its end and rub it in the NFL's face: there has never been a World Series with two football-less cities, unless we predate the existence of the Super Bowl, but what fun is that? Even looking at simple winners of the World Series, it's difficult to find a city that didn't have hot National Football League action:

2002: Anaheim Angels. Technically, no, but the Los Angeles Rams played in Anaheim Stadium for a number of years.

1992-93: Toronto Blue Jays. Another technical "no," but even the Buffalo Bills have played home games in the Rogers Centre. Not fair!

1984: Detroit Tigers. I've heard rumors that the city of Detroit actually has an NFL team, and that they have a full roster and play actual games even to this day, but I can't confirm them.

Now it's time to enter the Wayback Machine and find some teams from the black-and-white era.

1957: Milwaukee Braves. A-ha! Aw, dammit.

1956: Brooklyn Dodgers. Absolutely unfair. Not only did Brooklyn have an NFL team, but they were called the Dodgers too.

I suppose we could even predate the World Series and look to the 1884 Providence Grays as a potential … oh, you gotta be kidding me.

You win this time, football.

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  • Well, it was a good second half.

    Wouldn’t go so far as to call it a good game

  • RJ

    Cool stat.

    I was rooting for the Colts. Oh, well. Good game anyway.

  • Funny piece, Matt. I’m astonished – astonished to learn that Indianapolis has never had a top-class rounders team. I mean, that place is huge. It’s one of the biggest little towns in Indiana, I believe.

  • Even though I played baseball in my younger years and was the only girl to make the “boys little league team,” I like football much much better, both playing and as a spectator.