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Stop Teen Dating Abuse

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There are some shocking, scary statistics about teen dating abuse. Here's one example: one in three teens experience abuse in their romantic relationships, whether verbal or emotional. In addition, 40% of girls, ages 14 to 17, know someone who has been hit or beaten by their partner. That's not something to brag about. With the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal, this issue has been brought to the public, as it should. Now, DoSomething.org has organized a response to this problem and you can help.

Like in the Chris Brown/Rihanna case, the victim often does not move away from or leave the abuser. Rihanna is still with Chris Brown — word is that they are recording a duet together. This is common, which is scary. Two out of three abuse cases are not reported and 80% of girls in abusive relationships stay with their partners, just like Rihanna. This is wrong and thus they can still get hurt.

So, the 1 in 3 campaign was started to fight against abusive relationships by raising awareness and educating teens about this problem. You can get free bracelets to support your cause. You get three total bracelets: two black and one blue to be a symbol of the woman abused. Twenty-five thousand bracelets have been ordered (from March 16 to March 19) to fight teen dating abuse.

There are other things you can do: Hang a poster about it at school, use Facebook to your advantage, know the warning signs of abuse, read the teen dating bill of rights, and just talk about it. Tell others about the campaign. The more awareness, the better. 

“The response to this campaign has been tremendous,” said Nancy Lublin, CEO of DoSomething.org. “Teens are coming out in droves to take action by raising awareness for an issue that not enough people are talking about and certainly not enough people are doing anything about.”

Don't let you or your friends turn out like Rihanna. Fight against abuse and keep teens safe. Take a stand against teen dating violence.

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  • CeeEss

    Wow ! WHERE did these unsubstantiated FACTS come from? And “TEENs” never seem to include “boys.” Just “abused girls,” and boys are “supposedly” abusing these girls. GIRLs never hit or abuse boys, RIGHT? YEAH RIGHT ! Girls abuse other girls cheerleading, then in sororities, THEN as wives and girlfriends. STOP BLAMING MEN and BOYS for FEMALE violence. VIOLENCE is wrong no matter FEMALE or MALE. And Rihanna was at fault-she was jealous and angry (ABUSER characteristics) and started by HITTING BROWN. The video is ONE-sided too!

  • quite frankly, i believe that most abuse comes from women to men, it is just not as obvious. Men are accused of cheating (verbal abuse) for hanging with the guys, smacked for being wrong (no mark, on the shoulder) (physical), and often expierence other forms of a buse

    but, i forgot, if it isnt the woman harmed, it doesnt matter

  • zingzing

    as a man, i’m just as pissed as any guy that a woman can “abuse” you for years in one way or another and all it takes in one good loss of control and you’re in jail with a “wife-beater” tag on your record for the rest of your life.

    all that said, we’re supposed to be the strong ones, the controlled ones, etc. that’s not fair either, but that’s the way it is.

    if a woman is abusing you, tell her to get out of your life. dump her to the curb.

    it’s the same advice i’d give to a woman… form all the clubs you like, sign all the petitions, but if you don’t walk away the first time he hits you, you’re just wasting your time.

    as nice as that “bill of rights” thing is, it’s just common sense. but i think everyone knows that.

  • Caitlin Callahan

    I agree with the men that commented on this. You never hear about a man being abused because there usually is no evidence to it. The truth is woman abuse men just as much as men abuse woman. Its a common fact. Us females have to keep ourselves under control to. Its not fair that we get to push men around if they dont get to do the same.