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Straight From the Horses’ Websites

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Cynthia Webb has an excellent column in the Washington Post today listing the many and various military websites providing direct access to info on the war:

    The Internet offers users worldwide an unprecedented amount of news and commentary about the war in Iraq. But unlike the last war in the Persian Gulf region, Web surfers can obtain a wealth of information about the military units currently fighting to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    Today’s War on the Web installment surveys the online homes of U.S. and British military units deployed to the Iraq theater. Far from a comprehensive listing, the focus is on some of the larger units that have been featured in news reports over the past weeks.

Among the listings:
U.S. Central Command

Army Ops in Iraq
Camp Pendleton Marine Base
US Navy
US Air Force

Also listing for coalition partners the British, Australians, Poles, and US/Brit Special Forces. Check it out.

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