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Suggestions On Celebrity-Branded Foods

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COUNTRY STARS LAUNCH CELEBRITY-BRANDED FOODS: Country western singers are going into celebrity-branded foods in a big way. These include (not kidding) George Jones’ bacon and bottled water; Tracy Byrd’s sauces; and Dwight Yoakam’s new foray into seafood.

Why stop with country western singers and why limit it to food? Why not expand it to anyone who is famous? Here are our suggestions (and no ideology is spared):

1. Janet Jackson Turkey Breast.
2. Janet Reno Moustache Remover
3. Rush Limbaugh Baloney
4. Al Franken Fertilizer

5. Michael Jackson Probe
6. William Shatner Ham
7. Monica Lewinsky Slurpee
8. Robert Dole Viagra (hey, he beat us to it!)
9. Mike Tyson Mace
10. The Moderate Voice Shrimp (HEY, CUT THE HEIGHT JOKES!!!)

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  • george michael weiners (too easy)
    pee wee herman whipped cream
    condelezza rice cakes
    delta burke pork products
    osama linens and things


  • Stately Wayne Manor

    My local 7-11 will soon be offering the
    “Jenna Jameson” Big Gulp. OK hang me!!!
    I know it ain’t funny either…