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Stop Israel From Committing the Blunder

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Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh's comment has sparked off a war of words between Tehran and Tel Aviv. He suggested the idea of launching a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities as a last resort from preventing Tehran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. He made these comments while talking to The Jerusalem Post.

His comments brought angry responses from Tehran. Irani Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Hosseini said: "If the Zionist regime commits such stupidity, the response by the Iranian military will be swift, strong and crushing."  The Israeli government is trying to underplay his comments. Government spokeswoman Miri Eisin said Sneh's comments did not necessarily reflect the view of the government or Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Israel has been gripped with hysteria since Iranian President made that obnoxious comment that Israel should be wiped off from the map and questioned the truth of the Holocaust. He repeatedly called for the destruction of the Jewish state. These threats compelled Israel to consider Iran to be the greatest threat to its survival.

This is not the first time Israeli officials have threatened to destroy Iranian nuclear installation. The question is whether Israel has the ability to carry out such a raid, which, unlike Iraq's in 1981, are scattered among installations, some of them hidden underground.

How can Israel officials contemplate and say such things, when the White House is balking at taking military action after warnings from Pentagon and intelligence analysts. They are of the opinion that they cannot stop Iran from acquiring components for a nuclear bomb.

John Negroponte, director of national intelligence, has told President George W. Bush that there is no rush to use force as Iran's nuclear programme is beset with technical errors. He has been saying, it's not an immediate problem

Do Israeli leaders realize the repercussions of attack on Iranian installations? This military action against Iran will prove to be a disaster.  Iran has the world's second biggest proven oil reserves after Saudi Arabia and the second biggest gas reserves after Russia. Iran is currently OPEC's second largest producer. Iran’s geo-strategic position and its already-existing network of pipelines also make it a key actor in the energy world. The sky-rocketing price of oil has put a lot of money into its pocket.

Iran has the power and means to stop the world's oil supply. Oil and gas from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq, which constitutes 40 percent of the world's crude oil pass through the Straits of Hormuz, which is a stretch of ocean at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Iranians have already made their intentions clear that they would cut off tanker traffic if the U.N. imposes sanction on them because of their nuclear programme.  Iran has the potential power to create economic panic around the world. 

In addition, Iranian can destabilize the Middle East, because they have good working relationship with Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad movements. The recent war in Lebanon has clearly proved how deadly these movements can prove.

General John Abizaid, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, has warned that striking Iran could cripple oil supplies, unleash a surrogate terrorist army, and lead to missile attacks on America's regional allies. The army is particularly concerned about Iran's ability to destabilize an already chaotic Iraq.

Iranians don't make empty rhetoric. They carry out their threats. They raided and occupied a Rumanian-owned oil platform in August because of a dispute over ownership rights. Analysts say the real aim of the action was to convey to western companies including Halliburton, who is in power there.

Sanctions cannot be imposed upon Iran, because of the economic interests of France, Russia, and China, who are three permanent members of the Security Council.  Russia is building Iran's first, $800 million (#640 million) atomic reactor and has impeded U.N. sanctions against Tehran. It has also agreed to resume shipment of fuel for the reactor, which experts say could be diverted and used to build bombs.  French President Mr. Chirac said he believes fruitful dialogue with Iran is still possible. 

He called Iran "a great nation."  His comments may reflect a growing belief among European leaders that persuading Iran to drop its troublesome nuclear ambitions can realistically be done only by staying on good terms with Iran, not by hostile pressure or threats.

What then can be done in the face of the mullahs’ implacable drive to acquire nuclear weapons? Senator Joseph Biden, insists that we have at least ten years before we have to worry about Iran's getting a working bomb. According to Ashton Carter, who served as an assistant secretary of defense in the Clinton administration, we at least have enough time to explore every possible diplomatic avenue before contemplating any direct military response.

Israel should take hint from these major players and try to improve her relationship with its neighbors. If it tries to do the dirty work for the U.S., it will bring miseries for her people and hurt interests abroad.


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  • Franco

    When the actions and threats are seen by Israel in that they would soon face being wiped off the face of the map (which if you try to deny this threat clearly exists and is ongoing then you have your head in the sand) then Israel will strike and do so with power and precision.

    As the Arabs and or Muslim Imperialism continues forcing this measure and continues to tray to bring it to the point of reality, what would Israel they have to loose by going with a full military strike. In a do or die reality, which Israel sees coming, they will unleash their most aggressive military defensive measures not yet seen in the area.

    As the Arabs and or Muslim Imperialism keeps it up they will find out they will pay 10 fold in the end. Arab and Muslim Imperialism will eventually come to think they can deal with a full out Isreali defensive attack and move Muslim Imperialism into Israel. A bad mistake in that thinking but that is the Arab mind set and it is caused them to face so much humiliation in past wars of aggression against Israel. Additionally it is not Israel that needs to lean to get alone with the Arabs, it is in fact the Arabs that need to learn to get along with the Jews.

    The Arab has proved repeatedly and endlessly that he is incapable of this, hence they need to blame the Jews. Even though they are brothers in the blood line of Abraham, yet the fighting that started way back then is still with us today.

  • Munaeem,

    I believe I wrote a comment to this previously that was erased. In essence, the Islamic Republic has seen fit to call for the eradication of the State of Israel. It has threatened, in a number of ways, and at a number of different times, to destroy this country.

    It is not wise to allow an enemy to destroy you – even the secular fools and thieves who ru(i)n this country can sense a knife being stuck in their ribs. Unfortunately, if this nation has to attack Iran in order to destroy its nuclear facilities, it will not be of its own choice. And in time, you will be grateful for its actions, shouild it take them, though immediately you will condemn us.

    Shabbat Shalom,
    Sabbath peace to you,

  • Munaeem

    I know Iranian President is repeatedly threatening Israel. But Iran will never attack Israel.

    They only incite the sunni muslims to do stupid acts.

  • Franco

    #3 — Munaeem

    I know Iranian President is repeatedly threatening Israel. But Iran will never attack Israel.

    They only incite the sunni muslims to do stupid acts.


    Yes they are stupid acts.

    Additionally, it’s more then repeated threatening by Iran. Iran supplies money, personnel, training, and military hardware to Hezbollah and Hamas and assuredly other radical Muslim Imperialist groups. These resources speak louder then the Iranian Presidents words. Adding to this Iran’s alignment with common cause Syria, another enemy of Israel. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    Israel intelligence maintains surveillance in both Iran and Syria and if actions is needed Israel will know when and where, and their actions will not be stupid.

    I just wished that Arab and Jew could get along as some do today in Israel where they live and work together. Working together makes it a whole new world and a much better one for all involved.

  • Munaeem

    “Iran supplies money, personnel, training, and military hardware to Hezbollah and Hamas and assuredly other radical Muslim Imperialist groups.”

    Israel should do the same. 🙂

  • Munaeem

    Mullahs preach. Jews will never have a homeland. Creation of the State of Israel proved them wrong.