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Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith – Lining Up For The Beginning Of The End

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From a certain point of view………

Yeah, I laughed too when I read about the poor saps who started lining up in front of the wrong theater last month for the upcoming premiere of StarWars lll until I realized they have the right theater, only it will be showing the wrong movie at 12:01 am this thursday.
A group known as LiningUp.Net believes that since Star Wars’ Hollywood Bvld premiere back in 1977 was at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, that the final installment of this saga should take place at that same location.
Instead, Revenge of the Sith will be playing nearby at the Arc Light.
Now LiningUp.Net is composed of veterans who waited in line for the last two Star Wars movie premieres at the Grauman. Both The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones were NOT scheduled to open there when the people started to camp out in line, but changes were made and the movies were shown.
This time is different. Both Fox and Paramount have finally made it clear to the folks waiting in line that no, the movie will not play at Grauman’s. Last week I believe, they even offered 30 front row seats at the Arc Light showing to the folks camped out at the Grauman but retracted the offer before anyone had a chance to take it up.
On a side note, LiningUp.Net does more than stand in line. They have, as today’s comic states, impressively almost reached their goal of $30,000 dollars for a charity that benifits children.
Please, visit thier website to make a donation and/or fire off a letter to a list of studio big-wigs in an effort to bring Star Wars back home, for the last time.
Personally, I’m hoping for a Cinderella ending here with a suprise midnight show, that’s all the fans are asking for. It would be like back in the ’80’s, when the Rolling stones would show up at a ratty little club under an assumed name……..


post script……..
As chance has it, I happen to know the guy that booked the original Star Wars movie into Grauman’s Chinese Theatre back in 1977. It wasn’t anything planned out at all. Back then, George Lucas was just a young director with a new movie that was, well, different.

As Paul tells it, they wanted the movie to open somewhere on Hollywood Bvld, but all the theaters had previous engagements running, except one. And that is as romantic as it gets. Grauman’s just happened to be at the right place and at the right time, with an opening in it’s contracted slots.
On a side note, Paul tells of a young George Lucas parking his car across the street and watching, in amazement, as the the crowds affirmed that his fledgling little space romp was changing the course of cinematic history……..

   …..and, Paul just returned from a jaunt to New Zealand where he was treated to a sneak peak at Peter Jackson’s King Kong. He told me he went in thinking yeah, as good as he (Jackson) is, what can he do with King Kong?
Then, three minutes into the 18 minute clip, his jaw was on the floor. The WETA Digital crew has managed to seperate itself that much farther than the rest of the mere mortals that run special effects in the film industry.
Oh, and Peter jackson has dropped about 100lbs……..






May the force always be with you!


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