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Stephen Colbert: Media Is Real Target

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Stephen Colbert, host of the “Colbert Report” on Comedy Central, was the headliner at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner just this past Saturday. Apparently, what he said was very controversial. He made fun of everyone from Jesse Jackson, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, CIA operative Valerie Plame to the media and the Bush administration. Many people are saying he went too far. I think he went just far enough.

Colbert told the media, rather blatantly, that they weren’t doing their jobs. They weren’t keeping America informed of rather important events, such as Bush’s tax cuts to the rich, WMD intelligence and the effects of global warming. He sarcastically said “We Americans didn’t want to know, and you had the courtesy not to try to find out.” He is dead on.

And while Colbert has some of the media criticizing him, such as CNN’s Lou Dobbs, who suggested that the liberal media wasn’t criticizing Colbert enough, others have been saying (like me) that the media isn’t focusing on what Colbert said enough.

Some left-wingers believe that the media put too much emphasis on Bush’s comedy routine because of some conservative media bias. I disagree. While I believe that the media certainly isn’t focusing enough on Colbert’s hilarious routine, I don’t believe they’re doing it because they all like Bush. They don’t. Colbert wasn’t simply making fun of Bush. He was making fun of and criticizing the media.

Of course they’re not going to broadcast someone who is trying to tell America what the media is doing. They don’t want to look bad! So instead of broadcasting Colbert, they feel the need to show what Bush did instead. Is it sad? Yes. Is it understandable? Of course. If I had any power of what to broadcast on say, the “Today Show,” I wouldn’t either.

I applaud Colbert, and truly wish the media would show what he said, but apparently that’s up to bloggers. And it’s a burden we don’t mind having.

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  • One of the most daring speeches of our generation. It will go down in history as one of the greatest. He did speak of the media and others – but listen and read the transcript – almost everything had an attack at the administration. Unbelievable. I was prod to be an American. That night, SC demonstrated one person could make a difference. He had the most powerful microphone in the world, and had the “gut” to do it while Bush was 5 feet away. Ausome. The glacier comment – notice most of the conservatives thought “that joke” was funny. How sad. SC brought it, and I hope he keeps doing it. It’s about time Americans are reborn in thought and voice as a collaberative effort to better our middle and low class lives for ourselves, and for our children. We will be ignorant slaves no more.


  • I thought Stephen’s piece was the bravest I’ve ever seen in an American entertainer. It was interesting to see the cowards in the audience afraid to laugh. I guess for fear this scary administration might see them on the camera or replay.
    For his boldness in exposing the emperor’s warmongering right to his smirking face, SC needs to be named the sexiest man of the year. You know women always love a manly man with guts.
    It would be nice if other artists on TV or movies would follow suit.
    And of course ordinary citizens hopefully will be inspired to stand up and be counted too.
    Also kudos to the courageous Helen Thomas.

  • quenci

    Stephen was great. More needs to be done. But by whom. Nothing seems to be happening. Waiting for Nov. when we can vote.

  • I watched the Colbert thing on this side of the Pond via the wonders of YouTube and found it hilarious. You’re right in that, as much as his ire was aimed at the administration, his most corruscating attacks were on Big Media for giving Bush such an easy ride post-9/11 and over Iraq.

    That Colbert had the balls to stand there and essentially piss on the hideous display of backslappery at the dinner deserves great kudos. The job of a free press is to question those in power, not cosy up to them.

  • When I heard that Stephen Colbert was going to the WH Correspondents’ Dinner I thought- “Maybe these guys aren’t so bad. Maybe they can laugh at themselves”. Boy was I wrong! Stehen Colbert was hilarious. He’s a comedian- not a reporter. That’s his schtick, stupid. Why is he getting so much flack for doing what he has done M-Th for the last few months? I wasn’t a FOB, but Clinton could laugh at himself.

  • snowbody

    This country is going down HARD! Everyday I see more and more people trying to destroy what our parents and grandparents built up with blood,sweat,and tears. We need more people like S.C. to point out the common sense issues that seem to be lost lately.

  • Patrice Brousard

    Thank you Colbert! I laughed so hard at your Sat. Night speech. I had to muffle myself not to miss your next line. You were right on with politics and the press. You said what many people think. Please continue the good work. Perhaps it will catch on and others in the media and entertainment industry.

  • Janie

    Well, to be fair, it WAS slated as a comedy bit. And that’s what it was, even if it was more.

    And to be even more fair:

  • You’re damn right we dont.

    Now if we could only get Malkin on the Colbert Report…