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The Star Wars Trilogy set the bar for sci-fi movies for a lifetime. Every sci-fi movie since its release has been compared to the original Star Wars movies. The cutting-edge special effects, storyline and colorful characters really set itself apart from its predecessors. Not only have the movies become iconic, but the Star Wars toys and the release of the prequels created a rebirth in the craze.

It’s not just the characters that people crave, although having a Luke Skywalker, Yoda or an encased Han Solo are important. The real stars are the Star Wars vehicles and spaceships. From the Tie Fighters and X-Wing, to the Millenium Falcon, you don’t have to explain what genre you’re discussing as they have all become such household names.

But the entire Star Wars series could be summed up in two simple words. Light Saber. Maybe the coolest technology that we may never have has provided many young children with countless hours of fun pretending to be a Jedi. Whether you want to fight for the republic or one of those pesky rebels, the electric buzz of the light saber has become a rite of childhood.

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