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State of the Union Address — Live Chat Blog

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President Obama is giving his first State of the Union address on Wednesday at 9pm EST. We’re going to be covering it live with special guest bloggers and commenters as well as open participation for our readers. Watch this space for the live chat starting when the president takes the podium.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • Plutocrats

    Renaming the “State of the Union”
    address to:
    “State of the Plutocrats”
    address is more appropriate in these economic times.

    The wealthy plutocrats addressed would not be clapping if they were living in poverty.

    Currently in America, we have over 45 million people on food stamps,

    Over 20 million people in America are unemployed;

    These facts do not take into consideration the millions of Americans living within poverty level conditions.

    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • For the record, this debate on pills is most certainly a part of the bigger issue — health reform. The other formula in the equation is the SCOTUS 5 ruling. Even that, in and of itself, gives pharma companies great license to pump in the dollars. The more money the pharmas spend on lobbying — the higher the prices for drugs — which means higher costs for health insurance providers — which means higher health care premiums so the pharmas can maintain their margin of profits. It’s a vicious circle where no one wins a damn thing except corporate executives and their shareholders.

    Now I am getting depressed again. What do I do? Take a Zoloft? Have a glass of vodka? Smoke a joint? None of the above — I want to deal with the issues and find a solution that works for us all. Then I’ll smoke a joint.

  • You mean the opposite of menopause?

  • My comments on dispensation like candy stand and here’s why. We’re a society that somehow blindly accepts the notion a cure for any ill is achieved through a pill. Don’t want to get pregnant? Take a pill. Can’t get an erection? Take a pill. Can’t cope with day-to-day stress? Take a pill. Timmy being obstinate? Give him a pill. Eyelashes too thin? Brush on a cream. Yes, there are many who suffer from mental illness, depression and acute anxiety. And for those people medication is the appropriate protocol for treatment.

    Your point is well taken and advocates for a segment of our society that often goes ignored. Doctors arbitrarily prescribe Prozac, Zoloft, Xanax and a host of other boutique drugs without looking at the big picture. Just look at Ambien as a classic example. Life is stressful these days. Though we’ve evolved technologically, we have become dependent on 10 milligrams of a substance just to get us to sleep. Holistic therapies are discounted with pharma-lobbyists earning their keep by trrying to demonize that which is natural.

    While your concern may be justified, I think you really need to look at the entire scope of the issue. I’ve seen mental illness up close as you. I’ve known two people who have committed suicide, and it was devastating. I’ve been on the receiving end of antidepressant therapies in my own life. And, thank God, I took control and started questioning every decision any physician made in my care. But that’s me. There are people who do benefit from Prozac and other antidepressants and for you to presume that I don’t acknowledge that simple premise is premature. Ah. Prematurity. I think there’s a drug for that, too.

  • Friend of Someone Suicidal

    Prozac levels…the SotU talk is over so I want to talk about a comment made earlier … prozac levels are rising along with other common drugs dispensed like candy in America. Sooner or later we are going to have to understand that all these drugs we’re putting through our systems may have an impact on the environment.

    I just wanted to suggest that environmentalists, whose general motives I truly do respect, be more careful when using phrases like “dispensed like candy.” Those who are taking medication for brain disorders are more vulnerable than you know to this kind of remark.

    There is a lot of unused medication that is disposed of improperly (just like cat litter often is–inappropriately flushed down the toilet instead of being put out to the trash), and this MAY be what is causing the water pollution, not the relatively small amounts excreted in the urine into toilets. And I realize that’s the FDA talking, so there may be a bias there.

    There is still a great deal of social stigma associated with disorders of brain. For some reason, it is more shameful to have these than it is to be a person who has problems with other organs such as the kidney, lung, or heart.

    PS – I may have been the only commenter on this thread who was bothered by the comment to which I refer. There are other readers (in a similar spot mentally to my family member, perhaps?) who may have been adversely affected by it.

    Sign me,
    Friend of Someone Suicidal
    Name withheld for obvious reasons.

  • It’s not about speeches anymore but incongruity between speech and action.

  • STM

    Clavos the Impaler … that Mexican of Viking Irish descent whose forbears took a wrong turn in the longboat and somehow ended up in Guadalajara.

    And not for nothing was one of Clav’s forbearsknown as “Erik Longsword”.

  • What are you saying Zedd? I expected fire and brimstone and what I got was baiting to the Right and pandering to populist issues which are part of what got us into this mess to begin with.

  • Zedd

    Looks like I watched a different speech last night. Interesting.

  • The celts, though, are the true Britons. Many were pushed to the edges of Roman britain(Scotland and Wales, and already lived in Ireland)

    Don’t forget that the Celts themselves were invaders, and supplanted Britain’s original Neolithic inhabitants (the guys who built Stonehenge). Of what became of them, no record exists, but it’s probably safe to say that they didn’t simply die out. They interbred with the Celts and their blood still runs a-coursing through our veins.

    And Novocastrians, those hailing from from the north-east city of Newcastle…

    Novocastrians? Crikey, mate, nobody calls ’em that. Thor Geordies, man!

    Although Wales is legally considered part of England, they do need somehow to be represented on it

    That would be fair, although the reason they’re not is that legally Wales is part of England, according to the 1536 and 1543 Acts of Union.

    I don’t think the Welsh are that bothered, though, as they have a rather splendid flag of their own.

  • I remember you talking about it a year ago when I sent you parts of my novel. Now it rings the bell.

    But you’ve forgotten all about it.

  • Spenser is my favorite detective. He strikes me as a feminist*, mostly. We just, not more than a week ago, finished the newest Spenser book on tape that came out in 2009.

    I recommend the books on tape, unabridged, of course, read by Joe Mantegna. I really recommend the Spenser series be listened to.

    *He was slipping in this respect at the end.

  • Yes, after the manner of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

    So you do recommend Spenser novels.

  • Wasn’t Parker a detective fiction writer, sort of avant garde?

  • Thanks for the news on Bliffle, Roger. I worry about him. I am very happy that he is okay.

  • Robert Parker?

    Oh no! What the heck. 🙁 Spenser is our favorite.

  • BTW, Cindy, Bliffle checked in a few days ago. I extended my greetings, but that’s as far as it went.

    Now, that’s a true misanthrope.

  • And this one is for Clavos:

    So in the past week, we’ve lost J.D. Salinger, Howard Zinn, Louis Auchincloss, Robert Parker and Kate McGarrigle, all of whom meant a great deal to me at one point or another in my now quite long life. A few days before that, Eric Rohmer, who, after Woody Allen and perhaps Truffaut, was my favorite director ever. I’d have to admit that my most intense relationship was with Salinger, coming as it did in adolescence. In my current life, it was Parker, who dependably, published one fine novel a year to be read on audio by the great Joe Montenega and people say he was on his way downhill but I never noticed. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet him and thank him. I’m glad I never met Salinger. I did spend an evening one night talking about him with Joyce Maynard and he sounded kind of scary. Now that he is gone, I eagerly look forward to finding out what he’s been doing for the past half century. I sure hope it was writing. Thanks to Rick Hertzberg, I got to have dinner with Kate and her sister Anna a few years back after he interviewed the two of them for The New Yorker festival. She told very funny stories about Bob Dylan. What more could you ask of a dinner companion? And those early albums hold up wonderfully well, as does their terrific Christmas cd and video. I also loved Mr. Auchincloss, in part because he was also a deeply dependable writer and in part because I have this weird fascination with rich WASPs, and most of what I know about them comes from him. His novelistic take on the life of Walter Lippmann is also invaluable to me, though it’s a long way from his best book. (I’d say Rector of Justin or Honorable Men.) And of course I admired the grit and generosity of spirit Howard Zinn tremendously, even though I obviously had my differences with him on historical matters.

    The Nation.

  • Thanks, Roger. Good article.

  • Irene Wagner

    We had a beloved president? Better go check this out.

  • Zinn’s latest piece in The Nation on our beloved president, Cindy.

  • Clavos the Impaler

    Great Ron Paul pic, Irene!

  • Irene Wagner

    LOL did you not know I’d show up at such a time as this? I’ve got to go actually.

    PS Clavos, love the new name. I envisioned a flashlight shining upwards underneath your chin, and creepy music playing when I saw the comment on another thread:
    Clavos the Impaler: Velcome to Blogcritics, Patricia. Mwuahhahahahhaha.

  • You fooled me, Irene. When I first looked at it, I thought it was for real.

  • Irene Wagner

    That poster is the stuff fantasies are made of, RN.

  • Well, it may not be Silas’s type.

  • Irene Wagner
  • Is Ron Paul good looking?

  • Arch Conservative

    “I may just vote a straight Tea Party ticket in November – with a possible write-in vote for John Edwards for shits and giggles. ”

    Sounds like you could use a little Ron Paul in your life Silas.

  • Howard Zinn also died today at 87. 🙁

  • STM

    Yeah, Doc’s got that right Baron. Celtic crosses are all over the shop.

    The celts, though, are the true Britons. Many were pushed to the edges of Roman britain(Scotland and Wales, and already lived in Ireland), and after fighting them, many celts eventually became virtual Romans (I believe it’s partly why Britain has been so keen on rule of law all this time).

    That all kind of fell down when the Saxons arrived. Then the Vikings occupied the north (about half of England all up) from the Saxons, never went back to Scandinavia and muddied up the gene pool even more.

    One side of my family is from that lineage … from Northumbria, although our surname is Saxon in origin, the other side is Irish with an anglo-German catholic grandmother.

    This kind of mix isn’t unusual in the UK or indeed in any of the anglo countries, including the US, and Britain should never accurately be described as an anglo-saxon nation.

    It’s really anglo-saxon-celtic, with lots of Viking thrown in for good measure (possibly why the Brits have historically been such good and fearsome sailors).

    Even the Normans, from whom many aristocrats and English nobility are descended, are of Viking origin … the name means Norsemen (google it and check a picture of the Bayeux tapestry celebrating the Norman conquest and the Battle of Hastings in 1066 – yes, the Normans are in longships identical to those used by their Viking forbears).

    What’s interesting about that is that the Norman nobility considered themselves a cut above, but once they started intermarrying with saxons after about 100 years, their cultural mix, given the strong Viking influence already present in England, became virtually identical to that of the people they subjugated.

    Where my other grandparents come from in the north, near the Scots border, many of the place names are still Viking names from the time of the Danelaw, but mixed equally with Saxon names. Many scandinavian surnanes too … anything ending in “son”
    for starters.

    And Novocastrians, those hailing from from the north-east city of Newcastle which faces Sacndanivia across the North Sea, speak in a dialect that actually uses many scandinavian words.

    Scandinavians report that they can more easily understand the English of northerners than southerners.

    As for the flag, with the three heraldic crosses … what a beauty. Although Wales is legally considered part of England, they do need somehow to be represented on it, especially since state-style home government was introduced.

  • Clavos the Impaler

    Obviously, J. D., not Pierre, Salinger…

  • Clavos the Impaler

    Pierre Salinger (The Catcher in the Rye) died today. Sad.

    A great mind, a great writer.

  • Baronius

    Silas, those of us on the Right, especially the pro-lifers, have voiced a lot of frustration with the Supreme Court over the years. But in SOTU addresses? I don’t remember. I just searched the 2001-2009 speeches for the word “court” and couldn’t find anything like that.

  • Clavos the Impaler

    Silas #99:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. See my comment #6 on this thread.

  • Baronius @ #94:

    The Celts are not a Germanic people, and the three crosses on the Union Jack are all ancient heraldic symbols, probably Roman in origin.

    Celtic crosses are much more ornate affairs, typically covered in carvings and with various squiggly bits on the ends.

  • It’s not fizzy water at all. It should be labelled “cat’s piss”.

    LOL. Honesty in advertising. So I’m surprised you didn’t mention that there actually is an Australian beer called Piss. They even do a low-alcohol version called Piss Weak.

    Not to be outdone, a Kentucky brewery is producing a brew called Horse Piss.

  • Back to last night. How do you all feel about Justice Alito’s mouthing “not true”? Do you feel he was inappropriate? Was the President inappropriate? I think the President made a grave mistake bringing it up in the speech. Regardless of ideology, there has to be some modicum of reverence for the Justices when they are present in the Chamber.

  • OK, Silas. You’re back to form.

  • …only that you tend to appraise would-be political prospects according to whether they be a good lay.

    Do I really? Wow, I never realized that. I guess I’m hornier than I thought. I will admit; however, most politicians I’ve come to know over the years did not receive high marks in the lay department from those who bedded them. That being said, there are a few I would not have minded giving a whirl.

    With regard to Prozac, I had a discussion about Prozac in the water supply with a molecular biologist yesterday. He said that estrogen isn’t the only thing which is a matter of concern. Prozac levels are rising along with other common drugs dispensed like candy in America. Sooner or later we are going to have to understand that all these drugs we’re putting through our systems may have an impact on the environment. So long as the pharma-lobbyists maintain control it won’t matter.

    Hmm. Perhaps my libido is a result of the water I drink.

  • Wow. I’m taking a generic equivalent of Prozac – and I’m about to disengage myself from chemical reliance – but that doesn’t stop me. My shrink had told me there’s no conflict.

    Besides, my condition is strictly temporary. Living in KY can make the sanest person depressed.

  • Baronius

    And Roger, with the anti-depressants in my bloodstream, no alcohol for me.

  • Baronius

    Dangit, the Technorati monster just nabbed my last comment. It was pretty much a question for STM, because he knows all about flags. There are two main Germanic groups, one with the + cross and one with the x. Together they form the Union Jack. I think one of them is the Celts. Does this ring a bell?

  • STM

    Lots of Germans migrated to Australia in that period too, which is how the wine industry began here. South Australia was the main destination, and many people there have German surnames, although at the outbreak of WWI, many folks of German descent anglicised their names so it’s kind of hard to know now just how many descendants there might be, but it’s a lot.

  • The latter is a wholly different category the last I looked up.

    But since you’re Irish, too, I’m certain we’d get along much better over a round of drinks.
    Bushmills is my favorite, unless your preference is for Cork County gin.

  • STM

    Baron: “A lot of Irish in my blood, some German”.

    We have something in common, then, Baron, my mother was Irish and my grandmother was of anglo-German background (they were one of the largest migrant groups to the UK in the 19th century). And I probably should have started taking zoloft years ago. Too late now, though …

    People would worry if I suddenly went all normal on them.

  • STM

    Doc: “Americans do not drink beer: they drink fizzy water fraudulently labelled as beer.”

    No, that’s wrong Doc, completely wrong.

    It’s not fizzy water at all. It should be labelled “cat’s piss”.

  • Baronius

    A lot of Irish in my blood, some German, some Zoloft…

  • But you are of German blood, Baronius, aren’t you?

    I can’t help of thinking “Red Baron,” though I’m aware your handle has another derivation.

  • Baronius

    Roger, I’m not a beer person at all. But if I’m trading stereotypes with a Brit, I’ve got to mention the temperature of the ale.

  • “Homoservatives,” that’s a good one. But I wasn’t referring to that, Silas – only that you tend to appraise would-be political prospects according to whether they be a good lay.

    Forgive my observation, but I mean no disrespect.

  • Angelina Lazar

    The world is my oyster, Jordan – from oil fields to gold mines. And it’s a husky sleigh ride all the way there: from Capetown, South Africa to the Arctic Ice CAPS!


    – I swear I’m gonna’ line up the polar bears on OUR side of the Ambassador Bridge to block the building out of that major trade venue in that proposed NAU.



  • Silas, you can’t help but look at your dream-come-true politicians through starry-gazed eyes.

    Starry gazed? If anything my eyes are glazed over in complete disappointment, Roger. I found last night’s exercise a complete waste of time. Obama is a lame duck even before the midterm elections. Harry “Judas” Reid and Chuck “Iscariot” Schumer lead the way. The GOP is just as bad. I may just vote a straight Tea Party ticket in November – with a possible write-in vote for John Edwards for shits and giggles. Imagine that I said straight and Tea Party in the same sentence considering a lot of the so called men leading the Tea Party movement are blatant homoservatives.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Angelina, don’t be a stranger.

  • Well, there apparently is something to be said for Canadian solidarity. It’s good to know.

  • Angelina Lazar

    I’m VERY AWARE Ghana kicked some Nigerian butt with all the guys cheering in the hotel bar here while I was VERY FOCUSED on speaking my MIND and speaking the TRUTH.

    An hour or so later, I asked what all the fuss was about: did Ghana win? So, I was already duefully informed. Thnx a mint, though. You see? It all but takes a second to waste to retreive such info – while for you guys, it takes a good couple hours with some American (or Canadian) brew…

    Cheers, Gentlemen!
    Glad we’re on the SAME side of the TRUTH, if OPPOSITE sides of the BORDER.

    – Or glacier. . .

  • Jordan Richardson

    We are nothing if not a witty people.

  • Angelina Lazar

    And as for the CAPS STICKING, I assure you, it’s ONLY the reflection of the ICE CAP off your screen, Jordan.

    CAPtivatingly Yours,
    A Fellow Canadian
    And Sovereign CAPadian . . .

  • Much Love from Ghana, Guys!
    And enjoy the game.
    Whichever one you’re watching currently.

    Actually, last time I checked, Ghana were beating Nigeria 1-0.

    But you’ve gone to the wrong country, Angelina. The match is taking place in Angola.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Actually, Jordan, a polar bear was hogging your computer the whole while.

    Did he walk with a limp? If so, that was Clint.

  • Are you sure you’re of German extraction, Baronius?

  • Angelina Lazar

    Silly boys…
    That was an erudite comment to make a poignant point, as I’m known to do with all my Canadian candour.

    Actually, Jordan, a polar bear was hogging your computer the whole while, so I had to hitch a husky sleigh ride to Ghana, and sent my comment from here.

    Much Love from Ghana, Guys!
    And enjoy the game.
    Whichever one you’re watching currently.

  • Yes, to disguise the absence of flavour.

  • Baronius

    Dread, at least we drink it cold.

  • Silas, you can’t help but look at your dream-come-true politicians through starry-gazed eyes.

  • Jordan Richardson

    He’s dreamy.

  • If the Canadian stereotype of the American is a beer drinker, then I’m afraid your northern neighbours are delusional. Americans do not drink beer: they drink fizzy water fraudulently labelled as beer.

  • Jordan, what do you think of Justin Trudeau?

  • Jordan Richardson


    Please try to fix the caps lock key before my turn to use our computer comes up. Our country does only have one, after all, and while I hate to hog I really do feel it’s my right to do so for all those hours I put in at the oil sands.

  • Baronius, there’s a reason why Game Change is so popular among female activists on the left. The case laid out by the authors with regard to the Schumer/Reid alliance and how they sabotaged Hillary is fuel for their fire. Obama hasn’t delivered the changes they expected in his first year. Last night’s speech didn’t do a thing to help his cause despite MSM opinions otherwise. Gays will flock to a Hillary candidacy in droves. And, there’s Hillary’s best kept secret — the thousands of Republicans who adore her and are well aware of her deep GOP roots. The perfect storm is brewing, the foundation laid. Now it is time for them to execute their agenda.

  • Baronius

    That’s interesting. In the world of international caricatures, Canadians picture Americans as drinking beer? That’s the way we picture you.

  • Angelina Lazar

    Hey, hey, I caught that!
    If they DON’T, they SHOULD!
    I live on the Windsor-Detroit BORDER with AMERICA. 1 km away to be exact!
    And Obama plans on seeing through a sinister NORTH AMERICAN UNION, which you Americans are TOO SLEEPY-HEAD to KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT! Which would INVOLVE CANADA in ALL HIS DITZY-HEADED POLICIES & PLANS!

    So I plan on doing EVERYTHING in my power to ENLIGHTEN Canadians – and YOUR SIDE a’ the border, too, for that matter – on WHAT that REALLY MEANS, so as to STOP IT!

    While you will go on, drinking your beer, watching your Seinfeld and Monday Night Football, and playing smart-ass all day long day after day, thinking you are a PATRIOT, a MAN, and WORTH SOMETHING…
    ~ Canadians KICK ASS, incidentally…
    And are the CLOSEST things you GOT to TRUE FRIENDS.
    Best & God Bless +
    Angelina Lazar
    Defender of Human Rights

  • Jordan Richardson

    Some of us do, but apparently it was Angelina’s turn to use our computer.

  • Jordan, do ALL Canadians get this upset over American domestic politics? 🙂

  • Jordan Richardson

    A Proud & Very Proud Sovereign Canadian

    Oh hell…

  • Baronius

    Silas, I suspect that Hillary Clinton practices her “I regret that I can no longer support this administration” speech every night. The big question is, when? If she stays too long, she’ll be associated with President Obama’s mistakes. If she leaves too soon, she won’t be in the public eye, and her next few years’ efforts to undermine Obama will look bad.

    She’s got to leave on the cusp of a heavily-leaked foreign policy decision, without looking petulant or culpable for any future failure. And there’s got to be a foreign policy failure after she leaves. It’s like playing cards, waiting for the other guy to have a very good, second-best hand.

    Let’s say she steps down this September. She’ll spend the next year lining up an organization on the QT and praying that the economy doesn’t improve. Then she “hears the voice of the people” in late 2011 and enters the race. It could work. But where does she find experienced politicos who don’t have bad history with the Clintons?

  • After last night there is no doubt in my mind that the Democrats in Congress have one goal — Hillary 2012. There, I said it. That’s my prediction, folks. She indicated in an interview yesterday that she will not serve 8 years if Obama serves two terms. She also claims she will not run for President again. Ah, yes, Hillary will be the reluctant candidate. She’s this generation’s Calvin Coolidge. If the Democrats go down in flames this November, the stage is set for Hillary. She’ll select someone from a military background as Vice President and Elizabeth Warren will be at Treasury.

  • Angelina Lazar


    Angelina —

    I just finished delivering my first State of the Union, and I wanted to send you a quick note. We face big and difficult challenges. Change on the scale we seek does not come easily. But I will never accept second place for the United States of America.

    That is why I called for a robust jobs bill without delay. It’s why I proposed a small businesses tax credit, new investments in infrastructure, and pushed for climate legislation to create a clean energy economy. It’s why we’re taking on big banks, reforming Wall Street, revitalizing our education system, increasing transparency -and finishing the job on health insurance reform.

    It’s why I need your help — because I am determined to fight to defend the middle class, and special interest lobbyists will go all out to fight us. Help me show that the American people are ready to join this fight for the middle class — add your name to a letter to Congress today: http://my.barackobama.com/SOTUNO.

    We have finished a difficult year. We have come through a difficult decade. But we don’t quit. I don’t quit. Let’s seize this moment — to start anew, to carry the dream forward, and to strengthen our union once more.

    President Barack Obama

    ***Ok, so I wake up this morning to as bogus an email as was your State of the Union Address! What “Second Place” you won’t settle for are you talking about – when America is in LAST place for having the MOST DEBTS of ANY nation worldwide! WHO are you KIDDING? “Robust jobs bill”? WHERE? HOW?! When you don’t ADMIT America’s REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is ALREADY at 15% and you have NO EDGE in the MANUFACTURING sector at all! You only DEAL in FUDGED STATISTICS! “Small business tax credit”, huh? Is that to make you LOOK GOOD while you’re KILLLING the TRUE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT in AMERICANS COAST TO COAST with your ADVOCACY of the WELFARE STATE you are MOST DEFINTITELY CREATING?! “NEW investments in INFRASTRUCTURE”!? Yeah, to TAKE DOWN the PROFITABLE SECTORS by creating a NEW system, TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR! “CLIMATE LEGILSATION”?! THAT’S WHAT I’m talkin’ about! The whole CLIMATE WARMING thing’s a HOAX to DESTROY the WEALTH of Americans by COMPELLING them to “CLEAN UP THEIR ACT” at HUGE COST to Industry which will DESTROY the industries America THRIVES on!

    “INCREASING TRANSPARENCY”?! When EVERYTHING you SAY is a LIE, I can’t even LISTEN TO YOU?! I can’t even LOOK at YOU while you speak, matter of fact, you’re such a SEETING LIAR and ILLUMINATI SLAVE! You ARE THE MANCHURAIN CANDIDATE! And a SATANIST! Why don’t you GO ON AND TELL EVERYONE YOU WERE ALREADY a 32nd DEGREE MASON while RUNNING for office! And came from a SLAVE OWNER FAMILY! And are a HATER, not a CHRISTIAN! NOW, you reveal you’re a MUSLIM, huh?! WHY didn’t you TELL THE PEOPLE THAT BEFORE you got “elected”?! Why NOT go to a MOSQUE, Obama?! ‘Cause you’re a MOLE! DESPISCABLE how MUCH YOU HIDE and LIE!



    And as for you’re “NOT QUITTING”, it’s because you’re NOT SMART ENOUGH to DO JUST THAT!

    PLEASE, OBAMA: QUIT, for God’s Sake!!!

    In Defence of Americans
    Angelina Lazar
    Global Trade & Human Rights Expert
    ~A Proud & Very Proud Sovereign Canadian

  • The SCOTUS decision does not open the floodgates of foreign money. This is yet another piece of misinformation propagated by the left in their hatred of the SCOTUS 5. I’ve got serious reservations about the ruling; however, I don’t think Justice Stevens’ dissent made a compelling enough argument to overturn the majority’s decision.

    What this ruling facilitates is an opportunity for the matter to be debated in the public forum. We need serious campaign finance reform. The problem is we will never get it thanks to a legislative branch that is completely out of touch with mainstream America. Obama is destined to fail — not due to GOP opposition but due to his own party’s failure to heed his call.

  • Dave,

    Exactly WHAT now is preventing a multinational with an American subsidiary from buying up unfettered millions in TV ad time attacking an American politician or supporting a proposition?


  • Baronius

    Dave, I love Thomas’s opinions. In this recent Citizens United case, he slammed the whole McCain-Feingold law, not just the section that the Court overturned. He has no respect for poorly-reasoned precedents. But how much of a justice’s writings are his? He certainly gets the best clerks to produce opinions that he approves of, but does he do any writing?

  • Alito made the comment direct to the people. And I can understand doing it, because regardless of the politics, they made the decision they thought was right constitutionally and what Obama said about it was, in fact, not true. The ruling does not open up the political process to unlimited donations from foreign entities, whatever other issues it may raise.

    As for Thomas, you may think he’s am idiot based on his generally taciturn demeanor, but read some of his dissents sometime. He’s not an idiot.


  • You’re right, it was Alito. And he didn’t make it to anyone in particular. I get them confused Scalia, Alito, Roberts, Kennedy — they’re clones of each other. Thomas is just an idiot.

  • Arch Conservative

    Listening to Obama’s speeches has become liek listening to the teacher in the Charlie Brown comic strips.

    wah wahh wah…wah wha wah

    Only when you were listening to the Charlie Brown teacher you weren’t thinking…gee I hope I don’t lose my job or my home next month.

    How much more proof do we need that this guy is in way over his head and our grandchildren are going to be paying for his arrogance?

  • I thought that was Alito?

  • Huh? What, Roger? Moderator? I’m still waiting for Wall Street’s response to the SotU. Is Bernie Madoff giving it? Or the CEO of Goldman Sachs? I mean even Justice Kennedy’s response is on film when he said to a fellow Justice, “that’s not true,” in reaction to Obama’s citing the new SCOTUS ruling.

  • Good show, everyone.
    Good night.

  • It was interesting, to say the least. Some were responding to parts of the speech, others to the commenters.

    But where was the moderator? Silas, are you listening?

  • No Problem Dave. Most people in office get that sort of response from me. Usually the longer they talk the more they grate on me. But even in a short while, that guy just seemed so artificial. He got on my nerves. All is forgiven.

  • Oook.

  • Clavos the Impaler

    that was too brutal to slog through all of it. reads like a transcription of chimps screaming in unison at the monkey house.

    Sorry about that, EB. Next time we’ll be sure to bring it down to your level.

  • Sorry, Cindy. I had no idea it was directed at McConnell (the blond guy on screen). How was I to know? He was so bland I find it surprising he elicited such a strong response.


  • I can see it now at the 2010 Academy Awards…

    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Pelosi, The Shriker

    Best Supporting Actor: John McCain, Grumpiest Old Man

    Best Actress: Sarah Palin, Ellie May Goes to Washington

    And the Oscar for Best Male Actor goes to Barack Obama for POTUS.

  • Must be the governor of Virginia, I guess. I haven’t watched the telecast. Even listening to the speech was a waste of time.

  • #36 – Roger,

    How were you muted, Cindy?

    He made it so I couldn’t talk anymore. But to his credit, a) he told me he did it and b) he was mistaken in his assumption that I was speaking to a blog guest.

    Let’s hope he learns from his mistake for the next live blog.

  • What the hell was the name of the guy I was criticizing? The blond guy who spoke at the end. I don’t pay much attention to their names.

  • Dave,

    I was addressing my comment to a speaker on the television. Not a guest on the chat.

  • EB, I thought some of the comments were pretty amusing, and the polls were excellent.

    Can’t really expect more than that.


  • [edited]

    Regarding #33, I didn’t make things the way they are, so don’t blame me for cynically stating my observation of it.


  • Ah Bicho…always the voice of reason.

  • How were you muted, Cindy?

  • I love irony.

  • that was too brutal to slog through all of it. reads like a transcription of chimps screaming in unison at the monkey house.

    btw, hysterical to hear bloggers providing commentary on SOTU calling out someone else’s narcissism. Webster is going to use this to update the “irony” entry in the dictionary.

  • “Well, most senators hire hot chicks as their chief aide and sleep with them. If the chief aide is a guy then the senator is probably gay. Same with congressmen.” and yet this is the system I thing is just peachy. -Dave Nalle

    I think you should mute yourself, Dave. Some of us find your view of the world objectionable.

  • Of course you muted me Dave, I expressed a passionate opinion that was different than yours.

  • Gandhi’s Fist

    I think each and every senator and congressman that gets elected and doesn’t stick to the platform they used to run for office should be held liable and be impeached from office. My guess is you would see these official adhere to what the people want and not their own agenda. They are supposed to be our voice, our spokesperson, and doing things for US! Instead we see a lot of unfulfilled promises and they only start doing things that we want when it’s time for election… If we could challenge these officials and have their A’s out of office they would know ahead of time — do what we elect you to do!

  • Gandhi’s Fist

    it’s hard to increase our exports when we have so many regulations and workers expecting super high wages to produce these goods…. UM… AUTO COMPANIES

  • Loraine

    Maybe the Senators and Congressmen who fail to live up to their campaign promises should be charged a fee as well as be forced to give up their war chests!

  • at your request, Steve Stephan is a moron.

  • Loraine

    Why should those banks that have repaid the money be forced to pay a fee? Maybe AIG should be forced to give back all Board Member compensation!

  • Gandhi’s Fist

    oh, these fees & taxes he proposes be administered to the banks via financial reform will only be passed to the consumer. watch. you will see new fees pop up here and there along with less compromise to waive fees.

  • Loraine

    a fee on wall street to prevent bonuses? why not just repay the American citizens with monies recoverd from the Banks and Brokerage firms instead of stockpiling that money for “the future?” Who are we kidding. The only people who will be hurt on Wallstreet are the people not earning the Big Bucks!

  • Gandhi’s Fist

    Are you effin serious? How about we buy some of the debt back with the P&I we’ve recouped from Wall Street? I like the spin he puts on the creation of jobs NOT the reduction of job losses… Really? China cooks the books… He has a good speech writer… A free market only helps America.

  • The only explanation that would carry any weight would be to say, “I fucked up.”

    But don’t expect that from that narcissistic opportunist. It’s not part of his lexicon.

  • What a bunch of crap….

  • dlehman

    you watch manbc?

  • What a way to begin an important speech: offering lame excuses and empty explanations.

  • dlehman

    Blame Bush! It’s all he can do.

  • Speeches are what Obama does best, so why not see how well he handles one under the worst possible circumstances.


  • Kill two birds with one job: bartender.

  • If I play Dave’s game (#2), by taking two drinks at every mention of jobs because I’m unemployed, I’ll be sloshed before its even over. I have a better idea…help me find a job and then we can celebrate over a drink together.


  • No kidding. There’s one thing Pelosi and Tupperware have in common. They’re both plastic.

  • Auuh, we should also count how many times Pelosi stands up and applauds. I hear Joe Wilson promised not to yell tonight. lol

  • It’s the end of Obama presidency, and it couldn’t come sooner.

  • Nancy Pelosi’s guest list this evening:

    Ted Kennedy, Jr.
    Paul Pelosi, Jr., the speaker’s son;
    former Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro, her brother;
    Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley;
    Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty;
    Barry Rand, CEO, AARP;
    Janet Murguía, president and CEO, National Council of La Raza;
    Ben Jealous, president and CEO, NAACP;
    Ophelia Dahl, executive director, Partners In Health.

  • I think we should count the times Obama uses the phrase: “the people,” the American people.”

  • For those of us who observe the festivities this evening, I urge you to take note of guests invited by the Speaker, Majority/Minority Leaders and the President. If I need to explain which guests deserve the closest scrutiny, then all is lost before it even begins.

  • Freedom’s just another word for Congress turns the screws…

    Me an’ Bobby McGee are gonna get drunk.

  • I’d be hundred percent behind him were he to say that he sucks.

    And that would be gospel truth.

  • Barack Obama can sum up TSotU in two words: it sucks. I hunger for inspiration and leadership. What I get is an empty glass and disappointment. Where did you go, Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Boo f’ing hoo…

  • Dana Perino thinks Obama will be doing a “head fake to the right.” I think I said that right.

  • zingzing

    archie: “What is this……speech 879 since he took office? We have three more years of this? Oh happy day!”

    you’re complaining about the president giving the state of the union address?

  • Why are we even wasting our time, Dave? People don’t give a damn about the big picture — they only care about their little lives and immediate environment. Unless Barack Obama can personally hand them a wad of cash, they’re not going to pay attention.

    He can give a rabble-rousing speech which the MSM celebrates as some big political turnaround. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The Democrat leadership decided on Obama long ago. They didn’t change the game, they insured the game’s survival. Barack Obama is an impotent POTUS. Perhaps I’m being too negative but from what I see it’s the same old business as usual regardless of political affiliation. I don’t even blame the politicians anymore. Why bother? We took the bait and sold our souls. They are a mere reflection of what we’ve become as a society.

    I guess I’ll pass on the game part and just start drinking.

  • Arch Conservative

    What is this……speech 879 since he took office?

    We have three more years of this? Oh happy day!

    Seriously……..there are some bona fide political junkies here on BC that have been around for a long time. Have we ever seen a politician who talks so much and says so little? Talk about your exercises in futility…..If we really want to get off foreign oil we should just hook Barry’s jaw up to a generator and let er rip.

    I’ll be watching. Winter is dragging on and I could use some comic relief. plus I heard Joe Wilson is going to be in attendance. Sometimes lightening strikes twice.

  • It looks like we’re going to have a great turnout for the liveblog of Obama’s first SotUA. I’ve gotten some participants from a variety of political backgrounds to join us so it won’t just be the usuall BC crowd. Bring a friend and share your thoughts.

    You can access the event here or at these alternative locations:

    National Broadside
    Republican Liberty Caucus

    And if you really want to enjoy the experience, play the SoTUA drinking game and take one drink every time Obama says “jobs” and two if you’re unemployed…


  • This might be interesting…