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Startups are entrepreneurial business ventures. Usually founded by an individual or small team of professionals, startups are generally based on an invention, innovation, or improvements to existing products or services. The combination of this business insight, ambition, and hard work results in a new company.

Starting new companies has gotten easier with each passing year, especially since the arrival of the Internet. Historically it required a lot of money to start a new company because of inventory, infrastructure, employee, legal, and advertising costs. Today venture capital is less necessary to start a small business.

The Internet’s rapid expansion has also opened startup opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide. The interconnected nature of Internet communications enables the rapid spread of information, inexpensive collaboration between geographically distant parties, and low-cost website software and tools that enable the sale of goods via e-commerce and online advertising, too.

Today startup companies are more common than ever. This is a trend likely to continue as more people worldwide become connected to the Internet and invest in their own futures by working together to build new companies.

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