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Strange Phenomena

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A month after my daughter’s birth, we moved to the Bay Area (California) for about two months. The trip was fantastic, we met with friends , enjoyed the California weather and had some unusual experiences -like feeling three to four tremors a day (88 in one week as per the paper) to clicking a strange picture while driving back from San Francisco which clearly showed an orb infront of my son.

I clicked three pictures simultaneously as my son was fidgety due to the bright flash. The orb appears only in the second snap. Could it be just a weather anomaly or did I catch something out of the ordinary?


A year ago, I captured an orb outside the Milwaukee library but this picture is quite extraordinary, for if one looks closely enough one can see eyes, nose and a mouth within the orb. The picture still creeps me out and I can’t bring myself to look at it for more than few minutes.
Could the picture be a proof that we aren’t alone in this world? That there are other beings around us like germs which are not visible to the naked eye thereby leaving us blissfully unaware of their existence?

I’d like to believe so; it makes our daily existence a little more exciting, a ghost hitching a ride back home with us, watching us live our lives, knowing all our horrid little secrets which we hide from the world, tittering and gossiping about it with other ghosts like they do in J.K.Rowling’s books.

After all, there is supposed to be a heaven but unfortunately I am a believer in ghosts but not in heaven, as the song goes. Why would anyone linger here on earth if there are places prescribed for the good and the bad. Or are they souls so lost, so damned that they dont even have the luxury of spending time in hell to get that one more chance of heavenly abode.

Does this mean eternal damnation, watching the world pass by, living a sorrowful, lonely existence where getting a bit of attention from the living would be their means of salvation?

There are stranger things,…

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  • Thanks Nancy – I hope you have a great time – oops, you were talking about your afterlife?;)

  • Nancy

    Hey, Puss, welcome back. Long time no read. Those orbs of light are thought by some to be spirit manifestations (see a website called theshadowlands.net); they are thought by others to be some sort of energy plasma, and they are thought by professional photographers to be annoying. I think someone determined they’re actually some sort of light-reflection/film surface byproduct when the angle is right. I didn’t understand the technicalities, so I can’t explain better. Sorry.

    I, personally, intend to haunt the Presidential suite of the Hays-Adams, or perhaps an extended tour of Windsor Castle, the British Museum, or the Louvre, after which I’m off to Monte Carlo to haunt the big-stakes tables. If ya gotta have an afterlife, then do it up right, says I.