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State Educational Board Changes History Reference

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The Kentucky Board of Education has passed regulations introducing new terms for divisions of history in classroom curriculum. The new denotations “BCE” (“Before Common Era”) and “CE” (“Common Era”) are to be added in textbooks alongside the traditional “B.C” and “A.D.” The Lexington Herald-Leader says that the new periods will look something like this: “500 A.D./C.E.” The proposed changes will still have to be voted on though.

This absurd recommendation promises to be a hotbed of controversy, especially on the wheels of some flag-banning in San Diego and other cities. What I don’t understand about this idea is why this change is so necessary. Plurality and tolerance have nothing to do with the way we denote history in such a benign manner.

It seems inevitable that the eventual conclusion is the striking of “B.C” and “A.D” from all public school curriculums. As far as I know, no school is required to let students know what these abbreviations actually mean. So the issue appears not to be that students and parents are complaining about indoctrination, but that an elite few see something wrong with the very hinted existence of the word “Christ” and “Lord.”

And that, my friends, is real intolerance.

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  • Baronius

    Oy. Where are the people lining up to protest the phrase “Common Era”? Such cultural imperialism! Incan, Chinese, and African cultures all accomplished great things on their own, and outside the European timetable. What makes the past 2000 years “common”?

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