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Super Bowl Commercials

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The local TV news previewed some Super Bowl commercials this morning. Don’t let me ruin your weekend if you want all this to be a surprise Sunday afternoon/evening…

My favorite was Homer Simpson for MasterCard. I never knew the Kwik-E Mart accepted plastic, much less Moe’s.

The Pepsi commercial loses points because it features a Telecaster instead of a Stratocaster. C’mon, people!

Muhammed Ali for Linux/IBM loses points for comprehensibility, but gains points for incomprehensibility, if you know what I mean.

Parading Scotsmen for Sierra Mist wasn’t bad, considering it is, as the kid points out, just plain Wrong. (Does Groundskeeper Willie have a Marilyn Monroe fixation?)

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  • Olivia

    Jimi Hendrix’s first guitar was not even a real guitar….it was a one stringed toy guitar….that his dad bought for him in grade school, so I’d say about when he was 10 or 11. Then, when his mum died, his dad bought him a ukulele….and then he finally bought him a 5 buck acoustic guitar when he was 15. His first electic guitar was bought when he was 12…it was a Gibson Les Paul, the Strat was his main guitar, there’s a difference….and guys…it’s a Pepsi commercial, they really don’t care if they get their facts and dates straight….all they care about is you buying Pepsi….so stop arguing about it.

    But I say Coke is better anyway…

  • John

    The Pepsi commercial showing Hendrix making the “right” choice between Pepsi and Coke, a guitar and an accordian, is asinine. Lawrence Welk had a long and distinguished career with his accordian, band, and eventually TV show. Hendrix was a drug addicted maniac now dead because of his awful lifestyle. Long live Coke and the accordian!

  • sydney

    Actually, at 11 years old he fashinoed himself a primitive guitar by holding the knob of his penis and streaching it a good distance from his body. He then proceded to twang away at the chords to the beatles “she loves me”.

    So, not only both of you, but all of you could actually be wrong. Who knows thouhg.. maybe he had played a differnt guitar even before this?

  • According to a random website, he was twelve.

    According to wikipedia, he got his first acoustic guitar sometime after the death of his mother when he was 16.

    So you could both be wrong! 🙂

  • Hendrix got his first guitar when he was 11. Certainly not 16 Get your facts right!

  • I think they are going to far with the super bowl ads not being accepted i will still be buying super bowl tickets thats for sure.

  • Gary G.

    Re the Jimi Hendrix Pepsi (ugh!) commercial: Jimi’s first ELECTRIC guitar was a white Supro Ozark 1560, bought for him by his father at Myer’s Music Store in Seattle in 1959 (when Jimi was 16), and not in 1953 (when Jimi was only 10/11. As for the Fender Telecaster, Jimi played many a Fender Stratocaster (“Strat”), but probably never a Tele.

  • Thanks, Randy. The second time I saw the commercial, I saw the “Seattle 1953” text at the bottom of the screen and thought, hmmm, I bet Strats weren’t in production yet. Historical accuracy was probably bent in other ways in the commercial, but as long as they put the date in there, it’s probably just as well it wasn’t a Stratocaster.

    BTW, many thanks are due the ‘tards who make sure to splurt the word “fuck” all over the comments. You do realize your statements illuminate youself better than they do the subject matter?

    Anyway, I was a little surprised the Homer Simpson commercial came so late in the game. The horse flatulence didn’t strike me as too funny either (they should know better than to feed a poor dumb animal beverages brewed in St. Louis), but the crotch biting ugly dog gave me a chuckle. Seemed to cause some subliminal worries amongst the halftime entertainers, though…

  • fuckyou

    Ya get it right FUCKO!

  • randy

    Not a comic book guy but I do know guitars. Telecaster was originally a Broadcaster and first marketed in 1950 then changed to Telecaster in 1951. Strats were introduced in 1954. Hendrix 1st guitar was an acoustic and his first electric was a Supro Ozark 1560 S

  • FuCkPePsI

    Ive only seen the pepsi commercial once but i caught the telecaster part and it made me hate pepsi even more. First off the fact that they use the late master of the stratocaster to promote their shitty drink but at least get his axe of choice right. I havent checked the date of the commercial because like i said ive only seen it once but i know the strat just turned 50 so simple math indicates it was made in ’54. It makes me sad that this large corporation spends billions to recruit talented stars to plug their crap. I used to have respect for green day because they have good music but i refuse to believe they signed with pepsi voluntarily. A shitty fake band like good charlotte would feel right at home plugging a shitty fake drink.

  • Good point. When did it say that commercial was set? Ninetten fifty-something? The Strat might not even have been created yet (I will not be the Comic Book Guy and look up it’s exact birthday).

    And so, with that reference, none of you will be surprised that the Homer Simpson Mastercard ad was by far my favorite. I almost didn’t see it, or anything else – that embarassing, idiotic “flaming horse-fart” beer ad almost got me to turn off the TV.

  • zach

    jimi hendrix first guitar wasnt a stratocaster, and he played other guitars.

  • Long live CNN!

  • Eric Olsen

    We’re ignoring it, just like CBS.

  • I thought this entry would be about the Super Bowl commercial that is at the heart of a brouhaha because it wasn’t accepted because it is political.

  • JR

    Oh yes, Homer Simpson is JUST the kind of responsible consumer who needs a credit card.

    Isn’t Homer Simpson exactly who the credit card companies want? Irresponsible but employed, so he ends up paying lots of late fees.

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    the eagles shoud’ve won. i hate the nfl

  • Priceless.

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    fuck the patriots and the panthers

  • Oh yes, Homer Simpson is JUST the kind of responsible consumer who needs a credit card.