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Super Bowl XLI: I Predict a Blowout

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On more than one occasion over the last two weeks people have asked me what I predict will happen in the Super Bowl. More than any other Super Bowl in recent memory, I really don’t know which way this is going to turn out. After thinking about it for a while, the best I can do is narrow it down to two completely opposite outcomes.

No matter what, I think this game is going to be a blowout.

If the best Bears team shows up, then the Bears’ defense is capable of stopping Indy. The special teams, with Devin Hester, are capable of adding a touchdown, or at least giving Rex Grossman the kind of field position that could demoralize the Colts’ defense. Also, the Bears’ running attack of Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson is capable of blasting for 300 yards or more depending, of course, on which Colts’ defense shows up to play on Sunday.

But, if the Colts team that beat the Pats shows up, the Colts could win by a 10 point margin. The Colts could execute a pretty balanced offensive attack, between the two headed monster of Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai, and the passing attack with Harrison, Wayne and Dallas Clark. The Colts should be able to win the field position game despite Devin Hester’s abilities as a returner. Kicker Adam Vinatierri and punter Hunter Smith should be able to keep Devin Hester in check by not giving him the kinds of opportunities he needs to break one long. If the Colts’ defense that drove New England crazy last week decides to show up on Sunday, they can handle Rex Grossman and company.

But, those are a lot of “ifs.”

We are talking about a Colts team that made Ron Dayne look like Jerome Bettis in his 20’s, running for 153 yards. We are talking about a Colts team that gave up 375 rushing yards (and a hefty 8.9 yards-per-carry average) in a single week to Jacksonville.

Are we going to see that team, or the one that manhandled Cincinnatti 34-16? Are we going to see the team that manned up against the never-to-be-counted-out Patriots team?

So, my prediction is that one team won’t show up and we will be looking at a blowout. At this point I am guessing that the Colts are more likely to show, so I give it a 60% chance that we see a Colts blowout and a 40% chance that the Bears show up and the Colts don’t.

But if I am wrong and both teams show up, this could be one hell of a game.

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  • Hope you’re wrong. I can’t bear – excuse the pun -to watch a blowout.

  • S.D. Thompson

    I think you might be surprised. There is a good chance that weather will play a part in this game. Remember the Colts are an indoor team and rain is in the forecast. I think its going to play into the hands of the Bears and their defense. Bears win by 6.