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Stranger Than Fiction, A Good Year, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny: Region 1 DVD Releases for February 27, 2007

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This week, one of the most beloved docs of 2006 makes its bow on DVD. 

Stranger Than Fiction

Will Ferrell proves he has the Jim Carrey gene in this first big budget departure from the Frat Pack, toning down the wacky and putting in an affecting performance. Screenwriter Zach Helm proves he has the Charlie Kaufman gene, if not so bleak. And director Marc Forster proves that Stay will not keep him down. Loads of featurettes in the extras. 

A Good Year

Usually when you get Ridley Scott involved in a project, you're talking about Blade Runner, Alien, Thelma and Louise, Gladiator, or Matchstick Men; and that's without even looking at IMDb. If it's Russell Crowe, you're talking The Insider, Proof, Romper Stomper, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander, or Cinderella Man. But sometimes you're talking about 1492: Conquest of Paradise and sometimes you're talking about Virtuosity. Extras include Scott commentary. 

Tenacious D in the Pick of Desinty

Although this didn't get glowing reviews, it's kind of hard to turn down the D. Commentary by both Jack Black and Kyle Gass should make for a nice bonus.   

The Heart of the Game

Completely ignored come kudos season, but no doc last year inspired as much devotion in people I've spoken to who've seen it. Don't let the apparent similarity to Hoop Dreams fool you. This is on a whole different trip. Extras include commentary, deleted scenes, a making-of doc and interviews with, among others, Ludacris, who narrates the film.

The Return

The only measurable difference between this and The Grudge is that The Grudge actually made money. Otherwise you've still got Sarah Michelle Gellar fighting the paranormal past. In Texas instead of Japan. I'll give it that one, too. Extras include an alternate ending, deleted scenes, and a making-of featurette.

In this week's long list: Which Land Before Time are we up to? No peeking! 

100 Years of Notre Dame Basketball

1977 NCAA Championship-Marquette Vs North Carolina

1979 Daytona 500

1979 Rose Bowl:USC Vs Michigan

1981 NCAA Championship:Indiana Vs UNC

1981 Rose Bowl Game – Michigan Vs Washington

1982 North Carolina Vs Virginia – North Carolina Flashback

1982 Orange Bowl National Championship – Clemson Vs Nebraska

1984 Maryland Vs Miami – Great Terrapin Comeback

1984-1985 Villanova NCAA Championship

1986 Cotton Bowl Classic Game – Texas A & M Vs Auburn

1986 Fiesta Bowl Game

1986 Orange Bowl National Championship – Oklahoma Vs Penn State

1987 Fiesta Bowl National Championship – Penn State Vs Miami

1991 Fiesta Bowl Game – Louisville Vs Alabama

1993 Talladega:Nascar -Talladega Die Hard 500

1996 Fiesta Bowl National Championship – Nebraska Vs Florida

1997 Daytona 500 (Nascar)

1998 Orange Bowl National Championship – Nebraska Vs Tennessee

1999 Hall of Fame Bowl Game

1999 Hall of Fame Bowl Game – Auburn Vs Ohio State

1999 SBC Cotton Bowl Classic Game – Texas Vs Mississippi State

2000 Cotton Bowl National Championship

2002 Oklahoma State Vs Oklahoma

2003 Iowa Hawk Instant Replay

2003 Lsu National Championship Highlights

2004 Red River Shutout

2004 Rugby Championship Game

2004 Sooner Football

2004 West Virginia Season Football Highlights

2005 George Mason Basketball 2005-06 Patriots Run to the Final Four

2005 Georgia Bulldogs:Hunker Down Atlanta

2005 Holiday Bowl:Oklahoma Vs Oregon

2005 Missouri Season in Review

2005 NCAA Final Four Highlights – March to the Arch

2005 NCAA Women’s Final Four – Destination-Indianapolis

2005 NCAA Women’s Final Four – Lady Bear Brilliance

2005 Oklahoma Sooners Season Highlights Video

2005-06 Season Highlights:Gator Boys Are Hot

2006 Blue Chippers & Hidden Gems

2006 College World Series

2006 Fiesta Bowl:OSU Vs Notre Dame

2006 Orange Bowl:Penn State Vs FSU

2006 Sugar Bowl:West Virginia Vs Georgia

2006 Women's NCAA Final Four

2007 Rose Bowl Game Presented By Citi (Full)

250 Movie Family Collection

60 Minutes – Dissension in the Ranks (February 25, 2007)

7th Heaven – The Complete Seasons 1-3

7th Heaven – The Complete Third Season

Above & Beyond

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel 2 (B&W)


Alexander – The Final Cut (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Alfred Hitchcock: Collectors Edition

Alice in Cartoonland – 35mm Collection

Almost Myself – Transgender Women

Americas Fighting Jets

Animated Passion Trilogy

Another Sky (B&W)

Antarctica Dreaming (HD DVD + DVD Combo Disc) By HDScape


Archival Treasures: 1964-1971 (W/Book)

The Ascent of Man

Aselin Debison – Sweet Is the Melody in Concert

Asylum of the Damned

Auburn's Decade of the Eighties

Autopsy (1975)

Baki the Grappler: Last Blood v.12

Beat Route: Around the World With Jools Holland

Beowulf & The Anglo-Saxons

Best of Classical Music on Tdk 2007

Best of Deathmatch Wrestling, Vol. 3: Japan

Best of Jazz on Tdk 2007

The Best of the Flip Wilson Show

The Better Golf Academy: Better Golf for Kids Vol. 1

Big Cat

Bill Wyman's Digital Daydreams

Black Ass-Pirations

Black Stallion

Bob Dylan – Don't Look Back (1965 Tour Deluxe Edition)

The second disc of this two-disc collection includes a whole new Pennebaker doc culled from 20 hours of heretofore-unseen Dylan footage, but my favorite bonus is the "Subterranean Homesick Blues" flipbook.

Bob Dylan – Don't Look Back (Single Disc Remastered Edition)

Bonanza (3pc)

Bone-Building Bodyshaping Workout

The Brady Bunch – The Complete Final Season

The Brady Bunch – The Complete Fourth Season

Bratz – Fashion Pixiez (Full Frame)

Brazilian Booty Bash

The Bride & The Beast / The White Gorilla

Bringing Back the Balls to Stockholm 06: Opening

Bt'x: Empire of the Machine (Std)

Bullitt [Blu-ray]

Bullitt [HD DVD]

Buster Keaton Collection (3pc)

Captain N The Game Master – The Complete Series

Captain Sabertooth

Cardio Pump Hi-Lo

Cardio Pump Step

Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter – Live at Montreux

Carnegie Hall at 100: A Place of Dreams

Cars Unlocked

Case for Christ's Resurrection

Chainsaw Sally

Cheer Like a Pro: Dance & Fitness for Cheerleaders

Chet Atkins – A Life in Music

Cisco Kid Western Collection

Citizen Vaclav Havel Goes on Vacation (W/Book)

City of the Living Dead

Classic Teenage Rebels

Classic TV Westerns (3pc)

The Coastal Command Flying Boats at War

Collection – Hip Hop

College Basketball 10 Greatest Team

Complete Writing a Great Research Paper Series

Concerto for Violin Cello & Orchestra

Conejo En La Luna (Spanish)


Conversations With God

Homeless guy talks to God. God answers. Horrendously-reviewed film ensues.

Cool It, Carol!

Cop Unbowed

Cornbread Street Heat: Apple Booty 3

Country Mouse & City Mouse Adventures: Tales of

Cowboy Junction

Cracking the Code of Experience

Crime Boss Double Feature: Mr Scarface / Family

Crime Busters

Crimson Classics:1963 Alabama Vs Oklahoma

Crimson Classics:1966 Alabama Vs Nebraska

Crimson Classics:1975 Alabama Vs Penn

Crimson Classics:1979 Alabama Vs Auburn

Crimson Classics:1990 Alabama Vs Tennessee

Crimson Classics:1998 Alabama Vs LSU

Crimson Classics:1999 Alabama Vs Florida

Da Vinci's Inquest – Season 1

Dan Ettinger Meets Gil Shaham

David Helfgott – A Musical Journey

Death Or Glory Fest 2005

Deep Red

Depot of the Dead (Sub B&W)

Der Konig Des Karate

Der Tierisch Verruckte Bauernhof

Devil's Highway

Diamond Video Collection

Die Pokerschule

Digging for the Truth – The Complete Season 2 (History Channel)

Discover China: Stupendous Shanghai

Disney's Little Einsteins – The Legend of the Golden Pyramid

Do You Know the Muffin Man (Full)

Dog the Bounty Hunter – The Best of Season 3

Dolly Parton and Friends

Don't Torture a Duckling

Donizetti – Anna Bolena

Donizetti – Lucia di Lammermoor

The Doris Day Show – Season 4

Dr Christian: Meet Dr Christian (B&W)


Duetos – Roberto Carlos

Early Years / Maturity & Silence (Sub)

Ebony Ecstasy

Ebony Zone

El De La Camisa Negra (Guy in the Bla

Elegy of the Land

Emperor's Naked Army Marches on

Empty Ceiling

Encyclopedia of Modern Armor: Engines of War

Engelbert Humperdinck – Live in Concert

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Live at the Ascension Loft

An Evening of Yes Music Plus

Everybody Hates Chris – The First Season

Was supposed to come out last October.

Extreme Chickfights: Barely Legal


Femmes Fatales

Fields of Glory:Alabama

Fields of Glory:Auburn

Fields of Glory:Florida

Fields of Glory:Georgia

Fields of Glory:LSU

Fields of Glory:Michigan

Fields of Glory:Oklahoma

Fields of Glory:Oregon

Fields of Glory:Penn State

Fields of Glory:Tennessee

Fields of Glory:Texas – University of Texas

Fields of Glory:Texas A & M

Fields of Glory:USC

Film Noir Boxed Set

Film Noir: Collectors Edition (6pc)

Film Noir: The Ultimate Collection (6pc)

Filmation's Ghostbusters – The Animated Series, Vol. 1

Fireplace: Visions of Tranquility (HD DVD + DVD) by HDScape

Fish Story

For Dancers:Alexander Technique


Freunde Furs Leben Staffel 1

Front Page News

Gangs de La Mafia

Gaogaigar, Vol. 3: King of Braves – Ninja Robots

George Carlin – Life Is Worth Losing

The Getaway (1972) [Blu-ray]

The Getaway (1972)

Girlfriends – The Complete First Season

Glorifying the American Girl (B&W)

God Memoirs

A Good Year (Full-Screen Edition)

A Good Year (Widescreen Edition)

Great Cars Collection – The Television Series (Corvette / Mustang, Cobra, GT-40 / Porsche / Mercedes-Benz / BMW / Ferrari , Alfa Romeo)

Great Cars: BMW

Great Cars: Corvette

Great Cars: Ferrari – Alfa Romeo

Great Cars: Mercedes-Benz

Great Cars: Mustang – Cobra – GT40

Great Cars: Porsche

Great Gridiron Rivalries: Auburn Vs Alabama

Great Gridiron Rivalries: Oklahoma Vs Nebraska

Great Gridiron Rivalries: Michigan Vs Ohio State

Greatest Hits (Ac3 Dol) – Mozart, Barenboim, Gelmetti, and Haenchen (DVD)

Greatest Hits (Ac3 Dol) – Bach, Barenboim, Bylsma, and Mcferrin

The Greatest Speeches of All-Time Vol III – Ronald Reagan; JFK; RFK; FDR; Jimmy Carter; Gerald Ford; Hubert Humphrey; more

Guns Don't Argue (B&W)

Half a Sinner (B&W)

Hanni Und Nanni-Flg. 1+2

Hanni Und Nanni-Flg. 3+4

Harlem Double Feature: Paradise in Harlem / Burles

Hawaii, Oslo

HD Window-Great Southwest

The Heart of the Game

Heart of the Lie (Full)

Heat (Sub B&W)

Heroes of the Alamo (B&W)

Highway to Hell

History Channel: Secrets of Kabbalah (Col) ~ Decoding the Past

Hits Of The Disco Girls

Hoch Wie Nie: Best of – Falco

Hollywood Bad Boys Nude Auditions, Vol. 2


Honor (2006) (Fighter)

I Can't Imagine/Live Unplugged

I'm Gonna Suck You

Illini Century

Illinois 2005-2006 Season in Review

The Immortal: Complete Series

Inferno (1980)

Inside the Irish Huddle:Stories from


Inuyasha, Volume 51: The Path to the Netherworld

Iowa Hawkeyes 1939 Football

Iowa Hawkeyes 2003 Football Instant R

Iowa Hawkeyes 2004 Football

Iowa Hawkeyes 2005 Football Instant R

IWA Championship Wrestling, Vol. 3

Jaadu Sa Chal Gaya

Japanese Pussycats

Jess Franco's Count Dracula (Special Edition)

With Klaus Kinski as Renfield!

Jewell Marceau Collection

Jimmy Burns Live at B.L.U.E.S.

Johnny Mathis Gold: 50th Anniversary Celebration

Johnny Mathis Live – Wonderful, Wonderful – A Gold 50th Anniversary Celebration

Josef Suk & Rudolf Firkusny

Journey to the End of the Night

It took two years for Catalina Sandino Moreno to go from Best Actress Nominee to straight-to-DVD, but she's got good company – Mos Def, Brendan Fraser, and Scott Glenn.

Jr Takes Texas:Dale Jr

Kerrang Karaoke

Killer Drag Queens on Dope

Anybody could make a movie about killer drag queens. The masterstroke is putting them on dope. Title of the Week

King of Kings

Kodocha Box Set Vol 1-6


La Venganza del Norte

The Land Before Time XII – The Great Day of The Flyers

It's official. Land Before Time has more sequels than Jason.

Last Bomb

Laura's Toys

Laurel and Hardy

Lawman (B&W)

Learn Spanish DVD 1: Basic

Learn Spanish DVD 2: Intermediate

Learn Spanish DVD 3: Advanced

Learn Spanish DVD: Spanish for Travelers

Legend of Bloody Jack

Legend-Live in Concert – Rick Wakeman

Legends of College Football Vol 1

Legions of Rome – Punic Wars

Legions of Rome – Gallic Wars

Legions of Rome – Roman Invasions of Britain

Legions of Rome Boxed Set – Punic Wars, Gallic Wars, Roman Invasions of Britain

Leon Russell & the New Grass Revival

Lightnin Crandall / Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin

Lightrhythm Visuals, Vol. 2: Singles 06-10


Live at the Basement – Angels

Live from London – Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

Live from Montreux – George Benson

Live in Atlantic City – Grover Jr. Washington

Live in Buenos Aires – Rick Wakeman & English Rock Ensemble

Live in Concert (Dol) – Richard Clayderman

Live on Stage – Edgar Winter & Leon Russell

Ll Etait Une Fois La Route

Lost Worlds (History Channel)

Magnum P. I. – The Complete Sixth Season

Mahler – Symphony No. 2 in C Minor

Maine Hockey: 93 NCAA Champ

Make Up Your Mind

Marquee Musicals Boxed Set (Daddy Long Legs / The Dolly Sisters / Down Argentine Way / Moon Over Miami / My Blue Heaven / Pin Up Girl / Week End in Havana)

Martial Arts: Collectors Edition (6pc)

Master Ninja Collection

Masters of Comedy: Collectors Edition (6pc)

Mazz:Live Reunion the Last Dance

Megilla 83

Men Suddenly in Black 2

Menotti – Help, Help, The Globolinks

Miami Ohio:Rewriting the Book 2003 Hi

Minkus – La Bayadere

Moment of Romance 2

Mondrian – From Naturalism to Abstraction

My Name Is Fame

My Sister Maria

Myopic Visions

Mysteries of Egypt Boxed Set / Ramesses II, The Pharaohs, Ancient Egypt

Mysteries of Egypt: – Ancient Egypt

Mysteries of Egypt: – The Pharaohs

Mysteries of Egypt: Ramesses II (Dol)

Mysteries of the Bible Collection

Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (Full)

National Geographic – Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites

Nature's Colors

Nature's Colors (Blu-ray)

Nature's Colors [HD DVD & DVD Combo]

Newsreel History 6

NFL Super Bowl XLI – Indianapolis Colts Championship DVD ~ Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne (DVD – 2007)

Yes, it includes the Cirque du Soleil performance.

Nightman (Full)

Nine Inch Nails – Live – Beside You in Time

Nine Inch Nails Live – Beside You in Time [Blu-ray]

Nine Inch Nails Live – Beside You in Time [HD DVD]

Nqc Live 6

Nu Records 1

Object of Her Desire

Oedipus Mayor

Oklahoma Vs Bowling Green

Oklahoma Vs Houston

Oklahoma Vs Oregon

One Missed Call Pack

One More for the Road (Pal Swe) – Quireboys

One Piece, Vol. 7 – New Crew (Full Edit)

One Punk Under God

Oscar Gift Set (2pc)

Our Gang

Out There


Pajama of Terror & Other Tales

Paradise Kiss, Vol. 2

Parole Inc (B&W)

Pasion Inmortal


Paul Robeson – Speak of Me As I Am

Payoff (B&W)

Perversion Story (2pc) (W/CD)

Peter Hase Und Seine Freunde

Piano Concertos 22 23 & 24

Piano Works – Haydn

Pink Floyd – Up Close & Personal

Planet Brooklyn


Playboy: Girls of World Soccer

Poet (Full)

POV – 20th Anniversary Collection

Prayer Beads

Puccini – Turandot

QuickPro Camera Guides – Nikon D40

Ranger Busters: Saddle Mountain Round-Up (B&W)



The Rector's Wife

Reflections-Definitive DVD Collection

Reno 911! – Reno's Most Wanted (Uncensored)

The Return (Widescreen Edition)

Rick Pitino:Basketball Fundamentals

Rivalry Rewind:Wolverines Vs Spartans

Road to Guantanamo

Roadrunner Roadrage 2006

The Rockford Files – Season Three

Rome Concert 1979 – Bill Evans

Ronnie Barker – Futtock's End

Rough Riders: Below the Border (B&W)

Ruby & Oswald (Full)

Rusian & Ludmilla

Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry Season 1-4

Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry Season 4

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Vol. 6

Sallah: Ephraim Kishon Satire

Scandale Melancolique Live

Schemes (Full)

Season to Remember

Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar

Secret Agent (aka Danger Man) – The Complete Collection Megaset 2007

Seinfeld Collection: The Complete Seasons 1-7 (Amazon Exclusive)

Senior Flex


shorts! volume 4

Si Honraras a Tu Coca Madre

Sidney Bechet – Treat It Gentle

Simon King's African Skies

Sin Rivales

Slammin Reggaeton Videos 2

Slavonic Dances / Swan Lake Suite Op 20 (Ac3)

So You Want to Be on TV

Soul Divas

Soul Sweat: Hot Moves-World Grooves

South Carolina Game Cocks 05 Season H

Standing Stone (Dol)

The State Within

Stay, Go, Don't Linger

Steam Around the World: Asian & Australasian

Stephen Hawking – God, the Universe, & Everything / Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke

Steve Howe's Remedy

Straight Shooter / Trigger Fingers

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction [Blu-ray]

Streetball Confidential (Two-Disc Set – DVD & Bonus CD)

Stress & Relaxation Explained: An Introduction to Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques

Studio Classics Collection Boxed Set

Super Fuzz

Survive the Night (Full)

Sweet Memories:West Virginia 2006 Bas

Symphony 5 (Sub Ac3 Dol Dts)

Synesthesia (2pc)

A Talk With Your Kids About Smoking – A Family DVD for Grades 6 – 12

Tantric Yoga for Blissful Pregnancy

Target for Tonight Deluxe Edition featuring Target Germany!

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake

Tempting Fate (Full)

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

Terry & The Pirates 4 (B&W)

Three Husbands (B&W)

Three Stooges

Thrill of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982


Pretty universally reviled Terry Gilliam indie that got a blip on the radar release last year.

Tipping Point: Health Narratives From South End

Top Dogs:2004 UCONN Basketball Champs

Touched By An Angel (Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3: Volume 1)

Touched by an Angel – The Third Season (Vol. 1 & 2)

Touched by an Angel – The Third Season, Vol. 1

Touched By an Angel – The Third Season, Vol. 2

Travel with Kids: Mexico – Mayan Riviera

Tribute Concert – Antonio Carlos Jobim & Friends

Twenty Five – George Michael

Twice As Nice:Wisconsin's 2006 Men's

Ultimate Hitchcock Collection (6pc)

Ultimate Martial Arts Collection (6pc)

Ultimate Masters of Comedy Collection (6pc)

Ultimate Western Heroes Collection (6pc)

Ultimate World War II Collection (6pc)

Un chant d'amour


Underdog (B&W)

USC Trojans Conquest Series:Episodes

USC Trojans Conquest Series: Episodes

Vanishing Legions Chapters 1-12 (B&W)

Vegas Vampires (Full)

Tommy "Tiny" Lister and a lesser Baldwin?  Where do I sign?

Verdi – Falstaff

Verdi – Jonathon Miller's Rigoletto / John Rawnsley, Marie McLaughlin

Verdi – La Battaglia di Legnano

Verdi – Otello

Verdi – Requiem

Very Quick Job Search Third Edition

Vincent Van Gogh – A Museum for Vincent

Vol. 2-Calimero

Vol. 2-Hoop Mixtape – Bay Area's Finest

Wagner – Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg


Western Heroes: Collectors Edition (6pc)

Western Justice / Near the Trail's End (B&W)

What the Funk

Wild Women Double Feature: Bowanga Bowanga / Devil

World Wrestling Network Presents: In Full Force

Writing a Great Research Paper: Finding the Best Sources

Writing a Great Research Paper: Formatting Your Paper

Writing a Great Research Paper: How to Be Persuasive

Writing a Great Research Paper: Perfecting Your Final Draft

Writing a Great Research Paper: Picking an A+ Topic

Writing a Great Research Paper: Plagiarism & Other Pitfalls

Writing a Great Research Paper: Quoting, Citing, & Paraphrasing

Writing a Great Research Paper: Starting Your Research

Writing a Great Research Paper: Taking Notes

Writing a Great Research Paper: Writing Your First Draft

WWE: Royal Rumble 2007 (Full)

WWII: Collectors Edition (6pc)

You Are Alone

Young Avengers

Zen of Sword (Sub)

Zur Freiheit-Folge 1-22

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