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Star Wars, The Office, Smallville: Region 1 DVD Releases for September 12, 2006

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This week, Han shoots first.

Old and New Versions of the Star Wars Trilogy

Remember when George Lucas said he wasn't going to release the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy so we would all buy the enhanced versions? So do I. I remember it so well, that I’ve got the new-fangled re-release versions sitting on my DVD shelf right now.

Funny story. Turns out you can get the original versions (packaged with the re-releases). And just to make this deal that much more ghetto, you have to buy each movie individually.

You should hurry, though, this crappy offer is only open for a limited time.

I've never felt the urge to encourage the illegal downloading of films out of spite, but this is pushing it.

The Office – Season Two

The first season was only six eps long. That's what threw me when I saw we were already on season two. The Office was successfully translated into an American series from the seminal (and worthy of Best. Series. Ever. Status in some circles) British version. Carrell is dynamite and the supporting cast is unbeatable (with the smaller roles perhaps better used in this version).

Extras include the hilarious fake PSA's the cast recorded for NBC.

Smallville – The Complete Fifth Season

Perhaps seeing the err of their ways in the craptacular season four, the writers kicked it up a notch for season five, introducing Professor Fine (a welcome James Marsters) a.k.a., well, I’ll let you figure it out if you haven’t seen it already, and a bit more of the campy fun that made the first couple seasons a blast (though season 3 goodness has yet to be re-achieved).

Extras include commentary and featurettes.

Lucky Number Slevin

Not a great movie, but not a bad one either. If you enjoy the rough-and-tumble gangster schtick of a Guy Ritchie movie (before he started to suck) this is probably right up your alley. An impressive cast, including Ben Kingsley, who milks his gangster role for all it’s worth, as well as Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu and Stanley Tucci. Josh Hartnett stars, and begins to show inklings that maybe, just maybe, he may be up to the task of portraying a James Ellroy lead in The Black Dahlia.

Extras include commentary by the director (Gangster No. 1's Paul McGuigan) and a separate commentary track with Hartnett, Liu and writer Jason Smilovic, plus a featurette and alternate ending.

The Wild

The beginning of a slew of CGI animals run amok to supposedly wacky effect this year, followed up by Over the Hedge, The Ant Bully, Barnyard and the upcoming Open Season and Happy Feet. Proof that Hollywood loves to run an idea that only got mediocre reviews in the first place (Madagascar – of which this is an almost identical rip) deep into the Earth’s molten core. (I especially love how the word "New!" appears on the cover, just so you know it's not Madagascar or some other movie.)

One of the extras is called "Eddie Izzard Unleashed," which on any other DVD might be something to look forward to.

In this week's long list, Jay replaces Silent Bob with Paris Hilton. We call this "trading down."

21st Century Vinyl – Michael Fremers Practical Guide

Addiction Tour 2006 – Theatres Des Vampires

The Adventures of Chico & Guapo – The Complete First Season

Agatha Christie Classic Mystery Collection

Agatha Christie Collection Featuring Helen Hayes

Agatha Christie Collection Featuring Peter Ustinov

Alice Goodbody

All Access DVD Magazine: La Revista En DVD

All Access DVD Magazine: Street Credibility

Alma de Acero

America's Funniest Home Videos – Love and Marriage

America's Funniest Home Videos: Battle of the Best

America's Funniest Home Videos: Looks At Kids And Animals

America's Funniest Home Videos: Nincompoops and Boneheads

America's Funniest Home Videos: Sports Spectacular

Another Day

Are You Scared

Armin Only: The Next Level

At Home & Down Under

Aunt Rose

Baby Songbird:Smarty Symphony

Backdraft (HD DVD)

Bad City

Baian the Assassin, Vol. 4

Ballets Russes

Acclaimed doc about a famous Russian ballet troupe.


Bang Your Head Festival 2005

Barbara Steisand – One Voice

The Batman – The Complete Second Season (DC Comics Kids Collection)

Beast in Me

Beats of the Heart – Rhythms of Resistance

Beats of the Heart – Roots Rock

Beats of the Heart – Salsa

Beavis & Butt-Head Do America (10th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition)

The Bellydancers of Cairo

Best of Grilling

Best of Super Speeders

Big Balls – All Male Nude

Big Busted Dream Girls

Black Bike Week 2006

Black Emanuelle

Black Magic (Shaw Brothers Special Edition)

Black. White.

Bloodz vs Wolvez


Bottom's Up

Jason Mewes and Paris Hilton. At this point you've already decided if you want to see it.


Boy from Hell

Brahms:Complete Symphonies

Bratz: Babyz

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood, Vol. 4: The Complex

Cabaret De Montreal Live

Cameron Diaz Celebrity Pack


Cane for Self-defense DVD

Carson Country-Themed Guest: Engvall/Cash

Cartoon Network Halloween 3 – Sweet Sweet Fear

Casper's Scare School

Casper: A Spirited Beginning

Challenging the Da Vinci Code

Challenging the Da Vinci Code (Spanish)

Chivas: Si Se Puede

Clifford: Clifford's Big Halloween

Code Lyoko: First Season

Colin Farrell: Super Star Collection

Complete Kathy & Mo Show – Parallel & The Dark Side

Complete Symphonies

Completely Hooked

Core Training for Belly Dancers

Crackheads Gone Wild: New York 2

Crypt of the Vampire

Cuban Legend

Danger Rangers:Safe & Sound

Dark Assassin

Dark Fields

Daytona Unplugged

Dead Girl Walking

Death & Maiden / Razumovsky / Bird

Death of Mr Lazarescu

Acclaimed flick about a guy who dies. I think the part before he dies where he's shuffled around the Romanian medical system in a scathing indictment of the system's incompetence is more the critically acclaimed part.

Democracy vs. Jihad

Diagnosis Murder – Complete 1st Season

The Dick Cavett Show: Hollywood Greats

Digital Tenderness

Disney Princess Sing Along Songs – Once Upon a Dream

Disney Princess Stories, Vol. 1 – A Gift From the Heart


Donny & Marie Christmas

Dragon Ball Z: Broly Triple Threat

DragonBall Z – Movie 13: Wrath of the Dragon

Duncan Wong Yogic Arts – Source Power

El Chavo del 8: La Fiesta

El Juego De La Verdad (Spanish)

El Rey

En Persona

Engelbert Humperdinck – Totally Amazing


Exploring History's Treasures – Ghost Towns of the East Series

Family Game

Fantasy Exchange Asia

Film Noir – The Dark Side of Hollywood (Sudden Fear / The Long Night / Hangmen Also Die / Railroaded / Behind Locked Doors)

Fistful of Hell (Dub)

Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie – The Conqueror of Shamballa

Fullmetal Alchemist, Volume 13: Brotherhood (Episodes 49-51)

Funniest of the Planet's Funniest Animals


Gankutsuou 6 – Count of Monte Cristo

Gathering Sky

Get Ready: Definitive Performances 1965-1972 – The Temptations

The Girls

Girls Aloud E4

Gloomy Sunday


Goal! – The Dream Begins

Los Angelino immigrant gets to play for Newcastle United. Saw it on a plane. Okay, the sound was off, but the soccer scenes looked pretty good.

Going With the Flow

Golgo 13: Kowloon Assignment

The Great Composers: Bach

The Great New Wonderful

The Great Yokai War

Grey's Anatomy – Season Two

Gun Sword 3: Separate Ways

Guys Gone Wild:Hunk Hotel

Hack//Legend of Twilight: Anime Legends Complete Collection

Handel – Agrippina

Handel – Resurrezione

Has Anybody Seen My Pants

Title of the Week. It's not that difficult, folks.

The Haunted Pumpkin of Sleepy Hollow



Part of an emerging gay horror subgenre.

High Test Girls

Home to Roost: Acting Out

House of Wax [HD DVD]

I Am a Sex Addict

If the movie's half as funny and original as the trailer, I'm in.

I'm in the Mood for Love

Ibiza Chillout Moods

IGPX – Complete Season 1 Collection (Toonami Version)

Infinite Ryvius: Anime Legends Complete Collection

Inspector Lewis

International Cinema Collection (A Very Long Engagement / Day for Night / The Damned / Gloomy Sunday / Death in Venice)

InuYasha – Season 3 Box Set

InuYasha – Season 3 Box Set (Deluxe Edition with Necklace)

Island Explosion Singers

Jamarama – Live!

Jan Svankmajer: The Ossuary & Other Tales

Jazzin Black Forest

Jennifer Lopez: Super Star Collection

Jiri Barta: Labyrinth of Darkness

Joe Panther

Jubei Chan Ninja Girl: Anime Legends Complete Collection

Kavanagh QC: A Sense of Loss

Kavanagh QC: True Commitment

Kill the Poor

Kill Zone

Killer Bash


King Od Rai

Knights of Fuzz: Garage & Psychedelic Music

La Petite Jerusalem

Las Vegas: Season Three

Last Prophet

The Last Sect

Latin Fever 3: Quiero My DVD (Spanish)

Latino Kings of Comedy 1

Latino Kings of Comedy 2

Laurel and Hardy Collection, Vol. 2 (A Haunting we Will Go / Dancing Masters / Bullfighters)

Laurence Olivier Presents

Lethal Weapon 2 [HD DVD]

Linda Lovelace for President

Live Comedy from the Laff House: Kevin Hart

Live From Radio City Music Hall

Live in Belgium 1981

Live in Japan

Live! In Concert – Rubén Blades

Lizard Baby

Look at Me

Lower City

Lucky Number Slevin (Full Screen/Widescreen Edition)

Macross Vol. 5: When Worlds Collide

Magnesium Fire

The Maid

The Man of the Year (O Homem do Ano)

Mariah Carey

Martin Lawrence Celebrity Pack

Masters of Horror: Dance of the Dead

Max Havoc: Movie

Michael Douglas Celebrity Pack

Michel, Vol. 3: The Forest and the Fog

The Miracle Match (aka The Game of Their Lives)

Mission Kill

Monteverdi – L'Incoronazione di Poppea

Moonlighting: Season 4

This is where the wheels came off the Blue Moon wagon.

Morna Blues

MTV Unplugged + 3

Murder a La Mod/The Moving Finger

Music in Review


My Girl

My Little Pony – The Runaway Rainbow

My-Hime, Vol. 4

Nanaka 6/17, Vol. 3: Nanaka vs. Nanaka!

National Lampoon's Vacation & European Vacation

Natural Born Fiddler

Nicholas Cage Celebrity Pack

Night Feeders

Nova: Death of a Star

Nova: Death Star

Nova: Great Peaks – Everest Kilimanjaro McKinley

Nova: Miracle of Life & Life's First Feelings

Nova: Mountain of Ice

Nova: Runaway Universe

Nova: The Stars – Supernovas the Big Bang & More

The Nugget

Occult Detective Club: Doll Cemetary

Ocean World, Vol. 1

The Office – Season Two

One Eyed Soldiers

One Shocking Moment/The Abnormal Female/The Maidens of Fetish Street

Pecado Mortal


Piano Concertos


Playboy: The Ultimate Jenny McCarthy

Playing in a 3 Piece Band

The Police – Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out

Pt. 1 – Party Time

Puccini – Tosca

R.E.M. – When the Light is Mine… The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 Video Collection

Looks to be a nice collector's item. "Talk About the Passion" is actually one of my all-time favorite videos.

Raising Genius

Ravaged House-Zoroku's Disease

Reading Rainbow Favorites

Reading Rainbow: Birds of a Feather

Reading Rainbow: Desert Life

Reading Rainbow: How's That Made?

Reading Rainbow: Let's Go

Recien Casados No Molestar (Spanish)

Red Bull BC One Berlin 2005

Red Dragon (HD DVD)

Revolverlution Tour 2003 Manchester

Ricky 1

Rimsky-Korsakov – Sadko

Rita of the West

Roseanne – The Complete Fifth Season


Safety in Numbers

SalsaCrazy Presents: The Complete Salsa Dance Mastery System, 5 DVD Package. Learn to Salsa Dance!

Sandra Bullock Celebrity Pack

Scooby Doo: Movie & Scooby Doo 2 – Monsters


Serving in Silence: Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer

Shadow Dancers: Entertainment Box Set

Shadow: Dead Riot: Unrated Collector's Edition

Shura No Toki: Economy Pack

Sleep Is the Enemy-Live in Stockholm

Slumber Party Pack (A Cinderella Story / The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants / What a Girl Wants) (Full-Screen Edition)

Smallville – The Complete Fifth Season

Smallville – The Complete First Five Seasons

Something About You

Space Cowboys [HD DVD]

SpongeBob SquarePants – Season 4, Vol. 1


Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope (1977 & 2004 Versions, 2-Disc Widescreen Edition)

Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope (2-discs with Full Screen enhanced and original theatrical versions)

Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980 & 2004 versions, 2-Disc Widescreen Edition)

Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (2-discs with Full Screen enhanced and original theatrical versions)

Star Wars Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983 & 2004 versions, 2-Disc Widescreen Edition)

Star Wars Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (2-discs with Full Screen enhanced and original theatrical versions)

Stella – Season One

From the minds behind stuff like The State, Wet Hot American Summer, and The Baxter.

Stephen King Thriller Collection

Story Watchers Club:Christmas

Story Watchers Club:Our Planet

Story Watchers Club:World Folktales

String Quartets 2 3 4 & 6


Swat Uncensored

Symphonies 1

Symphonies 2

Symphonies 3

Take Me Back to Tulsa

Taps (Special Edition)

Two featurettes and director's commentary are all that set this 25th Anniversary Edition apart. Do you think we'll ever see Tom Cruise and Sean Penn in the same movie again?

Te Sigo Amando

Teddybear Crisis

Teen Terror Collection

Teen Titans – The Complete Second Season (DC Comics Kids Collection)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Season 4 (2 Discs, 14 Episodes)

Teknoman – Collection Three (Vol. 3)

That's the Way of the World

This Is Not a Film (2003)

Thomas & Friends: Come Ride the Rails (W/Toy)

Thomas and Friends: Come Ride the Rails

Today's Country Music

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Sabotage

Too Hot Not to Handle

Topo Gigio 8 (Spanish) (Full)

Traffic (HD DVD)

Trick or Treat

Troy [HD DVD]

Ultimate Tear Jerker Collection (3pc)

The Vatican Television Center Presents: The II Vatican Council

Verdi – Luisa Miller

Viva Santana

Vol. 1 & Vol. 2-Best of – Donny & Marie

Vol. 1 – Best of – Johnny Carson

Vol. 2 – Worlds Greatest Karaoke Hits

Wagner – Siegfried

Warships: Kriegsmarine German Navy 1914-45

Warships: Leyte Gulf to Tokyo Bay

Warships: Pearl Harbor to Midway

The Whore's Son

The Wild

Wildboyz – Complete Seasons 3 & 4 Uncensored


X-Three – Re-Mix 3

Yoga for the Rest of Us & More

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Welcome to Duel Academy v.1

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Movie – Capsule Monsters, Part 2

Yummy in My Tummy

Zyoga: The Yoga Sleep Ritual

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