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I have never understood the drive behind young adults who feel the need to press the pedal to the metal. Sure, I know there is an adrenaline rush whenever you do something that is seen as dangerous or against the law. Is that what these boys were seeking last week when their race led to the death of a mother of two? What is it about testosterone that seems to override the brain between the ages of 16-30 (many would argue the first number to be much lower and the second to be much higher). I’m sure there is remorse for their actions. They will live the rest of their lives knowing that two small children will never be the same. They know that a family was torn apart and will forever be scarred by the sudden loss.

Should we just move on from here declaring, “boys will be boys?” Just like teen promiscuity, they’re going to do it anyways so we should just provide them some safety. Along with high schools handing out condoms they should also hand out some checkered flags with instructions for “safe racing.” That seems to be right in line with the logic I hear all too often. It’s the kind of logic that makes a city like Fresno #1 in the state for teen pregnancies. That’s an accomplishment we can be proud of!

Thankfully, that isn’t the route the Fresno Police Department has decided to take. This past weekend 43 tickets were handed out targeting vehicles decked out for racing. Hopefully, those 43 individuals who recieved a ticket will think twice before revving that engine. If that doesn’t work, I know of a great place where we can get some cheap racing flags.

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  • I don’t know how it is in fresno, but in Chicago we don’t race where people are around.

    We race in factory areas on the outskirts of the city in the early morning hours, where there is no traffic and no chance of pedestrians coming around.

    We stop the traffic so there is no chance of cars wandering down the wrong road.

    If there was a mother of two there, she was probably there watching the race, no? Yes, it is sad that it happened, but we all know the risk that we take when we head out on the weekend. Believe me, a mother of two WOULD be there watch, I’ve seen people actually BRING their children out to watch the races. Not that I agree with them doing this… but it does happen.
    (Read the new article on the page you linked about the 2 mothers racing with infants in their car)

    As for them cracking down on street racing, they will never stop it. Those of us who do race take the tickets and the impounds and the court fees as part of the cost of what we do… we figure it into our monthly budget just as you would your car insurance.

  • Dennis Campbell

    fresno needs a race track

  • Dennis Campbell

    need a track in fresno

  • WhiteMexican

    In Houston we race but we know what were doing and we know what can happen we line up the roads and close them off if the race track was free we would go there but its not and its to far from where i stay so we have to work with what we have and i seen many family come out to the races , even babys are out there

  • suzkukiForEnza

    we normally dont race before 1 am..and im sure around the country the same goes for them we also make sure pedestrian cars arent comin in the area. so obviously those who killed that family were iresponcible

  • joelmoreno

    if there is ANYONE in chicago that street races PLEASE! [personal contact info deleted] i dont have anyone that loves cars and racing as much as i do