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Star Wars rubbish

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Why are we expected to buy rubbish simply because it has the Star Wars logo on it? I have recently finished playing Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. This game looks no better than Dark Forces and is about as stable as Bloodmoon. Just because you can use light sabre its suppose to be so great. The game was released with, and has yet to have patched, a game killing bug that requires you to use cheats to get past. This is what the offical FAQ says. Worse yet this bug was ported to the Mac. How can you release a game with a bug in it that makes the game unplayable without cheats?

The multiplayer is quite good, but why bother with solo play when its so crap?

As with Star Wars Galaxies and Enter the Matrix, forget the hype, and go buy a decent game.

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  • Star Wars has been a software whore for awhile with most of their games being pretty weak. Galaxies suffers from being just another MMORPG. Actually, that game reminded me more of Anarchy Online than Everquest.

  • Gus Dihn

    Is this a joke? Have I been whooshed?

    This game is years old, and I had no trouble finishing it without cheating.