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Stupid Be What Stupid Do

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For some reason unknown to me, I get emails from Ted Baiamonte letting me know just how smart he thinks he is.

The latest one reveals that "All we have to do is get together with 15 or so of our biggest military allies, go to the "Dear Leader" [Kim Jong Il] and tell him to hand over the nukes or prepare to die because we won't have insanely churilish [sic] genocidal maniacs threatening the world with WMD or starving millions of people to death." There's only one major problem with this proposal, and it isn't the one Mr. Baiamonte goes on in his post to reveal. Baiamonte thus ignores the one man whom the world feels is a much bigger problem than Kim Jong Il, the one man who is demonstrably an "insanely churilish [sic] genocidal maniac threatening the world with WMD".

That man is none other than George W. Bush.

Our allies in Great Britain believe George W. Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il, and they are quite right to believe so, especially after it's been revealed the administration which Bush heads published detailed accounts of Iraq's secret nuclear research on the Internet.

Experts called this information a Nuclear Primer: "The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts who have viewed them say go beyond what is available elsewhere on the Internet and in other public forums … [they] give detailed information on how to build nuclear firing circuits and triggering explosives, as well as the radioactive cores of atom bombs."

As BuzzFlash puts it, "It Just Appears That The Bush Administration Compromised the Nuclear Security of the World Out of Sheer Stupidity."

And American conservatives are concerned about Kim Jong Il's mental health? They should be listening to one of their own, Andrew Sullivan — once a rabid Bush Backer — who now suggests Bush may have 'Lost His Mind'.

There have been many allegations that Bush is actively seeking to have an excuse to actually light off a nuke and join Harry Truman Club. Pushing states, which have, or are rumored to have, nukes is a good way to raise this mitigation against voluntary prohibitions banning atomic warfare.

As the rest of the world watched, hoping for the best, while expecting the worst, from the Dear Leader of the Red States, U.S. naval forces conducted a large exercise in the Persian Gulf intended to frighten the Iranians into meekly submitting to the Will of the Dear Al Qaeda Leader Hunter.

But instead of cowering in trepidation, the Iranians conducted a little exercise of their own, successfully firing three new types of missiles "suitable for covering all the Strait of Hormuz, the Persian gulf and the sea of Oman" from mobile launching pads on the shore, and from warships.

Are you ready to endure the increase of fuel prices when 20% of the world's supply of crude is cut off by the Iranians due to Bush's impetuous incompetence?

Bush's misunderestimation of these situations is apparently why China decided to take a major step and intervene in the growing crisis between North Korea and the United States over a real and existing nuclear arsenal, in order to be able to take later steps to ease a different and more dangerous Korean crisis which threatens to spread instability to neighboring nations.

Saner heads than those of George W. Bush and his coterie of neo-cretins understand such a consequence would be very bad for business. Saner heads, the ones who see the bigger picture in the longer term, the ones who think much more clearly than the Ted Baiamontes and their Dirty Harry method of international diplomacy, the ones who are actively courting each other with economic investment offers to the detriment of the American economy. They no longer fear the vengeful wrath of the United States for doing so.

The Saudis are making business overtures to China to replace the U.S. as their major trading partner. After all, the Saudis don't want to see Sudan get more of China's investment capital than they do! They best hurry, for China is hosting representatives from 40 African nations seeking Chinese investment in their countries.

Wouldn't it be nice if Bush had made the choices which would have inspired the nations of the world to voluntarily seek such a connection to America instead of rushing with roses to greet our only real economic competitor? But if Bush tried, would he succeed for once?

Doubtful. The Saudis feel the U.S. war in Iraq is a "lost battle", and "the US … has failed by every single measure that you can think of," according to the expert assessment of Nawaf Obaid, Managing Director of the Saudi National Security Assessment project, who is the private security and energy advisor to the Saudi ambassador to Washington, Prince Turki al-Faisal. His words would thus carry a lot of weight in the decisions of the Saudi rulers.

Said Saudi rulers have been dancing around recent reports that OPEC production cutbacks would be offset by Saudi over-production to keep the price of gas low in America. That may have been the case, but now it appears that it's No More Mr. Nice Uncle Bandar. Oil prices are expected to increase beginning next week.

Democratic political strategist Robert Weiner writes in op-ed last Thursday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Enjoy the price of gasoline now, because when the Saudis lower production, we could go right back to the $3 nightmare of three months ago."

And you want to throw away your vote, giving it to the Republican robots who can only parrot every GOP talking point as if it was handed to Moses on stone tablets at the top of Mount Ararat, in trade for gas priced since mid-August at a temporary level of $2/gallon!

Maybe P. M. Carpenter is right about all of you after all!

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  • Baronius

    “Moses on Mount Ararat”

  • Nancy

    BushCo’s incompetence & fantasy world behavior are beyond appalling. If only there were some way to commit all of them to St. Elizabeth’s for life.

  • JR

    Damn, I wish I’d downloaded those documents when I had the chance.

    Now some other lone wackos are better armed than me.

  • JR

    Baronius: “Moses on Mount Ararat”

    That was where the Ark of the Covenent struck rock after the Israelites ran out of water, right? But wasn’t that destroyed by fire when Elijah challenged the Nazis prove the existence of Baal?

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  • Anonymous

    You have to be careful about emailing Baiamonte–and make sure all your comments to his blog posts are put there anonymously. He will add you to his email list so he can claim you as a convert, and then he refuses–even when asked politely–to unsubscribe you. This is a serious breach of internet etiquette, and no further proof is required of his questionable character. I created a filter which automatically deletes his emails.