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Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith opening imminent

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I missed the sensation surrounding the first Star Wars movies, but I was swept up in the buzz surrounding the first film in the second trilogy. That was actually when I watched the original three for the first time. I was impressed, but nothing by way of the ‘life changing experience’ that I’ve heard others claim. I was underwhelmed by the actual film, and the next film left me even less whelmed. I drove by the local theatre earlier today, and saw the lines of people out in the rain, hail and thunder, dressed as Darth Sith (is that right? no..) and waiting to see the midnight show. Obviously Star Wars still has a few fans scattered here and there.

I have hopes for the third film, and all three films have the saving grace of whiz-bang special effects. The acting in the first two is nearly uniformly terrible. There’s that annoying little kid they got to play Anakin, the lifeless girl for Queen Amidala, and of course Jar Jar Binks. I’m trying to think of some good acting in the first film, and failing. The writing was also extremely bad.

The second film was even worse. At least they got rid of Binks and put in some neat city scenes, but whenever Christian Haydensen is doing anything other than fighting you wish either he or you were dead. Haydensen seems to have only two states: outraged and creep. Make that one. Just creep. And not a very interesting creep. The love scenes are horrible as well. Couldn’t Lucas have had someone else write them?

Now the third film… there certainly is more plot, and I think it’s good that they’re moving to PG-13 and taking out some of the stuff that was put in to appeal to the kiddies. I don’t expect to see really huge improvements in the acting, though. Haydensen is expected to actually take on a challenging part, and he’s very bad.

Ah, I’ve just thought of some fair acting from the first film – Senator Palpatine’s done a good job, and I expect that he’ll do a good job in part three, when he turns into the Emperor (which is not really a spoiler, since it’s been obvious all along).

Anyway, I’m seeing it Saturday and will write a review, probably joining the deluge that is about to start at around 3 in the morning tomorrow.

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  • That’s Hayden Christansen – enjoy the kid – I’m deferring till next week so I can watch it on a DLP theater in Chicago – none in Milwaukee:(

  • Doc

    The New Yorker has a real burner of a review on Episode 3. The best line was something like:

    People say Revenge of the Sith is better than the two previous Star Wars movies. But that’s like saying dying by natural causes is better than crucification.

    Disclaimer: I will buy the DVD and maybe go see it in the theater anyway since I was at the original back in ’77 with my parents so nostaliga closes the loop.

  • Yah, I read that review, it was very eloquent. I think he may have gone a bit over the top in criticism, though. After reading it you get the feeling that Star Wars will lead to the end of the earth.

  • sydney

    I enjoyed the movie actually. Thought it was the best of the 6 episodes.

    In any case, I’m growing a little tired of hearing the same criticisms over and over. Yes the acting is a little wooden, and yes the dialogue is clumsy, but we have come to expect that since the first installment. Nothings changed, and yet people are still coming to see the movie in droves. Perhaps its time to acknowledge that there is something else about the series that makes it all worthwhile.

    Secondly, Hayden Christensen performance in this movie is among the best in all the installments. I realize this is not saying much, but given the dialogue he has and the ludicrous scenarios, he’s done enough to suspend our imaginations. That’s the best we can hope for.

    It’s by no means a reflection of his acting abilities. I think he’s one of the best young male actors in Hollywood. Only Jude law, and Ryan Gosling can match him in that category. Anyone who has seen Hayden in “Shattered Glass” will agree with me here I think…

    Lastly… these characters are archetypes and so it doesn’t matter that their acting is a little wooden at times. The characters instantly are made personal to us since they all represent something to us. We already know what’s going to happen with these characters, not only because we’ve seen the later episodes, but because we know what happens to these archetypes. It’s moving just the same. Obviously, it has moved people to return to the theatres for 6 different installments. Is it really necessary that we point out how generic the dialogue and acting is, time and time again?

  • The movie functions symbolically, no one can argue you with you there. But a plot summary would do the same thing. I also like my films to be internally consistent and compelling. And I apologize, I didn’t notice that everyone else was writing the same thing. If I had noticed that, my opinion would have been entirely different.