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Stargate SG-1 – Not Good For TV

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Strike that. I have no idea. It seems to be the best show I may have missed. Seems to be due to not having cable for the longest time. Then when I had cable, I would switch through and see Richard Dean Adnerson and think it was some kind of oddball MacGyver dream sequence. Then I realized it was a program and by then it was too late.

Now there’s this EarthSea program starting on the Sci-Fi channel which seems right up my wormhole, er, so to speak.

Is that any good?

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  • But it’s a program my uncle loves, so I had to create this post so I could order a couple of DVDs.

    And I AM curious about EarthSea.

  • I think Stargate is a terrific show. They even make a tongue-in-cheek reference to MacGuyver in the initial episode (Carter: “it took us months to MacGuyver a solution…” followed by a smirk from Richard Dean Anderson)

    I must admit to “addicted” status. With TiVo, I can (and do) watch every episode. My family hates Sci-Fi-Fridays, to say nothing of “Stargate Monday” on the Sci-fi channel 😉

  • i STILL haven’t got around to watching it regularly. That means I watched it exactly once – this computer took over the station and then occupied a female character and they almost had to shoot her to save their lives.

    But my uncle DID love the DVD pack of Season 1 I ordered.