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Sugah’ Wouldn’t Melt…

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Ann Coulter has been called many things. A radical, a neo-conservative, and a less than stellar respresentative of a conservative party that is trying to lose the elitist label. She may be all those things. She has a smart mouth on her, but unfortunately for the other side, she has a brain to back it up.

At times I have wanted to strangle her for her less than tactful approach during interviews, and her seemingly arrogant presentation of certain facts. Her fuse is short, her tongue is sharp.

The one thing you can’t say about her is that she doesn’t know her facts.

In her column Fall Fashion Preview: Cowboy Boots In, Flip Flops Out, (October 13, 2004) she made a statement that not only made me laugh, but gave me pause.

Ann: During the second presidential debate, John Kerry said: “I ask each of you just to look into your hearts, look into your guts. Gut-check time. Was this really going to war as a last resort?”

How about this for “gut-check time”: When you close your eyes, can you see the Democrats defending America? Because I can’t see it.”

Well, that is my biggest fear, and the biggest fear of most of the conservatives I come into contact with. The Democrats are so busy trying to appease the world, stay out of a military conflict, and back alley allies by telling them, “Well we wouldn’t have done this without your approval”, it makes me, frankly, want to vomit.

Does anyone really care what France thinks? Or any other country, for that matter, who didn’t have the cojones to stand up with their strongest ally who would be there within 24 hours if they needed help?

Then, in statements to the press, the people, and on the campaign trail, Mr. Kerry says he will never stop at anything to hunt down and kill terrorists. If he is so terribly opposed to the use of military force in Iraq, which he has also said he is (of course, its hard to keep track because his position changes depending on the color of the tree he is leaning against), why does he think we are there?

The issue of weapons of mass destruction notwithstanding, which as far as I am concerned is a dead issue until they turn up in a bunker in Syria, Libya, Lebanon, or some other fringe terrorist sympathizer country, and if Saddam didn’t make them, he facilitated their making. Iraq was run by a terrorist. A prima facia terrorist, a terrorist sympathizer, a terrorist funder (or facilitator), and could be trusted by the countries targed by terrorists as far as they could throw his golden toilet.

Ann: They [the French] call terrorism a “nuisance,” like prostitution and other petty crimes. (“Hundreds of Children Killed in Chechnya by Nuisance,” “British Civilian Beheaded by Annoyance,” “9-11: What a Hassle!”) They babble about nonexistent civil liberties violations under the Patriot Act. (which I realize has been argued to death).

As I mentioned somewhere else, the person ensconced in the oval office has certain powers.

I don’t worry about W because of his stance on abortion because he can’t do anything about it. It’s here, its staying, and he can’t stop it.

I don’t worry about W because of his stance on embryonic stem cell research because support is too strong, he can’t prevent it, and so it is moot as far as his being elected.

I DO worry about having a commander-in-chief who is willing to use military force (with a well equipped military) when my country (or someone else’s) is in imminent danger, without worrying about public opinion polls (which is another blog) or hesitating allies who have their own business interests at the core of their conscience instead of the safety of their countrymen. The man in the oval office CAN influence and implement that.

I DO worry about economically conservative policies which foster research and development, better technologies, life saving drugs (which we may or may not be able to afford) and a better quality of life for not just its own citizens but the world community. That is something that the commander-in-chief CAN influence and implement.

I DO worry about entitlement programs being dished out like candy to babies at the expense of the hardworking taxpayer, and the commander-in-chief CAN influence and implement that.

You have to know the issues and which ones the man you elect can influence. Of course, hand in hand with that goes those representatives you send to Washington from respective states. They have the power or a lot of hydraulics behind it.

Ann Coulter may be a sharp tongue, and a sarcastic mouth in a time when a little sugah’ might be a better approach. But she speaks the truth, even if she is abrasive doing it.

I recognize that this close to an election, emotions run high, opinions run strong, and everyone is running fast and scared. In other times, I have chastised Ann Coulter for the way she respresents the issues. This time I give her credit where credit is due.

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  • Claire R.: “The Democrats are so busy trying to appease the world, stay out of a military conflict, and back alley allies by telling them, ‘Well we wouldn’t have done this without your approval’, it makes me, frankly, want to vomit.”

    Me too.

    Ann Coulter rules.

  • we can all agree to disagree about how the us should conduct foreign policy, but do yourself a favor and google “ann coulter” with “misinformation” and you’ll find tons of sources listing the various inaccuracies and outright made up stuff in her books.

  • Claire

    Mark, I appreciate the suggestion, but the “misinformation” you talk about is primarily liberals disagreeing with her or slinging mud. I have read her books…I have talked with her in person. I don’t believe every word she says as though it were divinely inspired….it is why I formulated myy piece the way I did…I give her credit in this particular case, because I know the statements she made to be true…I disagree with her delivery in some cases, but she is a political writer and analyst. Her “perceptions” are her “perceptions”…of course they will be considered “misinformation” by those who don’t agree with her.

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting…


  • nope, i’m not talking about disagreements with her opinion, i’m talking about factual errors in her statements. they’re pretty well documented.

    and for someone who loves to spin up how the left loves to ‘lie’, it seems kinda hypocritical to me.

  • Claire

    Mark…I have never espoused that the “left in general” lies…only certain statement by certain people. You have to remember that I agree with the left in many of their positions.

    To be fair, I will look at the sites you mention (if you have particular links, I will be happy to go to them)…and report back…

    I don’t think anyone should lie…I think that good information is necessary to make good decisions…its like a computer…good in good out…bad in bad out…

    I’m not a tight ass. I am open to the input…it won’t change my positions on my political ethics and platforms, because I know they both spin like Jupiter.

    I was careful to frame this piece on PARTICULAR statements which I know to be true. Which I have heard in other contexts…again I say, it was not an endorsement of every word which has come out of her mouth…but there are very few people to whom I would give that reverance. Hell, I am the first to espouse the doubtful verity of every word in the Bible, and I am a Christian. So I AM openminded….

    Show me…:) and thank you again


  • try this one from spinsanity. they’re sort of like factcheck.org in that they expose stuff from both the left and the right.

  • Claire

    Claire-ification: “they both spin like Jupiter” = both sides, all sides….so there is no misunderstanding.


  • Anne Coulter says being a liberal is no different from being a terrorist. I am a liberal, and so absolutely no respect for her for that shortsighted and vicious comment.

    As for her ‘having her facts straight’, I urge you to read the second and third chapters of Al Franken’s last book. He has two chapters dedicated specifically to the numberous factual errors and outright fictions from her last book. You may borrow my copy, if you’d like.

    take care,

  • Claire

    Mark, I will look…:)

    Lono…Al Franken does not do it for me as a source, but I have read his book in the course of what I do, I didn’t agree with much of it.

    I say, AGAIN….that my piece was not an unadulterated endorsement of every word she has said. The words she said which I have recounted, are unquestionable.

    I believe I also said I would have gladly strangled her on numerous occasions. She is passionate for the conservatives…which of course, I appreciate, but I give her credence only when I know for a fact that what she speaks is documented. (or agrees with me *huge grin)

    I don’t like Sean Penn or Michael Moore either, but there are tidbits of truth in their words…

    I’m going to look at the site Mark suggested….

    But hey, regardless of whether or not you love her as a political analyist, a pundit, or a conservative….she DOES drive her point home…like a bull in heat. πŸ™‚


  • “Claire-ification”….heh…i like that!

  • Claire

    *ducking carpet bombs….Lono…

    In this political climate and on this particular day at this particular time, being a pacifist or acceptor of terrorism is tantamount to being one…

    (of course I don’t think you are :))


  • andy marsh

    Ann is all that and a bag o’ chips!

    I read ‘Slander’ and she sure does seem to back up what she says with a lot of references. I’d say close to a 4th of the book is her notes, backing up what she says.

  • Truth Minister

    Ann Coulter is one of my heros. Just like myself she is brutally honest and straight forward. I’ve read some of her new book and it is right on target.

    Your post is really good Claire but I disagree with the statment that she is sometimes less than tactful. Hell Ted Kennedy is always less than tactful. It is hard for Teddy boy to have any couth with he is always toasted on high dollar Scotch.

    As far as Sean Penn(Head) and Michael (dude the country is trapped in one of my fat rolls)Moore, there is no such thing as “tidbits of truth.” Every time there mouth open they’re replete with lies.

  • Claire

    Truth…hee hee…I can’t deny that I agree with you. I have to be objective to her “presentation” because I write not only for conservatives, but for liberals as well, so I was being diplomatic. Sean Penn and Michael Moore can so bite me. It would give me the greatest of pleasure….I try to see both sides…and I think Sean might be sincere…Michael is just an ass. Thank you so much for responding! It gave me heart!


  • Truth Minister

    I especially like the part in the book about how self-serving and patronizing Julia Roberts was when Denzel Washington won an Oscar. Shows you that most of Hollywood is all me, me, me.

    Now a good actor and even better film creator (Mel Gibson) may not get nominated for an Osacr because “a lot of Hollywood thinks that The Passion is anti-semetic.

  • Claire

    It is inconceivable to me, Truth, that The Passion would not sweep the Oscars, but you are right…it won’t, and if it does, I will shout to the rafters that excellence won out. One of the most phenomenal films I have ever seen.

    And yes, self serving seems to be a virus in the actor’s guild. Probably a lot father afield than that. But I agree…


  • Truth Minister

    Matt Damon is another idiot. He said “I’d pay a million dollars for Kerry to win”. The way his movie career has been as of late that would proably put the pussy in debt.

    Maybe he could hit his buddy Ben up for a cheese sandwich and a glass of Kool-Aid.

  • boomcrashbaby

    It’s funny to read the comments from the right, about Jon Stewarts performance on Crossfire. (It was unprofessional, I won’t watch him anymore, etc.)

    However, when the venom from Ann comes out, it’s “well, I don’t admire her tactics but her facts are so regally uncontestable, we forgive and stand by this woman no matter what she says” *wink*wink*

    The comediene gets held accountable for political rhetoric, the politically active right gets a slide.

    Remember folks, Ann hands us a big blue bar of rat poison ideology. “Sugah” coating it, so that it is more like Queen Maleficent with that tempting juicy apple, does not change how you ultimately end up digesting what has been handed to you.

  • Claire

    We are simpatico, Truth…..and you are making me laugh so hard…


  • boomcrashbaby

    ah, yes Claire. Calling Tucker a dick is bad. Calling Matt Damon a pussy is funny.

  • Truth Minister

    Hail to Ann Coulter.(or is it hale?) I’ll just turn on two TV’s and watch Jon Stewart on both and dedicate one in your name bcb.

    I’m sure you’d also like me to forward you a copy of my O’Reilly news letter too.

  • Claire

    Remeber boom…perception and besuty is in th eye of the beholder. She says what she believes. I say what I believe, and YOU say what you belive….it is up to the indivudual to decide..

    I’m gonna dance with you after, regardless….for I firmly believe in our form of government. If I lose, then, I will still pour champagne for the ones who got in and think they are right…:)


  • Claire

    that was “beauty”…and STOP calling me a right winger….I am not…and it is the one thing i take offense to.


  • Truth Minister

    I forgot to mention that I can only get FOX so I guess Stewart will have to wait. He’s not even legit.

  • Truth Minister

    I will attempt to watch Al Franken if I am constipated. The bad part is that I want to puke instead of crap.

    He was real smart for having dinner with that libelious, sexual harrassment statment making excuse for a news editor.

  • boomcrashbaby

    STOP calling me a right winger….I am not…and it is the one thing i take offense to.

    My apologies if you were offended. Can you point out where I called you a right winger?

    Al Franken is a long overdue response to the rhetoric from the right. As is Michael Moore. Jon Stewart is a comediene as I pointed out, so the comment of him not being legit is redundant, TMinister.

    The mainstream media has had a liberal bias forever, so the story goes. But Aaron Brown, Keith Obermann, Peter Jennings, et. al. do not accuse the ‘opposing side’ of being in bed with terrorists, of being traitors, etc. While on the right, the list of those who are Franken’s vitrolic equivalent include Novak, Coulter, Scaroborough, Buchanan, Carlson, Michael Savage, Dr. Laura, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

    To recap, bias from the left.
    Bias, slander, venom, virtol, rhetoric, misinformation, and downright hatred from the right.

    Not an equal balance.

  • Truth Minister

    You forgot O’Reilly bcb. As for Jennings, Brown and Obermann they’re all losers just as Franken and Moore are one man side show freaks. Besides when is the last time no one fell asleep while Peter Jennings was delivering what he calls news. He’ll soon be having hot tea with Ted Kopal at a Florida retirement village.

    Let’s just hope they don’t get a hold of any Viagra or they be on each other like a monkey humping a coconut.

  • andy marsh

    you say Stewart is a comedian… So was Franken, for a lot of years…and he wasn’t very good at it! With his dumbass stewart smiley or what ever…

    And quite honestly…he’s not very good at his present profession, what ever he’s supposed to be.

  • boomcrashbaby

    they’re all losers
    one man side show freaks.
    when is the last time no one fell asleep

    Is this called sugah coating? Just think, O’Reilly gets paid millions to do no more than say what you said for nothin. Bittersweet, isn’t it? How can we give further examples of what Claire is talking about with the desperately needed sugah?….

    Let’s just hope they don’t get a hold of any Viagra or they be on each other like a monkey humping a coconut

    oh, yes, let’s insinuate that they are *shudder* homosexuals…..

    you say Stewart is a comedian… So was Franken, for a lot of years

    He has been given legitimacy in his new profession. Selling millions of books did it. Pretty much did the career transfer same as some right wing pundits.

    With his dumbass stewart smiley or what ever…

    yeah, whatever. I don’t know what smiley you are referring to.

    What other names can we call liberals while we gripe and moan about how they attack, use bad words, and how just all around petty they are, folks?

  • Truth Minister

    Say what you will about us “right wingers” but just as Arnold has proven in California it generally takes one or two republicans to clean up the mess of a dozen democrats. Of course it takes about twenty HoJo maids to clean the vomit and lip stick off of Ted Kennedy.

  • andy marsh

    You may have given him legitimacy, I never did!

    Selling books is not a sign of legitamcy.

  • boomcrashbaby

    I have never heard Al Franken. I only know about him from the attention he receives from the right. By him getting legitimacy, I meant he got a job in the profession, same as a lot of others.

    If selling books is not a sign of legitimacy in the news world, then Ann Coulter would be back at her old job.

    Also, should we decide to dismiss Franken’s and Moore’s ‘legitimacy’ in punditry, then my comment about the Left media being biased, but the Rght media spewing hatred is only slanted even more so towards the imbalance.

  • Truth Minister

    How do you know whether I get paid bcb?
    I actually contribute to a local radio morning show. I don’t get much, probably no more than most retail managers but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Actually it’s pretty good considering I make in two hours what retail manager make in two days. It’s not even my full time job.

    As for the Jennings/Kopal Viagra thing you are being too sensitive. I wasn’t implying homosexualality you were just thinking it. You are reading way too deep into humor.

    Al Franken is still the equivalent of a retarded goose.

  • andy marsh

    yeah but see!!! I like to listen to Ann Coulter…she makes me laugh!!!

    She’s a little crazy…but I don’t like Frankens’ humor….or his politics…

  • Truth Minister

    How much shipping does Amazon charge to ship books? That is a good price but I got it at Wal-Mart for $18 and some change.

    We should create a new Holloween character called Franken Moore. It could be fat, stupid with the ability to scare young children and small animals.

  • boomcrashbaby

    As for the Jennings/Kopal Viagra thing you are being too sensitive. I wasn’t implying homosexualality you were just thinking it. You are reading way too deep into humor

    I see, TMinister. So one can say two men who if given the opportunity would hump each other, with the same lack of restraint as a monkey, and presented along with a whole slew of insults about people, does not imply anything homosexual or negative. And certainly doesn’t imply that gay men have the control of a monkey. It’s all in good fun, nobody hearing it has their prejudices reinforced. I’m just a whiner.

    I have conservative ideals, but I almost always end up going back to the left. The BS is why. There’s some rot out there that all the sugah in the world can’t cover up.

  • joe

    I’ve always gotten more of an asexual vibe from Jennings and Koppel. Call it Naydar.

  • Gotta disagree with the sugah idea. I think Ann does a wonderful job.

  • Claire

    Such good discussion, and such varied opinions…I knew sex would get in there some where…just in an unexpected way…LOL

    Truth, I just looked on an invoice and paid $13.27 for my last order to be shipped but it was several books…and I think I chose some fast way….

    Thank you all for reading, commenting, bringing out good points…


  • Truth Minister

    Bcb, it was a harmless Viagra joke about two washed up old news anchors.

    Why is it that I get the feeling that you could turn any issue into a gay issue? The next time the dude bagging my groceries squashes my bread I’ll be careful not to get angry because he might be gay and that would be wrong.

    What would Stewart Smiley do?

  • andy marsh

    I misspoke earlier…it was stuart smalley…this was a recurring character of Frankens…and it was supposed to be funny…actually kinda sad.

    A link to stuart smalley…


  • boomcrashbaby

    Roger E., it is about:

    1) context. Your intent is to denigrate two ‘washed up old anchors’. You attempt to do so by insinuating that they would engage in homosexual activity. You might not be able to make the connection but plenty of others can, even on a subconscious level, so I will speak out about it.

    2) history of the speaker.

    Why is it that I get the feeling that you could turn any issue into a gay issue?

    I’ve had many conversations here about Iraq, Bush, terrorism, Theresa HK, abortion, et. al. that have nothing to do with orientation.

    I have never started a blog here, but have mainly spoken out on those that pertain to civil rights or gay marriage, and in this election year there have been more blogs on the topic than usual, and so most of my comments do revolve around ‘gay issues’ here, as I’m willing to fight the good fight and combat bigotry. If that gets me labeled as a gay activist then it puts me in good company.

  • Claire

    Ahhhhh…Boom an issue we can hug over! There is no stronger advocate for gay rights than me. I don’t think the government can dictate “what marriage is”….I think that gay rights is one of the most important issues in our society. We are so careful to not step on toes of any “group” based on anything! Why are we so quick to step on the rights of people of an alternative life style. It isn’t alternative to them, but natural.

    This is one of the ones that I will gladly go down on. Those of us who are theists are told that it is not up to us to judge. And it is NOT. The only thing they hang their opinions on is a man’s interpretation of what God may or may not have said. Let him decide. His “deal” is love. There is no difference in gay love, and heterosexual love. Let the bombs fall as they will….


  • Truth Minister

    How about Connie Chung and Peter Jennings? Or his wife Pumpkin?

    In spite of your opinion the Viagra thing was not directed in anyway towards gays.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Claire, just remember it is blogcritics, so it’ s not my job to be a yes-man, and especially since most of your ideology comes from the right (not equated with right winger), I will be picking your ideology apart quite a bit. It’s not personal of course.

    Having said that, equality for all IS an important issue, however it must not be that important to still plan on voting for the platform that favors a Constitutional Amendment. πŸ™‚

    Roger, Connie Chung and Peter Jennings have both interviewed Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon was in Mystic River with Tim Robbins. Tim Robbins was in the Hudsucker Proxy with Steve Buscemi. Steve Buscemi played a homosexual in the movie Parting Glances. So the connection is still there.

    (I realize it wasn’t directed towards gays. It was intended as an insult of others, by implying they would hump each other in the most same-sex fashion. I get it. I commented on it. Let’s drop it.)

  • Claire

    Boom, we can drop it so long as you realize that I will lay down and die before a consitutional amendment is passed. This issue is not a place for the contstitution, it is already covered by the 14th amendment. Let the Court’s fight it out when the states pass their respective laws.


  • boomcrashbaby

    Boom, we can drop it so long as you realize that I will lay down and die before a consitutional amendment is passed.

    The drop it line was directed at the Viagra joke (Roger).

    This issue is not a place for the constitution, it is already covered by the 14th amendment. Let the Court’s fight it out when the states pass their respective laws.

    I do know there are many people out there who support same-sex marriage but are voting for Bush because they are concerned about the safety of their family and feel Bush is the best one to handle that. While I disagree with them about Bush being the one, I don’t hold it against anybody for putting the security of their family first and foremost. Hence the smiley. I don’t expect everybody to vote based on the Amendment.

    (as an FYI, states are passing amendments, not laws, about 7 have so far and another 12 will be voting for amendments this Nov., putting it out of the hands of the court).

  • Claire

    I hate to disagree with you, Andy, but if a person holds a state law OR amendment to be in violation of their federal rights…they have the right to challenge it. They will. And they will win if it doesn’t jive with the 14th.


  • Andy, i was actually speaking to Boom…i had you on my mind….well, its understandable. πŸ™‚


  • Truth Minister

    Anyway Ann Coulter’s book seems to be really good. I’ve only read bits and pieces so far.

    Love her or hate her she is deadly accurate with the “Truth”.

    As for gay marriage civil unions would be preferable. Would it matter if the gay couples were afforded the same taxes breaks, health insurance (for a one income house)etc? If it was all the same but the eight letters that make the word marriage stayed to a man and woman would that suffice?

  • Claire

    Truth, I have no problem with civil unions so long as health care, dependent, and all other “privileges” of any other union apply to them….Thats fine….

    Besides, God isn’t a thing that should enter into it….church and state. πŸ™‚


  • Claire

    Truth…why do you object to the word “marriage”?


  • andy marsh

    Like I said before…marriage is between a man and a woman…

    It’s like calling butter, margarine…it’s just not the same thing….

  • Claire

    Marriage is a committment between two people who promise to love, honor and cherish each other till they die. Thats it. No other criteria is necessary


  • andy marsh

    maybe for you…I guess it’s a matter of opinion…and I’ll just agree to disagree with you on this one…

  • Claire

    Yes, Andy, we can agree to disagree on this issue…:)


  • This is your heroine?

    … at the University of Arizona’s Centennial Hall … Coulter called Kerry a “gigolo” who has spent most of his life “living off the work of other men.” She said Kerry’s only hope to improve this country as president would be “to snooker some rich country into marrying us.”

    She said the “reporting for duty” line Kerry used at the Democratic convention “is the same thing he says when he goes into the bedroom.”

    Coulter identified Democrats as “the party of pacifism and appeasement” and said the Democratic Party “supports the troops like they love America and believe in God.”

    She also repeated the line that she has been most criticized for, saying U.S. policy in the Middle East should be to “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

    “Liberals insist that Muslims should be able to practice their religion at Guantanamo, but Christian religious practices must be banned from public schools.”

    She still looks like “that c*** Coulter” to me.

  • RJ

    “Why is it that I get the feeling that you could turn any issue into a gay issue?”

    Because he can turn any issue into a gay issue…

  • RJ

    “As for gay marriage civil unions would be preferable. Would it matter if the gay couples were afforded the same taxes breaks, health insurance (for a one income house)etc? If it was all the same but the eight letters that make the word marriage stayed to a man and woman would that suffice?”

    Sounds good to me!

  • RJ

    “Marriage is a committment between two people who promise to love, honor and cherish each other till they die. Thats it. No other criteria is necessary”

    Why should it only be between two people, though? If we are going to suddenly redefine marriage, why not include polygamists?

  • andy marsh

    “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

    I love that line…that is the ultimate ugly american line!!!

  • bhw

    “If we are going to suddenly redefine marriage, why not include polygamists?”

    Exactly. What difference does it make? You have your marriage, and others will have theirs.

  • andy marsh

    Ann Coulter was attacked by “Al Pie-da” last night at the U of A in Tucson. The pie weilding terrorists have been apprehended!

    The Smoking Gun has the complete story!

  • They missed her, though.

    And a Banana Cream pie hardly compares to the crap and slime “That C*** Coulter” slings.

  • andy marsh

    Actually…the smoking gun says they were glancing blows…actually getting a little on her face and shoulder…but hey…
    Guess you don’t like her Hal??? hehehe

  • I think that anyone with their Partisan Mode switched to ‘Off’ would despise Ann Coulter and her un-American attacks on what she sees as her opposition.

    Seriously, try it – what is your reaction to her style when substitute ‘conservative’ for her use of ‘liberal?’ Her performance is so far out it seems to be on the edge of psychosis to me.

    And I loved the phrase: “That C*** Coulter” when I heard it, as a gorgeous example of the English language.

    You need to hear it, as I did, to get the full effect, so say it:

    That (a gently but anticipatory lead-in)
    C*** (crisp, complete, evocative)
    Coulter (decrescendo to close it to a nicety)

    Again, out loud:

    That C*** Coulter.

    Wow – doesn’t that sound great?

  • Truth Minister

    Re:Comment#52, I guess I am old fashioned. To be honest I really don’t care. It will have no bearing on how I live. More power to those fighting.

    On another subject, I have a major retailer threatening to take legal action against me for building a website accusing one of their managers of being racist. It’s pretty funny but I’m trying to figure out the best way of spreading the site to other retailers and civil rights organizations. Any suggestions? I just don’t have the $$$ to post it widely on all of the good search engines.

    Oh yeah, it is the “truth”. I have all I need to support the facts including some attorney friends.

  • Claire

    Hal, I love ya’, man, but I really, REALLY hate that word….there is no male equivalent…none of the words which could be applied to a male in the same way come CLOSE to that one….

    I believe I was clear that she comes off abrasive and offensive at times, which is why my blog was very narrow in its scope. I didn’t hail her as the Virgin Mary…just as a person who, in this instance, was right on the money.

    But I really hate that word…but since I’m a strict constitutionalist, I know everyone has the right to say it, even call me one….ugh…


  • Claire

    The only time that word is descriptive and fine in its form and function is in the throes of passion….I have no objection to it at that time πŸ™‚


  • Claire, I wouldn’t call anyone that, normally, and I do appreciate the meaning of the word. I wasn’t looking to offend anyone.

    It’s just that I can’t think of a strong enough female equivalent of ‘dick’ so when I heard this, I went with it.

    And I really do think that, if you can get past the meaning to an abstract “english” thinking mode, it sounds as good as “blood, sweat and tears” or others of that ilk – it seems to “ring.”

    Or maybe that’s just me πŸ™‚

  • Claire

    Hal, I know you wouldn’t. There is no male equivalent. Dick and Prick don’t even come close. But I realize it is sometimes the only word that works in certain circumstances. I hate it, but hey, thats just me. πŸ™‚


  • Well, Claire, as far as “That C*** Coulter” goes, it works for me πŸ™‚

  • Claire

    hal, then there is no more to say on that subject, yes? It tells me all I need to know.


  • You only hate her because she uses the same name-calling tactics of the uber-Left to advantage, meaning she’s effective.
    There’s more than enough of that to go around- and you do not improve matters by describing her as a “C***”.
    Not that I’m assuming my answer will affect you in any way. πŸ˜‰

  • Clearly, urthshu, you’re not up to speed on the situation.

    The Right is on the leading edge of, and has even codified, the tactic of name-calling, disparagement and denigration.

    This technique got a big boost from Newt Gingrich about 10 years ago. He created a video on it and sent that and a memo containing a list of negative terms to use to Republicans. You can see that old list in The Wild-eyed Right Is Losing Their Cool And Becoming Unhinged. (Link opens in new windows)

    Since then, that list has become just a baby step. You can see how this negative Republican technique has escalated if you listen to Ed Gillespie, Ken Mehlman or their ilk.

    La Coulter, however, is in a class by herself, even for the rabid Right. As I said before, I think she’s on the edge of psychosis. Her view of the world seems a very, very distorted version of reality.

    I don’t hate her, but do despise her.

    And it’s not because she’s effective, but rather that she’s defective.

    Thanks for your interest.

  • andy marsh

    Hal, my fairly reasonable friend…the only reason Ann Coulter is around is to counter the viciousness of mouths like Jeanine Garafolo.

    If you don’t know, she’s another one like Al Franken, that think the next step up from funny man is political pundit!

    But I have heard Garafolo say that anyone that voted for GWB is brain dead…yeah..I know you agree!!!

    I will say that Ann Coulter has gotten a bit more vicious lately…she was not always this direct…but that’s probably because people were telling her she was being to nice.

  • I don’t listen to any those much, but I have heard Garofalo and she isn’t even close to being like the the vile Ms. Coulter.

  • andy marsh

    that…is a matter of opinion!!!

  • Claire

    I find it quite funny that a smart woman, (abrasive as she may be), is attacked by being a C***, vile, or having some other flaw. When if she was a man (or a democrat), she would be ballsy, straightforward, and full of verve and conviction…It is really too funny


  • No, Claire, don’t try turning this into something it isn’t.

    Any man who said the same things the same way would be just as much a sliming liar as she is.

  • Claire

    Yes, Hal, he would. But he wouldn’t be a C***.

    And I’m not turning this into something it isn’t. The cold hard fact is that a woman with strong opinions, who gets in the faces of the public, including men, is going to be labeled that word when a man who does it, just has opinions.

    Like her, hate her, she is effective, she is right more than she wrong, and she makes no apologies about it. Even if she is a woman.

    You know, if you get right down to it, on another of my pieces, there is an “uncle tom” thing going on. It is no different. People think “the label” is the ultimate weapon. It is what they use when they have nothing else. πŸ™‚

    So call me one too.


  • Now you’re playing with semantics.

    And your claim that a man “just has opinions” is simply not true.

    Sleazy, lying bastards get called sleazy lying bastards, pricks, dicks and assholes all the time (e.g., Ed Gillespie and Ken Mehlman).

    Sleazy, lying women get called sleazy lying women, bitches and whatchas because of physiology, not because of the sexism you’re trying on.

    Give it a rest, it doesn’t fly.

  • boomcrashbaby

    When if she was a man (or a democrat), she would be ballsy, straightforward, and full of verve and conviction…It is really too funny

    I think a strong woman does get a lot of negative labels put on her, but I don’t think it is partisan, but rather sexist and goes across all political ideologies. A good example would be all the names that the Right is calling Hillary and Theresa. Actually, Hillary and Theresa probably get bashed a lot more than Ann.

    Some of your colleagues on the Right, like RJ, have ridiculed me for admiring strong women over bimbos.

  • Claire

    Hal, I can certainly give it a rest. It was not my premise in the first place. πŸ™‚


  • Sorry, Claire.

    I guess I was confused because the posts had your name on them.

  • Claire

    My premise was that Ann Coulter wrote a good column on October 13, 2004. It developed into a wordfest…which is fine, thats what debate is all about, I suppose. When one doesn’t have anything productive to say, calling the subject of a post a dick or a C*** is always a good tactic…

    But thats what makes for a good reparte…if it was boring, no one would comment on it πŸ™‚


  • Listing some of her current irrational statements seemed pretty productive (#57).

    The name just seemed to flow from that πŸ™‚

  • Claire

    No worries, Hal πŸ™‚ She’s kinda like the female Rush Limbaugh (in her controversy level), and he is the one person I would try find an equivalent word of that other one for πŸ™‚ Good Republican that I am…LOLOL…but he is an ass.


    GO COWBOYS!!!!

  • RJ

    “Some of your colleagues on the Right, like RJ, have ridiculed me for admiring strong women over bimbos.”

    That’s not exactly true.

    You, a gay man, described the chick from Alien as “sexy.” And that’s just sick.

  • boomcrashbaby

    I said you ridiculed me.
    You said no you didn’t.
    Now you say because I think Signorney Weaver is sexy, it’s sick.

    Um, RJ. That is a ridicule. Should I remind you of the fact that YOU said you prefer the alien romantically? And that is just healthy.

  • RJ

    You didn’t speak of “admiration” in your original comment. You called her “sexy.”

    From a straight man, that’s sick.

    From a gay man, that’s inexplicable.

    How can a dude who is sexually attracted to other dudes find ANY woman “sexy”?

    I realize, for instance, that Brad Pitt is a good-looking dude. But I don’t think he’s “sexy.”

    And I sure as hell don’t find him “admirable”…

  • RJ

    In other words, yes, I did “ridicule” you.

    But not for, as you claimed:

    “admiring strong women over bimbos”

    I “ridiculed” you, a gay dude, for finding a nasty chick “sexy”…

    Are we clear?

  • boomcrashbaby

    You called her “sexy.”

    Yes, and I told you the traits that I found sexy. Character, preseverance, intelligence, strength, etc.

    From a straight man, that’s sick.
    From a gay man, that’s inexplicable.

    You are completely entitled to think that finding those traits sexy is deplorable.

    How can a dude who is sexually attracted to other dudes find ANY woman “sexy”?

    I’m sorry, RJ, your community wants sex ed banned because they don’t want you to have that info. You’ll just have to guess.

    In other words, yes, I did “ridicule” you.
    Are we clear?


  • Claire

    First of all, this is my piece, and I do not wish to be “lumped” in with RJ as “the right”, which I am not. I am a moderate conservative.

    Furthermore, I disagree vehemently with RJ’s positions on practically everything.

    People of both sexes can find anything sexy. That doesn’t mean they LUST after them, only that they recognize the traits that make a person attractive and desirable, which is what sexy is.

    I find many women sexy and hotties, and I am a heterosexual woman. I find many men the opposite, which doesn’t make me a man hater, only discerning in my opinions.

    Ridicule anyone you want, we have freedom of speech in this country. But at LEAST have some basis for it instead of a lame assed excuse. πŸ™‚ Thank you from this moderate conservative.


  • Eric Olsen

    Taste is just taste – outrage over who someone else finds sexy is beyond pointless. I thought Weaver was hot as hell in the first Alien: tall, lean, fierce, graceful, striking face – sounds sexy to me.

  • i’m straight and find women sexy – some are sexy as hell. that’s a good thing; doesn’t mean i want to sleep with them, just means i see they have that “thang” that perhaps i want a bit of myself – to be that too — know what i mean? it’s about seeing something and saying, “maybe i can play that game too” and wanting to be that way or not, but in any case, seeing a quality like any other that you can admire or appreciate in this case…

    eric, we are together on this one as ever…


  • andy marsh

    I personally liked sigourney better as the gate keeper!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    I forgot about Ghost Busters: she was a hot tomale in that as well

  • sigourney was tough and as Eric said, lean and graceful in Alien. But as for sexy, i think Juliane Moore in The End of the Affair was sexy as hell – just comfortable being nude, and anyone that comfortable with their body is almost always sexy; that’s confidence and that’s very attractive to me. I can think of several female actresses like that who have that thing…



  • boomcrashbaby

    Just for the record, I had also included Jackie O in my list of sexiest women. Jackie O’s character and class and publicly exhibited strength made her definitely sexy. But she was very feminine too, it’s not just ‘tough’ that I’m referring to, but inner toughness. Monica Seles, Jodie Foster were also in my list, all three of which got negative comments from RJ. The only one that I remember that RJ voted on, was that he conceded with the overall census on the list that Britney Spears was number 1. (Angelina Jolie was my number 1, as much for her work for Cambodian children as for her beauty). What one defines as sexy can be as varied as night and day of course, there is no right and wrong. Juliane Moore is definitely sexy. I loved her in Far From Heaven.

  • boomcrashbaby

    First of all, this is my piece, and I do not wish to be “lumped” in…as “the right”, which I am not. I am a moderate conservative.

    Claire, my apologies again if I offended you. I do not consider you ‘far right’, but I do consider you on the right. I do not mean that to be offensive, but I draw my conclusion based on the ideology you offer.

    There is left and there is far left, there is right and there is far right. Not all of it is bad……although……I am working on my first blog – the gist of which is why I need to oppose ALL the right, not just the far right. The far right gets much of their strength and support (both financial and legislatively) from the moderate right and the ‘just a little bit’ right. Doesn’t mean I perceive you as a bad person. When I get my blog done, I will show it to you and hopefully you can understand better what I mean.

  • Claire

    Ok πŸ™‚ I concede. As long as we are going there…sexy women for sure are Jodie Foster (her mind and her abilities make her so, thus, I take back that I disagree with RJ on all)

    Susan Sarandon (whose opinions on politics I abhor, but whose abilities and life “mindset” I applaud and make her sexy to me)…and she grows more sexy as the years rock on (which gives us all hope)…

    Kate Winslett. She’s just a hottie and I like her.

    One of the sexiest women to ever live on the planet was Grace Kelly.

    As to the men…let us not leave them out while this train’s runnin’…

    Sean Connery, who just oozes sensuality, is smart, talented, and articulate. Denzel Washington, all for the same reasons. Tom Hanks because he smart, a man of honor, and an has unlimited abilities.

    You can have my share of the Sean Penns, the Johnny Depps, and the Justin Timberlakes.

    Capture me with your mind and your talents, then jump my bones. πŸ™‚

    Now that I have embarrassed self…I will retire…lolol


  • Claire

    Boom…thank you for saying that. I actually do feel much better about it because of it, and I look forward to seeing your blog…thank you for your comment, it is very much appreciated.


  • bhw

    Jeff Bridges, sexy.

    Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, etc., etc., etc., definitely not sexy.

  • Claire

    Bhw…Oh, Lord, how could I have left him out? And Jeff Bridges was never sexier than he was in “White Squall”….the movie about the schoolship ‘Albatross’ wherein he was so fine…:) But see, here again, we are talking about someone who is not traditionally a hottie, but a man with a mind, convictions, honor….it all boils down to the same…

    Thank you for reminding me, bhw…:)


  • Um, if we’re making a list, could we put George Clooney on it, please?

  • Truth Minister

    I think Ann Coulter is pretty hot. She was on Hanity and Colmes last night. How about Claire? Sexy name.

    If anyone wants to know the name of a real live bigot assed racist peice of shit visit: http://www.jpateisracist.zoomshare.com/
    Call the prick if you get a chance.

  • RJ

    “Sean Connery, who just oozes sensuality, is smart, talented, and articulate.”

    I’ve never understood this. The man is fucking OLD. He’s what, 80?

    No man would EVER be attracted to an 80 year old woman.

    How does SC manage to be both ancient AND sexy? Is it just the James Bond thing?

  • RJ

    “I think Ann Coulter is pretty hot.”


  • bhw

    Sean Connery is not sexy. Never was.

    Paul Newman used to be sexy. [Ditto Robert Redford.] Now he’s too old for that, but he makes a fabulous salad dressing.

    Ed Harris is sexy … until you realize he’s a fidget.

    Richard Gere, sexy.

    Antonio Banderas, sexy, even though his wife is starting to look like Hedda Nussbaum.

    Brad Pitt, cute but not sexy in the least.

    Ben Affleck, completely devoid of any sexuality whatsoever.

    Matt Damon, cute but not sexy.

    Denzel Washington, sexy.

    Blair Underwood, sexy.

    Harrison Ford, see Paul Newman [minus the salad dressing].

    John Travolta, still cute, but not sexy.

    Kevin Costner, see Ben Affleck.

    Michael Douglas, icky.

    Tom Hanks, neither cute nor sexy.

    Keanu Reeves, see Costner and Affleck.

    Nicholas Cage, see Tom Hanks.

    Eddie Murphy, funny and cute, but not sexy.

    Jack Nicholson, fucking heinous.

    Robert DeNiro, kind of icky.

    Will Smith, cute but not sexy, although that body looked great in “Ali.”

    Sly Stallone, icky.

    Hugh Grant, annoying and not at all sexy.

    Clint Eastwood, never sexy, now old and creepy.

    Al Pacino, see Ed Harris.

    Russel Crowe, too much of an asshole to ever be sexy.

    Who’d I forget?

  • boomcrashbaby

    No man would EVER be attracted to an 80 year old woman.

    I’m sure there are many men out there, who have been married for 60 years, who still snuggle up to their bunny at night.

    How does SC manage to be both ancient AND sexy?

    Several people just told you earlier about character, intelligence, charm, etc. being sexy, did you forget that and immediately think of wrinkles?

    RJ, when you start to look at people differently around you, your life will change for the better, I promise. Look deeper in people.

  • bhw

    Does Sean Connery’s “character” take into account his admission that he thinks its okay for men to hit their wives?

    Not so sexy.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Wouldn’t that exhibit lack of character, at least as we are defining it here? I didn’t know that about him, that’s too bad.

  • bhw

    Not for nothin’, but he wouldn’t be sexy even if he hadn’t said that.