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Stephen King Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

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The Trustees of the Nobel Foundation today announced they were awarding noted American writer Stephen King the Nobel Prize for Literature – they acknowledged his creative genius and neglect by the literary committee. They also said the award was held in absentia due to a fatwa against Mr King from JK Rowling for purloining her ‘sneetches’ for his Dark Tower series.

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Mr King, in his speech to the Academy on April 1, 2005, sent from an undisclosed location just outside the Calla, said, “I am delighted, and honored. THe appeal of my books goes beyond horror fans and Red Sox team members. The face of American popular fiction and culture has been remade by me and authors such as Jack Ketchum. Yet the men in the high castles of literature refuse to admit us into the keep.”

Books cited in the award include It, the Dark Tower series, and his most recent, much awaited, It Returns

He was recently awarded the National Book Critics award in 2003, a exercise in mental masturbation by a sinister cabal of American critics.

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  • Weren’t the sneetches from Dr. Seuss?

  • Happy April Fool’s Day to you as well!

  • Run! The Sneetches are after you!

  • i knew it was only a matter of time.

  • A Google News search on Stephen King is instructive, and pleasing:)

  • About time! He deserves it, if only for his work on “It Returns.” (Of course, “It Smells” and “It Tricks” are also fine King works.)

  • Oh, this is INSPIRED. One of those “wish I’d thought of it first” sorta deals.

  • The Gan ensured that the writer was rightfully awarded 😉

  • The funny thing is… that King is actually getting a pretty good degree from the Establishment nowadays.

    Didn’t he win the National Book Award (or something) last year?

  • the National Book Critics Award is referenced in the post

  • Sorry — I missed it admidst the satire!

  • Bennett

    The man who wrote “Rita Hayorth and the Shawshank Redemption” deserves, well, millions and millions of dollars.

    A great story that actually translated into a GREAT movie.

    Notice that the venerable Mr. King is not a whiner.

  • Damn! I predicted comparisons of It Returns with The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, but completely forgot Shawshank.

    My bad!

  • Bennett

    Yech, the Tom Gordon book was a waste of paper. Most everything else he’s written is (IMHO) very entertaining. Hearts In Atlantis is an amazing tale.

    Anyone for Hearts!

  • babySneetches

    Oh noooo….
    Now Stephen King has a star and we don’t?
    Let’s all get stars! Crank up the machine, boys. (Had me going for a sec. Good one!)

  • Tristan

    Would you expect anything less from the guy who is Salmon Rushdie’s roommate–
    you didn’t KNOW King and Rushdie live together ?????

    I just am soooo excited at the news that Cujo 3 is almost out…….

  • bart

    Big fan of Mr King. I was delighted when I saw this in a google. (its april 16 now)
    but also, nice joke.