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Stubborn Mubarak Refuses to Step Down; Citizens Angry, Military In Middle

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Egyptians were bitterly disappointed when President Hosni Mubarak refused to step down February 10th, 2011. Instead, he handed power to his vice president Omar Suleiman whom many consider to be more vicious than Egypt’s president. Statements made by the military earlier in the day suggesting Mubarak would step aside were, at best, misleading.

At right: Omar Suleiman says youth activists could be the first victims of continued demonstrations and urges them to stand down. 

Cairo streets were still jammed with protesters at 2 a.m. A massive march is planned for Friday. An emergency order prohibiting more than 10 people from gathering will likely be violated. The protesters are hoping for a million people.

At left: Activists tell an Al Jezeera reporter they won’t be happy with Suleiman

A demonstration that started with 50 people 18 days ago has spread throughout Egyptian society. The military, which has remained mostly neutral, is now in a tough position. Controlling a million demonstrators without using force will require tremendous skill. Using violence against peaceful demonstrators will put a public mark on what protesters say has been going on in private for a long time.

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