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Suck On THIS, Alan Simpson!

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Hard on the hooves of that 310 million teated milk cow, the ”hilariously ill-tempered” self-appointed dairy herd culler and corporate pork pusher Former Wyoming Republican Sen. Alan Simpson now seems determined to stomp on old land mines.

Simpson — who served in the United States Army in Germany from 1955–1956 and never dodged a shot fired in anger — is certainly willing to take away the medical benefits due those who did. He is especially fuming over Vietnam veterans and their Agent Orange ailments, deeming the costs of caring for these ailing warriors “contrary” to Republican efforts control federal spending.

I note that Senator Simpson is very selective about those veterans he wants to deny benefits. He doesn’t mention the WWII and Korean War vets, nor does he mention the veterans of the campaigns to make Grenada, Panama, Lebanon, Kuwait, the Persian Gulf, and the Balkans safe for Western-style corporatocracy. Yet Simpson insists that Vietnam’s helots are being so selfish in asking for medical care as to drastically affect Republican efforts to reduce government spending. Despite being made to wait 40 years for official recognition of their medical conditions, Alan Simpson the Pharisee lamely protests “It’s the kind of thing that’s just driving us to this $1 trillion, $400 billion deficit this year,” Simpson said. “It’s not that I’m an uncaring person, but common sense is the most uncommon thing in Washington.”

MALE. BOVINE. EXCREMENT! Can you hear me now, Alan? Or is your head still firmly implanted in your derrière?

Caring for the wounded and ailing veteran of our wars is not the cause of our huge deficit, MISTER Simpson. The military actions which made these veterans wounded and ailing did far more by themselves to create and enlarge the deficit than the relative pittance it takes to care for “him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.” Who are you going to get to fight for this nation if it is known in advance that anyone wounded is on his own after his ouster from active duty? If Simpson lives long enough, we can certainly expect that he would oppose any aid for those surviving veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome! Are we to wait until the government is too weak to care for our hurt soldiers’ needs?

Maybe if US forces has triumphed in SE Asia (as their recent removal from SW Asia implies has happened in Iraq), then maybe Senator Simpson wouldn’t be so stingy with YOUR MONEY needed to care for those who defend us. They are quite the bargain, you know! They work for much less than Blackwater does! A Xe operative makes more in ONE WEEK than an E-5 infantryman makes in a month! And you know that the funding for the military golf courses [PDF, page 3] operated around the globe for the exclusive benefit of the officer corps is not on the cut list. Rank does have its privilege, and the US Officer Corps is as rank as any!

Speaking of work, Alan Simpson has a boss. Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, is wondering whether Simpson’s employer, Barack Obama, has the “intestinal fortitude” to remove Simpson from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform over his aggravated and ill-considered utterances. Allison Kilkenny negatively answers O’Neill’s query with her observation that Obama appears to be bending over backwards to defend Alan Simpson in ways that Shirley Sherrod was never deemed worthy to merit. Kilkenny poses that “it’s a perfect recipe for how to disenfranchise his base, and lose Congressional seats.” November is coming, Barry! Your time is gonna come! Better start watching those old episodes of Steppin’ Fetchit so that you know what John Boehner is referring to when he calls you.

In closing, David Dayen of Firedoglake proposed that “Simpson’s problem is not with wasteful spending, it’s with the entire system he spent a life perpetuating. Maybe if our health care system was in line with every other country on Earth, giving Agent Orange sufferers the care they need, regardless of the cause and effect, wouldn’t be such a burden.”

But don’t hold your breath on that one, Dayen! That “perfect recipe” of Allison Kilkenny’s is looking like it will disenfranchise the Democratic base in November, and make it even more likely that the return to Republican majority in the Congress will happen. That growing likelihood will facilitate Alan Simpson to successfully preside over the abandonment of our casualties along with our retirees. We’ll discover this when we pore over the old magazines we peruse while we lick the last of the Whiskas off our spindly fingers.

With friends like Obama and his fiscal attack dog Alan Simpson, who needs enemies?

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  • Simpson has always been a useless dick. Now he’s a really old one.

    This is just a reminder that if you want real, comprehensive healthcare reform we need to get the Democrats the hell out of power, repeal Obamacare and start over with a sensible system from scratch.


  • Well, Realist you certainly said a lot of angry words.

    Are they going to be affective?

  • Why should my words be effective? The corporatocracy cares nothing for words. They will do as they wish, but I will have my say.

  • Good point.