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poppy-moore.jpgGeorge the First, aka Poppy Bush, is not a fan of Michael Moore. Big surprise. Not.

Speaking to a Maine television station, the former president called Moore a “total ass [and a] slimeball” because of the way in which his family was portrayed in the filmmaker’s hit Fahrenheit 9/11. The film alleges, among other things, that the Bush family’s close relationship with members of the Saudi royal family led to financial windfalls for the Bushes and their cronies before and after the September 11 attacks. Poppy called Moore’s charges “lies.”
The Associated Press reports the elder Bush told WCSH-TV that worrying about his son and the upcoming presidential race is affecting his health.

Bush said he used to have ulcers in the 1960s. “A couple of more weeks of this stuff and I’ll get ’em back. I’m nervous. It hurts much more when your son is criticized,” the former president said.

Poppy has good reason to be nervous. Moore’s message is getting across — people need to pay attention, be aware, and demand answers when their government takes actions they find questionable or immoral.

College student Elizabeth Leitzell makes a worthy point in an op-ed published in the University of Southern California’s Daily Trojan:

What we all need to remember when we attack someone such as Michael Moore is that he is not telling you that this is the only way to view the Bush administration or the war in Iraq. Oddly, no one seems able to discuss the film without reference to Michael Moore and his views.

He admits the documentary is an op-ed piece, clearly pointing out that this is his opinion. He narrates it. He shows his face in it. Moore’s attacks are not enveloped in secretive cinematic methods, they are bluntly spoken, with his voice. He uses his hometown of Flint, Mich. to show where his views developed and makes it clear that this is the view of one Michael Moore.

Fahrenheit 9/11 wasn’t some subversive, secretive, propagandistic liberal attack on the White House; it was Michael Moore’s opinion, supported by public information that can be found in the archives of major daily newspapers for the past three years. …

Personally, I’m glad [left- and right-wing] radical voices are out there. One of my political science professors here at USC once said that the benefit of radicals (for any position) is to get people thinking about ideas that otherwise wouldn’t be discussed. …

Michael Moore encourages us to think about whether our attacks on Iraq are moral and honest, and he attacks the president as dishonest and unqualified, which gets both sides talking.

And when people get talking — such as after each of the Democrat/Republican presidential debates — it is a very good thing for everyone. If you’re new to the political process, perhaps voting this year for the first time, listen to what Mike Moore has to say during his “Slacker Uprising Tour,” which is visiting colleges throughout the country, or check out his books and films. Agree or disagree, listen — then do the research and make up your own mind.

And here is some advice for Poppy Bush: Chill, take a Prilosec, and get ready. With any luck, you will have a son to console in a couple of weeks.

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  • Claire

    Natalie, a well written piece which I wholly disagree with, but respect your right to voice your opinion.

    Michael Moore is not a sincere person in his beliefs and statements. He may have been once, but he is not any longer. He uses liberalism as a tool in his climb on the ladder.

    His tactics may work to the young, impressionable or those too blind to see what he does with regularity. He twists and turns the facts to suit himself.

    He will gain some ground by his pandering to the young college students. But he won’t triumph, and if he does, then you think we have problems in this country now?

    I know we can never meet in the middle on this, we have polar opposite views.

    I liked your piece for it demonstrates what is best about the country in which we live, and the freedoms we so often take for granted. 🙂


  • Thanks for expressing your disagreement in such a kind fashion, Claire. That said, how do you know what is in Michael Moore’s heart and mind? How do you know he is insincere? Many people — and not just the young and impressionable — believe fully in his sincerity, even if some don’t believe in his methods.

  • andy marsh

    I believe he’s full of shit!

  • maybe daddy bush is getting ulcers because his son has destroyed the respect that this country once had. maybe because his son is killing innocent children in iraq. maybe because his son doesn’t know if someone is born gay or not but without thinking about is willing to make laws against it, maybe he is getting ulcers because he is married to a bitch that parades as a sweet grandmother, maybe because he thinks that jesus loves him and hates everyone else.

    many reason daddy bush could have ulcers but michael moore is not one of them.

    slimeball sounds like something that beavis and butthead might say….or me but not a former president. he is a reall do do head.

    jack e. jett

  • dick

    You know Michael Moore is a slimeball when every time his points are criticized and debunked, he changes the subject or points out that if you read his words in a very narrow way some of them might possibly if you close your eyes and wish real hard be true. If you really take him at his original word and check up he is lying through his teeth. IOW if he opens his mouth he is lying.

    With any luck the thinking people will realize just how much of a liar he is and reject his stance and then we will keep young President Bush in office. Personally I think Michael Moore should thank his lucky stars it was not Barbara Bush who was interviewed. That lady would probably have told him exactly what a low-life he really is.

  • yeah…that barbara bush is one tough broad, however, no one really gives shit what that fat bitch thinks. she is an evil doer.

    she is just another old lady who is fading from the limelight who gave birth do some freaking idiots.

    whores…every last one of them.

    lowlife scums….every last one of them.

    yep………i know it is really tough for people to see that this war is worthless as it is just too much to comprehend that someone would take us to a war.

    jack e. jett