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Suffering Suffrage!

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In 1920, after a long battle dating to before the Civil War, American women won the right to vote. Women have become an important part of the electorate, with a majority of women choosing the winner in the majority of recent US presidential elections.

Despite assertions that women care about the "SHE" issues – social security, health care, and education – there is evidence that a majority women have succumbed to the tempting blandishments of gender politics. White women seem to be abandoning the candidate who espouses positions in support of the "SHE" issues in favor of a slate which is vocal in their stance to radically eliminate public access to all three. The British satire blog The Spoof crudely puts it thusly:

But now that Obama has [slammed the] door on Hill's hopes and Johnny McC has come to their [rescue] with another vagined candidate, American dames can't get enough of forced crisis pregnancies, guns galore, Iraq till the cows come home and to hell with the poor, the immigrant and the unemployed!

I want to think that women aren't that shallow and that they can't be swayed so easily. Don't most of the American product commercials show women as knowing the right thing to do when there's a problem, rescuing their doltish men from using the wrong product? But considering that women are more like men than not, I have to surrender to the reality that women can be – and are – as shallow as men.

Far too many Good Orange County (CA) Republican men I know are in violation of their religious morality and good taste, sending me Photoshopped pictures of Gov. Palin's head atop the nude body of a comely lass. Some have expressed support for Palin generated only by gleeful, reptillian-brained lust from viewing such "art".

While not pornographic in nature, the appeal to women regarding Palin is definitely sex-based. I for one find it very ironic that women would fall for such a pitch to support a female candidate who opposes everything they value, especially representing a party which to this day continues to express support for the very values orated to oppose passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. But then, men usually ran the anti-suffrage organizations behind the scenes, secure in their ability to keep their women in their places. Palin is just a pretty woman who plays into this scenario because she loves the attention it brings her.

I don't use Conservapedia as a source very often, but they express their reasons for opposition to female suffrage rather succinctly. One would get the impression that they wish they could reinstate those conditions in the modern day. With the cooperation of today's "liberated" women voters, they just might!

But in my house, my three women voters have no use for Palin or the Republicans. I just hope that there are more like them than like those falling for the McCain campaign's pandering. To assist with this hope, I strongly recommend reading An Anti-Suffrage Monologue, presented in 1913 by a Unitarian minister named Marie Jenney Howe.

This monologue was the Vagina Monologues of its day, being widely presented to suffrage groups. In this work, she alludes to the "religious" belief that "female dependence, irrationality, and delicacy" balanced by a lust for political power prove that women can't handle the heavy responsibility of the vote. In her Second Couplet, she notes: 

If the women were enfranchised they would vote exactly as their husbands do and only double the existing vote. Do you like that argument? If not, take this one: If the women were enfranchised they would vote against their own husbands, thus creating dissension, family quarrels, and divorce.

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  • Cannonshop

    Irene, I still think hard work and reason get you further than idle hands and belief do. Too many of the “faithful” talk it, but don’t walk it.

  • Irene Wagner

    Troll….and I should have added…”….and people who know how to milk them.”

    Well HELLO, Dave Nalle. Probably never heard of ‘em because you were in “throw Christians under the bus” mode. If you’re interested now, though, I could get tickets for you.

  • Cannonshop

    Irene, the best way to deal with Sacred Cows:

    Grind them up into tasty hamburger, cook over a grill stoked with mesquite and a nice cayenne and whiskey marinade with just the right touch of garlic.

  • troll

    Irene – I on the other hand would pull a quote out of my ass: “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas…” K Marx

  • Clavos

    “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas…” K Marx

    “…As they should be; that’s why we have the ruling class, and why the peasants are revolting…” Clav(os)

  • Cannonshop

    Hey, I may be a revolting peasant, but I’m also rebelling…

  • Zedd


    Re: #96 & 97 Great posts.

  • Clavos

    Jeeze, I didn’t know you’re a Cracker, Cannon. When did you move to the PNW?

  • Irene Wagner

    Of COURSE that didn’t come out of your butt, Troll, it came out of Marx’s.

    I’m still goin’ for the Gold. ;)

    Thanks for our chat earlier on Dialectical Materialism, I think.

    Ruvy – After Advent, when our paths might again cross here, certainly not until after Rosh Hoshanah (which I discussed in a comment–I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet–after you used my name in VAIN in conjuction with Sarah Palin’s in another thread :), please see if you can find out what different rabbis have to say about “Mesech” and “Kedar.” Psalm 120 is very much on my mind right now.

    And Zedd, I agree with you. Ruvy’s comments WERE good.

  • Cannonshop

    “Jeeze, I didn’t know you’re a Cracker, Cannon. When did you move to the PNW? “

    My family dragged me up here in June of ’86 from southern Colorado. With a few breaks (three years army time in the Southern states and foreign deployments to hell holes), but my stepfather grew up in Arkansas and Michigan, so the cooking’s rubbed off on me…

  • Ruvy


    If you want to discuss that other thread, link to it or tell me the article’s name. I won’t know otherwise, or be able to follow your comment – or see whether I indeed took your name in vain.

    As for Méshekh v’Tubál, what is your question? I have an article coming out in not too long – it’s pending and making its way through the queue – maybe you’ll want to discuss it there….

  • Ruvy

    Come to think of it, Irene, my article is already up for you to see. Go there, and we can discuss all you wish. Have a pleasant Sunday.