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Stressed Family: Cancer, Aquarius – Astrology-based Advice

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cancer purse 2Hi Elsa,

My parents and I have had an up-and-down relationship since I was a teenager. Over time, it’s gotten worse rather than better. But my parents are getting older, and I would like to have a better relationship with them.

Will I ever patch things up with my parents?

Distressed Daughter

Dear Distressed,

You have an excellent chance to have a better relationship with your parents, simply because this is what you want. When? Things will improve, whenever you want to improve them, and I don’t mean that to lay blame. I’m just saying that being willing to change is a very powerful place to be.

So here’s your deal. You have these planets in Cancer, making family important to you. Cancer clings, but your Moon in Aquarius detaches. Crap! Can’t live with them – can’t live without them. So how to play?

Well get hip to the fact your Aquarius Moon wants to rebel against the family. You want to break the family rules!

Now I can tell you – I’ve been running with Aquarius Moon men most my life and they pretty much bring me home to freak out Mom! If it’s not my color, it’s the fact I’m an astrologer, or that I swear, or I’m from the wrong side of the tracks or whatever. You get the idea. In one way or the other, they’re saying, “Look at this, Mom! I’m operating outside your rules!!”

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Get conscious of the fact your Cancer side needs family, and in particular, must honor the mother. But your Aquarian side IS quirky. So how about you go home and tell your mother you worship her. You know, butter her up! Then ask her if she would mind you being the oddish one in the family. In this way you might get your family to accommodate your eccentricity and in effect, have your cake and eat it too.

Good luck.

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