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Stephen Schwartz on The Two Faces of Islam

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This week’s Booknotes from PBS is an excellent interview with Stephen Schwartz on his new book, The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa’ud from Tradition to Terror.

Schwartz emphasizes the severe distinction between the the radical Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia and the vast array of more moderate and diverse strains of Islam that are threatened by it.

The program is available via streaming RealVideo by the link above: a must-listen for the “anti-idiotarian” crowd.

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  • Randall Lockdall

    Stephen Schwartz obviously intelligent and articulate seems to be a man in a dilemna. Like the current Bush administration they know many of the facts concerning the Saudis, but years later are still ignoring the realities to appease their common bond of opportunity.

    Now we see the Saudis put their thumb to their nose as oil prices rise.