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Still Ready to Serve: America’s Peace Officers a Neglected Asset

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There are hundreds of thousands of retired professional peace officers in America who are still capable and willing to serve. We range in age from our fifties to our seventies. Some of us are highly educated; some not so much. But we share common bonds. We are pro-law, not pro-political party. We are, in many cases, much more physically fit than a whole lot of the officers shown as exemplars of Law Enforcement. We are very highly trained and skilled. We understand the law and we understand the proper use of firearms because we have carried them all of our adult lives and probably still do.

And we are Patriots. We will put our lives on the line for our country just as surely as our combat troops, a title which many of us proudly claim. And now….when America is being pulled apart, we will serve. For absolutely nothing in most cases, except transportation to where we are needed and room and board as long as we are required.

It seems to me a horrible waste of an entire generation of responsible people who can and will respond to the needs of the citizenry, to exclude us simply because we are members of the over-the-hill gang. Certainly, there are many things we can no longer do. I won't chase burglars through back yards and over fences anymore. Neither will I negotiate with armed criminals. I can't. But just as I shouldn't have to, no one should have to. If I identify myself as a peace officer and order someone to drop their weapon and submit under threat of force, an innocent person will submit. A criminal involved in a violent crime probably will not.

There is, or should be, no liability to anyone for fielding highly trained officers who just can't run marathons anymore but who can take up the slack which is now becoming endemic. I, personally, will go anywhere in the country and volunteer as a reserve officer for nothing more than food, lodging, and the opportunity to help my fellow citizens. It will come to this eventually. Now is the time to make plans.

We would rather die honorably in the service of our country than be relegated to some home to be used as a pawn to suck the life out of the medical system.

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