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Stench Arising from Planned O.J. Simpson If I Did It Book/Interview Reaches Rupert Murdoch

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Olfactory fatigue works within an institution as well as within an individual: a persistent stink fairly quickly ceases to register as the smeller becomes used to it. This helps to explain how units within a huge corporation — like for example Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp — can tolerate the indiscretions of their sibling units on an ongoing basis: they just get used to it.

However, occasionally a stench is so horrific that even the sibs sit up and take notice. Such has turned out to be the case with If I Did It, the ineffably ill-conceived, taunting, gloating new O.J Simpson book and attendant two-part TV interview about how he “might” have killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson in the most atrocious of slashing cold blood, scheduled to synergistically disgrace News Corp’s Regan Books and the Fox television network, respectively, next week.

Many booksellers vilified the book, and Borders said it would donate proceeds from sales of the book to the victims’ families; the punditocracy arose in monolithic indignation including mouths at Fox News; and continuing the internal rebellion, a dozen Fox affiliates said they would not air the appalling sweeps “special.”

“I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project,” said Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. chairman. “We are sorry for any pain that this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.”

“This publication has been cancelled,” the book’s product page on Amazon states simply.

While the mind reels that anyone, ever, thought such a gross and evil project was, you know, kind of a cool idea, it is heartening to find that if the fumes are powerful enough to overcome olfactory fatigue, even Rupert Murdoch is willing to do the right thing.

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  • Eric, glad to hear that this OJ book abomination has been juiced. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Anyway, it really sheds light on how publishers will go for the money for whatever will possible sell, whilst other writers’ works of merit languish in the trenches.

  • Baronius

    This is fantastic news.

    Over the weekend, my usual (conservative) talk radio station was airing baseball, so I was flipping through the dial. Every station that wasn’t carrying a sporting event was talking about how offensive this special and book would be. Right-wing, left-wing, whatever.

  • I was going to be posting a link to the preview on AOL in tomorrow’s Goodie Bag. Thanks for saving me from that despicable task.

  • When I first caught whiff of this garbage, I was astounded at the arrogance, the complete disregard for the deaths of these victims. I’ve always thought O.J. was a sociopath and this confirms beyond a doubt.

  • Agreed, it’s a relief. But I’m sure others share my curiosity about the content of the interview and book. Was there anything of interest or value that we don’t know already? Some information about the crime? It’s possible.

    Presumably another publisher and/or video outlet may pick this up [as happened some years back with the novel American Psycho]…and after all, odious OJ is gonna get paid anyway….the cancellation doesn’t change that, unfortunately.

  • Thank heavens somebody saw the light.

    Good job, Eric.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks guys, I am glad we are in agreement on this one. I should have mentioned that canceling the publication of a book, especially this close to the publication date (a week), is virtually unprecedented.

  • Like this abomination won’t leak out anyway.

    (Assuming he wrote it.)

  • Some books had already been shipped to stores…you can bet they won’t all make it back to the publisher as requested. And I’d be shocked if the interview isn’t on YouTube before long. Sigh.

  • Just curious if anyone is in the know, what happens in a case like this? The books are sent back to the publisher, destroyed, and they just take a loss? Seems too good to be true.

    Also, unrelated, but hate to think of what this whole fiasco must be like for Simpson’s children.

  • Yes, the kids are really victims here because they lost their mother and their father is so insensitive. It’s a travesty beyond words.

  • It’s true, the saddest part is for those left behind, in this case the family and friends of Ron and Nicole. The exception is in Simpson’s case…I’m not even gonna go there…

  • Michael Keaveney

    Well I admit to a morbid curiosity and
    would like to see the OJ Simpson interview,
    with regard to his book “If I Did It”.

    I know it’s an abomination.

    But if the book comes out I’ll buy it.