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Stern Off Clear Channel Stations For Good.

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Anything But Clear. Poof. Howard Stern’s Gone, Gone, Gone.

This just in. Clear Channel announced a few hours ago that it would permanently pull The Howard Stern Show from its airways and has been fined $495,000 for indecency stemming from the Stern Show. Clear Channel who last month temporarily pulled the show from its roster of stations after the FCC began its witch hunt for indecency, pointed to the fact the “congress and the FCC are even beginning to look at revoking station licenses, that’s a risk we are just not willing to take.”

I’ve been outspoken about Clear Channel and how it is the largest contributor to the sterilization and homogenization of radio and the music we hear for well over a year. To be sure, I’m no fan of the Howard Stern show which I find sophomoric, silly and a waste of time, but personal taste aside, I think this is sad message communicated by both Clear Channel and the FCC about restriction of personal liberties, freed speech and is simply an end around move to censor. And for this I cannot sit silent.

I’m not going to jump on the blog and mainstream press bandwagon that have been active since Clear Channel temporarily pulled the show in raising the conspiracy flog. Stern has publicly accused the Clear Channel folding under the pressure of the Bush Administration because Stern, a self-admitted republican, has been extremely harsh and outspoken about Bush and his performance as president. Yet one can’t help but wonder why Stern’s successful radio show that has been on the air for nearly 20 years is now the subject of such scrutiny about decency. Good god, did Janet Jackson inspire all this? Even The New York Post finds hypocrisy in Clear Channel’s effort to clean up its act.

Whether Clear Channel is spineless and not interested in fighting for personal liberties or free press or is a political gunslinging assailant or victim is beyond the scope of this post. But one thing is for sure, this is another nail in the coffin why Clear Channel ought to be taken off the air instead of Howard Stern.

You can read my past posts and criticisms of the Clear Channel machine here, here,, here, here and here.

Plus, check out this good article from Reason on media consolidation.

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  • i’ve gotta find out when the senate votes on the new bill…i think it’s still in committee.

    letters need to be sent (not that it’ll do any good)

  • True Sandra, Clear Channel not only is the country’s largest single owner of radio stations, but it controls more concert venues than any other promoter. Not only does it promote the Madonna show as you indicated, but it promotes Brittany Spears whose new tour is littered with sexual innuendo and explicit imagery used as backdrop graphics to hear stage show. And The Rock is prmooted by Clear Channel and is infamous for his constant use of profanity.

    Jim, Mark and Ms. Tek, thansk for the comments. while we could expect some company to take the “fall” for Congress and the FCC campaign against sexual and obscene terrorism on the airwaves of our free country, it is sad that I expect this to start a long string of violations to our basic liberties. Waiting for the next shoe to drop….

  • Sandra Smallson

    I am confused myself. i am even more confused because they are the sponsors of Madonna’s upcoming tour..lol. Now, i hope they are not under the illusion that we are going to get a clean cut family loving concert with no swear words or sexual content? It can’t be about not seeing eye to eye with Bush..Madonna has called his administration a threat to America’s security and I bet you she’ll mouth off something during several of her shows on her anti-war stance if rumour is to be believed.

    I have heard about the self righteousness of CC and even going as far as getting radio to ban some of M’s songs and songs of other Artists. So, it came as a surprise to me when they were revealed as the sponsors of her show. They are in for a surprise if they are under the illusion that marriage and kaballah may have mellowed M. She was married with child in 2001 and still ended the show with a Sleevless top saying Motherfucker and swore through out the show at different points. Never mind the gun sequences and violence and domestic violence messages and worse still her sexual bull riding bit..LOL. She was married when she kissed Brit and xtina for Christssake! They are in for a shock! Either that, or they are being hypocrites. Pretending to be holier than thou and then trying to make a cash killing with an Artist that they know, no doubt, will be controversial in her show.

  • To add insult to injury, the deliberations about what can be carried on the public airwaves are behind closed doors according to Our Man Doyle.

    When Stern was carried in Toronto, there was a brief interest, which quickly fell off because his antics weren’t entertaining. So if people don’t find him interesting, why censor him?

    However, the real reason he’s been dropped is because he crossed Oprah. You don’t disrespect the Godmother and not expect consequences.

  • the sad thing is that while the house and the senate prepare legislation to up the fines, they’re doing nothing about the fact that the rules themselves aren’t solidly defined or enforced with any regularity.


  • That is such bullshit.

    I don’t even like howard stern but that isn’t right.