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Summer is a wonderful time of the year to many who enjoy all that comes with this sunny season. Whether you are a surfer, a sunbather, a picnicker, a backpacker, or just a Vitamin D lover, the summer season is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Whereas winter keeps a lot of people indoors and not being as social, the summer time gets people out and causes them to interact with each other by having barbecues, playing at the beach, and just otherwise awakening their sensibilities.

Some parts of the country can become extremely hot during the summer. The hottest U.S. city with an average daily mean of 91 degrees Fahrenheit is Phoenix, Arizona. And when traveling, a motorist would certainly not want to break down in Death Valley (Nevada/California), with its summer temperatures hovering around 120 degrees at times.

Some things that people do to cool down during the summer are visiting water parks, staying inside with the cool air conditioning, sleeping on a latex mattress (well ventilated), going boating, or taking a trip to higher mountain elevations. Bloggers speaking about summer can be found at sites like networkedblogs and onmilwaukee.

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