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Starflyer 59 – Old

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BOOM! Right from the first track Starflyer 59 hits you with Underneath – one of the strongest straightforward-rock song to date. When LHAS hit the shelves fans started noticing a metamorphosis in SF59. The Shoegazer pop sound was still there, but it was becoming more approachable. Now with the release of Old we see another change. It would seem that Martin and Co. have their eyes squarely fixed on college-age radio. Martin still has his trademark quasi-suicidal voice that lures you into singing along, but with a newer sound that is a bit more alluring to CD buying College kids.

There is a sense of innovation that must be commended on this CD, simply because it’s utilized in the most effective way possible, and there aren’t enough bands that present an easy-going, listenable sound while interjecting strange old vinyl sound effects, keyboard goodies, and off-kilter choirs.

A wonderful offering if you are a fan of SF59, and if you aren’t… well this might be a great introduction.

Mike Frost

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