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Operation Strangelove is a peace movement fund-raiser

Be part of a national anti-war action on May 14. Screen “Dr. Strangelove,” and raise money for groups still working hard for peace, justice and relief in Iraq.

Pre-emptive strikes. Cowboy diplomacy. Men conspiring in the War Room, bent on world domination. Weapons of mass destruction. And most terrifying of all, an invasion begun for one overwhelming reason: precious fluids.

Forty years after its filming, the dark and explosively funny “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” seems like a satirical time bomb planted by Stanley Kubrick and Terry Southern, set to detonate on Bush’s doctrine of unilateral warfare, anytime, anywhere.

As the war on Iraq winds down (at least on TV), as the perils (and profits) of occupation loom, and as the Bushies plot the next pre-emptive strike, Operation Strangelove aims to show the warmongers in their true light.

On May 14, put on a screening of “Dr. Strangelove” – in your living room, at the local theater, on campus, on your laptop, anywhere you can – and say no to unilateral invasions, to endangering our troops for the sake of oil, to flouting international law and the world community in the name of empire. Follow the film with discussions, forums, debates. Keep talking. Keep acting. Let’s give new meaning to the old Strategic Air Command motto, “Peace Is Our Profession.”

And if you think Kubrick’s satire is no longer relevant, there’s this from The Guardian – the US administration created the Ministry of Truth because the CIA wasn’t telling them what they wanted to hear.

‘Rumsfeld set up his own intelligence agency because he didn’t like the intelligence he was getting,’ said Larry Korb, director of national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. ‘He doesn’t like Powell’s approach, a typical diplomat, too cautious.’

Former CIA officials are caustic about the OSP. Unreliable and politically motivated, they say it has undermined decades of work by the CIA’s trained spies and ignored the truth when it has contradicted its world view.

‘Their methods are vicious,’ said Vince Cannistraro, former CIA chief of counter-terrorism. ‘The politicisation of intelligence is pandemic, and deliberate disinformation is being promoted. They choose the worst-case scenario on everything and so much of the information is fallacious.’ But Cannistraro is retired. His attacks will not bother The Cabal, firmly ‘in the loop’ of Washington’s movers and shakers. Yet, even among them, continued failure to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is a growing fear. The fallout from the war could bring them down.

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