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Stratovarius’ future in jeopardy after vicious attack on band’s leader

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STRATOVARIUS’ has issued the following message in regards to guitarist Timo Tolkki’s recent assault at the band’s official website: “Timo Tolkki sent me an e-mail in which he stated that he is too shocked and depressed to publish any statement about the attack. His wife and daughter have been deeply shocked about the stabbing. Timo wrote that he will probably issue a statement about the future of Stratovarius next week.” As previously reported, a Sanctuary press release recently reported that Tolkki was assaulted in the centrum of Granada on Sunday as he was having a walk. The statement is as follows: “According to Stratovarius keyboard player Jens Johansson,who witnessed the attack, the man was extremely agitated and had ‘a Hispanic looking appearance.’ As he attacked, he shouted ‘Tolkki.’ He was armed with what seemed to be a box cutter. Tolkki was taken to a nearby hospital, where Dr. Fernandez treated him. He was admitted to emergency care. He had two stab wounds on his left arm and a facial contusion. His wounds were cleaned and bandaged and he was released from hospital care. We would like to ask anybody with any information about the attacker to contact the police. Tolkki comments that he is ‘shocked and horrified’ by what happened. ‘Apparently this guy had been stalking me. The bastard attacked me from behind,’ Tolkki continues. ‘I can take anything, but that was such a cowardly act, you know. He got me with the knife twice and punched me in the face. Then he ran away. The whole thing lasted just seconds. Now I am thinking that this might be the end of my career. I do not want to end up like JOHN LENNON. I don’t know if I want to continue Stratovarius anymore.’ When asked if he thinks that the attack has something to do with the resent changes in Stratovarius line up and the death threats he has received, Tolkki comments: ‘Of course I feel there is a connection to that. Why would anybody attack me like that otherwise? What possible other motive this guy could have had than that? I think he tried to kill me, but this time I was lucky.’

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    to Timo Tolkki, I’m sorry you had to suffer that kind of cowardly attack. I think the metal world would respect your decision to leave, but you shouldn’t let the scumbag stop you from what you do best, bro. You’re an amazing musician and Stratovarius kick ass.