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Super Bowl Commericals: Worth the $2.4mil?

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If you have an unlimited ad budget like Budweiser or the automakers and can afford the repetition throughout the game, maybe it is worth it, but for smaller players shooting their wad on a single showing, I doubt it is.

IFILM has its super cool and handy compendium of Super Bowl commercials up here now (be patient, the page takes a while to load). This was a slow year: even looking over the titles I couldn’t remember the majority of the ads and only a couple struck me enough to stick with me.

The Cedric the Entertainer “Designated Driver Dance” Bud spot was funny both conceptually and in execution, and the CareerBuilder.com “Kissing Monkey Butt” spot was certainly pointed and graphic in characterizing a less than ideal work environment. I remember seeing MC Hammer but couldnt’ really figure out why. I have a hard time believing a lot of the other ones archived there even ran: I can’t remember them at all. I saw the Volvo/Virgin ad we talked about a few days ago, but it wasn’t all that memorable either.

I DO remember the Cialis ad, but only because its coy smirking about old farts pumping up their sagging sex lives with chemicals made me want to throw something at the new big screen.

Check out IFILM’s archives from ’04 here, and ’03 here.

AP’s rundown is here – did any of the ads catch your eye, ear, or fancy?

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  • Ameriquest, on both tries, got my vote. I laughed the hardest at those. The site of the guy holding the cat with the spilled spaghetti sauce and knife was just too much.

    USA Today ranked the Budwiser jumper #1. It was funny, but nowhere near Amerquest. I don’t feel like a need a mortage, but hey, I know their name now.

  • The Theory

    the ameriquest ad where the cattle prod was used was one of the best.

    i also loved the GoDaddy.com one where the girl loses her strap.

  • The Ameriquest ad was the only one that made me laugh out loud during the game. This ranks as one of the dullest Super Bowls I have ever seen- from commercials to game.

  • 1. Fedex
    2. Bud Lite – the fantasy island(actually every one of theirs)
    3. godaddy.com – just for chutzpah
    4. Ameriquest
    5. The NFL “Tomorrow, we’re all undefeated” spot

    some good shizzle, and some fizzle!

  • Pepsi
    Lay’s Potato Chips-this is where MC Hammer came in, coming back.
    Not sure if created for Superbowl or not-Muppets and Pizza Hut
    One question-if they wanted a tame SB-why Cialis?

  • Olbermann reported that the original godaddy spot included a reference to a “wardrobe malfunction” but the line was axed for some stupid reason.

    For whatever reason, I feel that talking about Super Bowl ads (or most ads in general) is something that shouldn’t be perused as much as it is. Feeding the corporate/marketing machine… or more than usual… or blatantly so. Or something.

  • dietdoc

    Eric writes:

    “This was a slow year: even looking over the titles I couldn’t remember the majority of the ads and only a couple struck me enough to stick with me.”

    Reply: I remember “GoDaddy.com” fondly and vividly. It was a great spoof. And I am a football nut who watched the second half again on recorded video. I continued to marvel at the way N.E.’s left offensive tackle dominated the Eagles’ Jevon Kearse. [Sorry, the old offensive lineman occassionally breaks out.]





  • Eric Olsen

    I also neglected to acknowledge the great Ameriquest ad with the cat, knife and spaghetti sauce, as Matt so perspicaciously mentions – we cracked up at that one

  • The ad that I’ll never forget from this years superbowl was the Bud ad for the troops. When they come walking through the airport and the people in the airport start clapping I got all misty!

    Must be that 20 year vet in me!

  • Rip Van Winkle

    I liked the commercial where the horses kick the field goal instead of going for two.

  • i liked the tabasco ad ‘cuz tobasco is my favorite hot sauce.


  • MrPC

    It seems like those ads altogether were a big disappointment. The Super Bowl Ads are collectively supposed to be either funny, really interesting, or have some shock value.

    There were too many commercials that tried to be funny (but weren’t), or didn’t even try at all (What do Cadillac and Honda (and other car makers) have against creating Super Bowl worthy ads?

    Hopefully this one year will be a fluke, and next year we’ll get back to the time where you still have reason to watch each and every super bowl ad.

  • Eric Olsen

    agreed MrPC, a few chuckles, a few WTF, and a lot of ho-hum – but the game was good!