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Tonight, on the air, it’s Sports Editor Matt Sussman. The Suss! Susserator! Little Sussarino!

Shaun OMac Daily’s weekly magazine webcast and podcast, SUBJECT2DISCUSSION airs every Tuesday night on LVRocks at 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central or 10pm Eastern. Just visit the site and click on LISTEN and then click on CAM/CHAT to join Shaun and his guests in the chatroom. This week, the “Pop Culture with Blogcritics.org” segment (8:02-8:28pm Pacific) will feature Matt Sussman, Sports editor at Blogcritics.org, talking about… wait for it… Sports!

Please listen live and pose questions via the chatroom!

If you can’t listen live, you can also check out the show via podcast, either using the RSS feed or the regular download page.

7:00-7:30 PT – “News to You,” Shaun discusses news items that listeners send in as well as the big news of the day and week

7:30-8:00 PT is “Political Discussion” time with Justin from the Donklephant centrist political blog
8:00-8:30 is Pop Culture Discussion with Blogcritics.org (That’s us!)
8:30-9:00 is the new segment with Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck!

Matt intends to talk a bit about a variety of upcoming sports events, such as the Orange Bowl and the Rose Bowl, as well as recap the Fiesta Bowl — it’s a Bowl extravaganza! Who knows, he might throw in a bit about the NFL or baseball, even.

Plus, I hear he’s a big fan of Steve Carell, the actor. Don’t tell anyone!

Check out Matt’s debut when you listen tonight, and stick around for Katee Sackhoff, too!

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  • SUSS! SUSS! SUSS! Kick ass tonight, young man!

  • Come now, you know for a fact that won’t happen.


  • Good luck Matt.

    I’ll listen to this one. I’ve tried once before but the opening music / jingle whatever is too stupid and there’s a lot of other stuff I didn’t care about. At least when I listened then.

    And I can’t FF. 😉

    I was curious to hear Natalie as well but I haven’t checked back for that one either.

  • Someone tell me if Suss mentions the Seahawks a lot in a praiseworthy fashion tho’

  • Tomorrow on FR I will link directly to the mp3.

    And for the record, I wasn’t gonna blast the Seahawks until you brought ’em up.

  • – ya bastard

    Are there mp3s now, not streaming only? Cool. Missed that.

  • It’s still a m3u file. They probably don’t link to the MP3s directly because of bandwidth concerns, and instead stream them.

    Which is why traffic from FR probably won’t affect it much.

  • My opening jingle is something I had to fall back to as I had been using music from The Patriot and Star Trek but someone got to Paramount and I got a nasty letter about using their intellectual property.

    So sorry you dont like the opening jingle, its 35 seconds followed normally by a welcome from the Cylons from TOS Battlestar Galactica.

    The up or down on the opening theme is roughly 60 for and 40 against it. But please understand that I have to use unidentifiable music for the program to avoid lawsuits.

  • After that, I’m still waiting for Leslie Nielsen to come into my room and say “I just want to tell you good luck. We’re all counting on you.”

  • And I have one or two of these poised on my iTunes ready to play. Just have to find the time now. Trouble is talking and doing much of anything else i usually do isn’t so compatible. It fucks up my concentration as Missy Elliott has said talking about a different pasttime all together.

    How was it “Mr. Nasal” – as loosely described by your beloved?

  • Ezer Solan

    super job on the radio show…some of us LIKE the theme music dude!!!!!!

  • Thank you, thank you. In retrospect it was no sweat being the lead in guest to a TV actress.

    And propers to whoever threw the Tigers question at me.

  • another newbie from the radio show to this blog LOL we listen from college and the radio show rocks every week!! most of us ONLY get our news from shawn’s show oops program we know how he hates it when its called a show LOTFLMAO

  • Thanks Ellyn, hope you stick around the site and like it enough.

  • Same with us here at Notre Dame in our frathouse we only get our news from shaun’s show. its kind of like the daily show but more serious and with real news…lol

    sometimes we have around 100 people here listening to this show each week !!! shawn keep going and we hope you get on the radio or some bigger sites..maybe blogcritics can carry a live feed?????????????

  • Suss — Can you post the link to the mp3 file or whatever the file? Thanks!

  • You want the MP3? Ask and you shall receive, Eric.

    (And you can cue it all the way up to 1 hour, 4 minutes, which is when my bit starts, although Chip was pretty good before me.)

  • Party on, Erick.

  • Rick Fossier

    same here newbie from the radio show. i think if Blogcritics carried the show live right off of the site here it would rock!!! its a show with mainly bloggers anyway what better place to carry it live that here on blogcritics?????????????

  • Well we link to lvrocks.com which has the live feed, as well as the link to the podcast. So I’m not sure what you’re looking to see here, Rick?

  • Who about a button that you click to listen to S2D live right off of Blogcritics.org that way we dont have to leave BG to listen to the show????

  • Ah, I got what you’re asking.

    I don’t think there’s any feasible way to “host” someone else’s stream. Maybe a direct link to the feed is possible, but even if you click on the link to LVRocks.com it opens in a new window, so it’s like you never left!

    I’ll bring it up with the administrative dudes, however.