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Steroids are a scheduled III class drug on the controlled substances list. They are an absolute medical necessity to some people while others have used them in sports to enhance muscle
and recovery giving an unfair advantage. One of the most famous steroid controversies happened in major league baseball when home run record setting seasons became the norm bringing people like Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds into the spotlight.

Steroids are a popular drug in the sport of bodybuilding to a help achieve muscular development far past the bodies natural genetic limitations. The side effects and legal implications of steroids have led to the development of legal steroids and prohormones as an alternative but these also can have their own side effects and risks giving way to the FDA pushing for harder regulations on the supplement industry and banning selected prohormones. Steroids in sports are an often talked about topic on Steroids
giving the latest news and views on how they effect our world.

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