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Star Wars in Glorious 3D! (That Never Gets Old)

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A short time back the king of Star Wars sent a lackey forth with news that the Star Wars Saga was being converted to 3D and shall be re-released one film a year starting in 2012. It’s not just me who thought “Well, that’s going to be shit,” I hope? Not that I have any problems with the prequel films (although the fanboy part of me certainly does), but the announcement states that they are converting and showing them in story order, rather than the order that they should be released (in order of release, which means they start on the best of the original trilogy and end on the best of the prequels).

The problem with that is The Phantom Menace is the weakest film of the lot (as of this writing, Rotten Tomatoes agrees with me, although it is somewhat self-contradictory in places) and releasing it first seems like a bad idea. If it bombs, the sheer word of mouth against it alone would ignite the Internet (possibly causing the whole end of the world prediction that the Mayans are supposed to have made), and put the fanboys off seeing the originals again when (if) they eventually roll around.

3D is a love-hate thing anyway; while it can work for some films, with others it’s can feel tacked on. At its worst, it can give you headaches and make everything become a pale shade of grey.

Of course, screening them in the order they take place makes sense if you’re thinking of the new audiences here. And they do get better and better, as one of my friends pointed out.

However, completionists will not be happy about forking out for the inevitable DVD or Blu-Ray (or holographic) release of the films IN GLORIOUS 3D! after already paying for the Special Edition with the original films, as well as the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the Original Saga.

Even if you like the prequel trilogy (it’s not my place to judge) and believe that George Lucas made his movies better when he went over them again in 1997, you must agree that the movies reached a peak. Going over them again will not improve them any, especially when it is so very unnecessary. They were fine (great, you might say) as they were. Now please Mr. Lucas, for the love of God. STOP.

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