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Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith = Best since 1983

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I think the prevailing opinion of Star Wars III is probably the correct one, better then the two preceeding it, but not as good as the three following it.

Episode Three is clearly the greatest of the new trilogy, but it falls short of the original three. Sure the special effects are spectacular and the action scenes work well but the script is just horrendous in some parts, and so is the acting.

This movie was both written and directed by George Lucas and I have been saying for years that he needs to have someone re-write his dialogue. He can do the action scenes all he wants but the dialogue in this film is almost B-movie bad in some parts.

The acting doesn’t do the film any great service either. After getting good performances out of his actors the first two movies some of the cliqued lines fall flat because of the actors. The people who did the best job in this film are Hayden Christianesen and Yoda. Yoda, a fricken CG puppet, was more believable then Ewan McGregor.

Kenobi’s story line was just never drawn out properly and McGregor doesn’t exactly save it with the “Look I grew a beard but still lack emotion in every scene I’m in.” Here is the guy most single handedly responsible for the downfall of the Republic outside of the emperor and there’s no massive weight of guilt on his shoulders?

I also think the films suffered from not having a strong central fighting villain. I think it would have worked much better if Lucas kept Darth Maul alive until the third film. I know there are fan boys who would disagree saying that Darth Maul’s death is what requires Sidious having to find another apprentice. Still I think it would have been much more powerful to have Anakin strike down Maul rather then Count Duko who showed up for about 15 minutes of screen time between two movies.

That and I still think Darth Maul was the coolest bad Jedi ever.

I remember seeing an interview with George Lucas where he talked about creating a modern mythology with the first trilogy. He’s right the first films are imbedded with Freudian and Jungian psychology and mythological archetypes. All that is lacking from the new trilogy.

One of my best friends did come up with this idea: Lucas is showing that kids today have so much technology and possibilities at their disposal but choose to waste it because they are so angry for not having parents, for perceived slights and getting frustrated when things do not come easy enough.

Overall I would say the movie is decent. It has some very cool action scenes and it dovetails with the plot for the next trilogy very well. In the end I think all genre fans can be happy that this will finally be the last Star Wars.

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