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Student Suspended Over Hot Girl Bracket

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It’s all fun and games – or is it? March madness – perhaps every basketball fans’ favorite part of the year. Fans fill out brackets in which they use to pick the best college basketball team in the nation. It’s exciting and a complete adrenaline rush. It’s a way too socialize and to get over the fact that football doesn’t come back until August.

An 18-year-old boy, Mike Butrym from Towaco, decided to make a new type of bracket, one that would rate the hottest girls at his school, Montville High School. He called it, “May Madness.” It was a school tradition, but apparently the school didn’t support this tradition and suspended Mike for five days for "intimidation, harassment, and insubordination."

This is how the competition worked: all the boys would choose 16 girls per grade. Like in the basketball pool, the girls would face off and the winner would face off against a different girl.

The real question is, were the girls offended? If they were offended, well, maybe the school has some argument to suspend him; but the girls took it as it as a joke and started their own version.

As a 17-year-old girl, I’m on Mike’s side. If this was started at my school, I’d be rather amused. Boys will be boys. Most boys rate girls subconsciously anyway. Who cares? Honestly, it gives seniors a reason to go to school. If it gets the kids to go to school, what’s the problem? How is it harassment if the girls found it funny? Aren’t the girls doing the same thing by making their own pool? Shouldn’t they be suspended?

Honestly, the school is way out of line. The suspension is way too harsh. I mean, can’t they give him a 30-minute detention?

I just hope the school reconsiders their suspension. He could get kicked out of college for getting a suspension senior year.

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  • Michael

    Veryinteresting story. Nice of you to share how the basketball bracket became a hot girl and hot boy bracket. A sports web site has done a hot girl bracket too.

    The school, I believe, is concerned because a bracket could lead to harassment of girls, both pretty and not so pretty and embarrassment of other girls with a lot of hurt feelings and angry parents. That’s what they’re trying to prevent.

    Again, thanks for writing this — I’ll share it with friends.

  • he damn well deserved the suspension. This sort of thing broders on sexual harrassment and is definitly inappropriate in a school setting

  • JAY