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Staying Slow, Keeping Steady, and Winning the Race: Mitt Romney’s New Superior Strategy

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After an utterly devastating week, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney came back in style on Monday night during the latest chapter of the game show that is the Republican presidential nominating process. What was his style? The best kind there is: calm, cool, and collected. In Tuesday night’s debate, he made several clear, astute, dignified remarks about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s professional turmoils. These included, but were most certainly not limited to, Newt being essentially booted out of his speakership by fellow Republicans and his gross acts of influence peddling on Capitol Hill for Freddie Mac. The last point was particularly damaging, as Gingrich had previously claimed to serve the failing federally subsidized mortgage giant as, of all things, a historian.

Considering that Freddie Mac has cost the taxpayers of this country untold billions of dollars since the housing bubble burst, it is hard to imagine the average Jack or Jill being too sympathetic to Gingrich’s occupation, let alone his lie. The  former speaker, for the first time I can recall during this election cycle, was left virtually speechless at Romney’s critiques. Eventually, he mumbled that they were false and he would post rebuttals on his website post-debate. In other words, he was caught red handed and needed time to concoct a stellar piece of spin for that special segment of the electorate foolish enough to believe a word he says.

All in all, Gingrich’s GOProletarian base could care less about his complete lack of honesty. Its members, who are enthralled with his guttural appeals to strongly negative emotions, are using him as a means of venting their collective rage. Those undecided voters who might be swayed by his arrogance wrapped up as intellect, however, must take a long, hard look at the former speaker’s record of character. Once they have done this, it should become clear that he is a parasite of the highest magnitude; one who has sucked the livelihood out of everything he has touched, from his string of divorced wives to the entire Republican congressional caucus. If they then do not believe that he will do the exact same to them, these people deserve what is coming their way, and it is certain to hit good and hard.

Fortunately, I believe that Romney will opt to continue with his new method of debate. If he can counter Gingrich’s boorishly grandiose tantrums with clever, accurate statements about the latter’s prevarications and long history of comprehensive failures, then he should be able to regain his frontrunner status in short order. Hopefully, my fellow Florida Republicans will wise up and not allow themselves to be played for chumps by the terribly destructive, but brilliantly devious snake that is Newt Gingrich.

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    Well, Florida Republicans had the good sense to tell Charlie Crist where to stick it so maybe they will exhibit that good sense again next Tuesday and tell Gingrich the same thing.