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Never heard of this site until last week, when I read a most interesting article in the New York Times about this company, the eBay of tickets.

Except it’s not an auction site: everything’s for sale at fixed prices, though sellers have the option to change them.

The company is a go-between: it is not a ticket brokerage or seller itself.

It makes its money by charging both buyer and seller a commission.

In one respect, it goes eBay one better: if the seller fucks you over, the site will get you equivalent seats. That’s their guarantee.

Very nicely done site, simple, obvious, and easy to use.

For example, I just had a look at Prince tickets for Saturday night, August 14, in Washington, D.C.

Sure enough, tons of tickets, prices all over the map.

Nice touch: a seating chart for each venue for which tickets are being sold, that you can print out to see where exactly the various seats available are located.

For $236 a ticket, you can sit in Section 1, right down on the center stage level where Prince and his band will be performing. Nice.

William Grimes, who wrote the Times story, was sure pleased with the site: he bought two tickets for Madonna’s show next Wednesday at Madison Square Garden, Section 336, Row H, for a total of $139.75.

That consisted of $59 apiece for the tickets ($118), shipping via FedEx ($9.95), and stubhub’s commission (10% of the purchase price of the tickets = $11.80).

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: the original price of his tickets was $94.50.


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  • David rocks. On top of being a great idea overall, their customer service is second to none.

    About a month ago, I had travelled from my current hometown of NYC to Dallas for the Sacramento King’s first (and disappointing) road game against the Mavericks in this past year’s playoffs. Arrived in town to find that my girlfriend had accidentally screwed up the shipping info, and fed-ex informed us that our tickets were somewhere in a holding container and there was no way we’d have them by gametime. Called StubHub to explain. On a Saturday afternoon, a couple hours before the game. The cute voice on the other end told me not to worry. Within 30 minutes she had contacted the original seller, and the American Airlines arena, and she called back to tell me that printouts of our tickets would be at will call. I asked her to marry me. Girlfriend not pleased.

    StubHub is the only place I go for tickets, period.

  • Chris

    Agreed – I love Stubhub!

    1. They always have the tickets I want, even if the game is sold out
    2. Their customer service is friendly
    3. They have tickets to really cool things (like having dinner with The Eagles)
    4. I’d rather buy from other fans than a broker or scalper

  • Ryan

    Stubhub is Great…

    Being from Boston, it is very difficult to get Redsox tickets from them directly, but stubhub comes to the rescue and has tickets for everygame remaining this season.

    Great Customer Service as well, I just recieved a phone call from them, and they wanted to let me know that there was a typing error and that seats were in row 7 instead of 6 and wanted to make sure I was ok with that before the purchase went through.

    now that’s customer service.

    will definetely go back for all my ticketing needs, who needs when you have

  • Stu

    Stub hub blows. They are inflexible and charge a fortune better to beo on ebay or craigslist.

  • Hank

    I’ve sold ten sets of tickets making StubHub lots of money, 15%. The first screwup was theirs. They didn’t notify me of a sale until 36 hours after it closed. Their website didn’t show it as expired or sold after 24hrs, I called them, “no sir they did not sell”. I gave them to a charity. Then they called (36 hours after sale closed) and said it did sell but their was a mix up with their system. I couldn’t give them to them, they cancelled my account for failure to fulfill my obligation. Next, I suspect, they’ll charge my credit card for having to provide similar tickets to the buyer.

    They liked my money when it was easy, then screwed me when THEY messed up.

    Sellers, DON’T use them. Buyers, it’s your choice.

  • alan

    Hi, I am not happy today with Stubhub. They listed seats as together and later on in the transaction they turn out not to be together, but just in the same row. Not sure how the word together is defined at Stubhub, but in the ticket world it should mean next to each other. I called, said I would buy even higher priced tickets as it was a business purchase, but got absolutely nowhere. My word to the wise is buyer beware.

  • Meghan

    StubHub does not have a 100% guarantee as they advertise. I recently bought World Series tickets on their website. I received an email from StubHub saying they received my order and that they were waiting to receive a confirmation date as to when the seller would be shipping the tickets. This email also stated that my tickets were “100% Guaranteed.” A full week after I purchased the tickets StubHub finally contacted me to tell me first that the seller mislisted the tickets well below value. The next day I received a different story, being told that the seller mislisted the game (they we actually tickets for the ALCS game not the World Series). Whether or not this was a true mistake on the part of the seller, I will never know but I was told by StubHub that he did this to at least 2-3 other customers.
    I thought I would be safe because of the 100% Guarantee and the FanProtect Guarantee. Furthermore, in StubHub’s User Agreement, the seller must make a warranty not anything they list on StubHub is not false or misleading and is an accurate description of the tickets for sale. Instead of charging the seller a replacement fee to get me, the buyer, replacement tickets they have told me I will not be receiving any tickets. Since I bought my tickets on October 7th and it is now October 18th, obviously the price of tickets has increased significantly. StubHub claims that I am not protected by their “100% Guarantee” until I receive a second email from them “confirming” the sale. However, I was told in the first email that the second email would confirm the date that the seller was shipping the tickets, not that my purchase wasn’t complete. Again, I was also told in that email that my tickets were 100% Guaranteed.
    StubHub can not be trusted and does not follow their User Agreement or live up to their 100% Guarantee.

  • Stubhub

    An absolutely terrible experience!
    I “purchased” tickets for the circus two weeks in advance of the show. As the show date approached, i had received no tickets and no word from Stubhub. I called the customer service line and after waiting nearly 10 minutes to speak to someone, I was told that the seller no longer had those tickets. With 4 days left until the show I wonder when or if I would have been noitified of this.
    Stubhub did not supply me with tickets of an equal or greater value as their “guarantee” promised. I was told that they would waive their fees if I would like to purchase other tickets (seats similar to the original seats purchased – but more than twice the price.) Beyond that, the customer no-service representitive, Tania, was not helpful and seemed far more interested in “closing this” so that her account record did not leave anything “open.”

  • Melissa from the Executive Customer Care Department at

    In response to the most recent comment published on August 8, 2007 @ 13:34PM, I was really sorry to hear about your recent experience with StubHub. We never want our buyers to be unsatisfied with their experiences with StubHub. I do certainly apologize for the long wait time you experienced and for the fact that the seller no longer had the original tickets. I would definitely like to be able to speak with you regarding your experience with StubHub. If you contact our Customer Service Department at “customerservice” at and include your name, the best number to contact you back at and the order number that pertains to situation mentioned above and ask that your message be forwarded to Melissa in the Executive Customer Care Department, I would be more than happy to contact you and follow up in regards to your experience.


    Executive Customer Care Associate at

  • Stubhub Help

    I recently purchased tickets for the Colt’s season opener. On, I was assured that if my seats were obstructed view, it would say so in the listing description. I bought my seats on and when I received the tickets, I called the Colts ticket office to ensure the tickets were authentic. They confirmed the tickets were authentic but also added that the tickets were obstructed view. I called StubHub and they asked me if the tickets said obstructed view on them. I told them no, and StubHub reply was “well it’s not our fault then.” and left me with obstructed view tickets. I repeat ‘nowhere” in the listing did it say my tickets were obstructed view. StubHub refuses to work with me, even though, in my mind I was sold fraudelent tickets according to their Fan Protection policy. If anyone could offer advice, I would certainly appreciate it!

  • Anonymous

    Stubhub is a shady operation run by crooks — beware, as both a buyer AND a seller. They charge commission to BOTH the buyer AND the seller, which is ok since they disclose it, I guess. But they provide incorrect information to both buyers and sellers and then punish them for the incorrect information provided by Stubhub. Their “customer service” is a joke — they don’t even read emails, they just provide “canned” responses that are automatically generated based on certain keywords. There are better ways to sell and buy tickets. Using eBay and PayPal is much better — both sides are protected and are not forced through the evil empire that is Stubhub.

  • Be careful. StubHub sold two invalid tickets to me.

  • Be careful. Read this first. This might not be your best source for premium tickets for your business clients – if you value your business.

  • RP

    Stub Hub is awful!!! I sold tickets on them in September 2008, and by December 2008, I still haven’t been paid. They keep telling me it takes a month just to send out a check.

    Their customer service is rigid and inflexible and the policies must be changed.

  • Rob

    I agree, do not use Stubhub when you need to buy an important client tickets. Their system has loopholes. My client got a bad ticket and I didn’t even buy it from Stubhub, I bought it directly from the team, but Stubhub recorded my ticket as being sold through their system, so my ticket became invalid.

    So, really, no one is immune from their loopholes.