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Ask anyone who works in mainstream newspapers, and one thing they will agree with, don’t mess the comic strips.

The funny pages, whathaveyou, they are the core of newspapers.

When there is one strip which only runs in one newspaper, how should you perceive it?

With Fisher, you should be wondering why it isn’t in your local paper (well, aside from the obvious answer that it will displace something really stupid which will lead to the newspaper office being burned to the ground).

However, since they have the internet on computers now (H. Simpson (TM)) you can read about Tom Fischer every week day (and Saturday too).

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  • Kevin & Kell would be good too.

    Except that it was the first online only syndicated strip.


  • The Theory

    Get Fuzzy is the only comic strip needed.


  • andy

    yeah fo shizza! who the hell reads Cathy anyway? Don’t we all get enough ravings from middle aged single women at the office? They have to polute the comics yet too?