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Star Trek: Nemesis Does Not Suck

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I walked into Nemesis with mixed expectations. Over at Ain’t it Cool News, the pudgy demigod that is Harry Knowles had declared it to be an unmitigated disaster. But I had seen other reviews that suggested it might be semi-decent.

So, I was hoping to at least get some nice Enterprise-porn (those lovely CGI shots) and a few hours visiting with the old friends who were the crew of 1701-D (and now -E).

But it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised: Nemesis kinda rocked.

No, not Wrath of Khan rocked; not even Undiscovered Country rocked. But probably about First Contact rocked; which puts it ahead of most of the films in the series.

I won’t bother with plot summaries; nor will I give you spoilers. But I wanted to at least toss out a positive vote: if you’re even a casual fan of the series, yes, this one is worth seeing in the theatres.

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  • Eric Olsen

    NZ, Very pleased to hear it sucketh not – there is altogether too much sucking in the world as it is.

  • Oak

    All in all Nemesis was a good sci-fi movie. It you really are a star trek fan you would reallize that this movie was a so-so star trek movie. First and formost the Prime Directive ( the most sacred pf laws in Starfleet) was thrown out the window when the past two movies showed examples of the directive being fulfilled. Second the romulans colonized romulas and remus. Remus is not inhabited by and alein species, the Remans. These two things are the key part of Star trek lore and fans shoyuld have picked up on it. Star trek is losing its roots and is becoming a series of action films with no meaning. Thank you for reading this.

  • Marcus E.

    You’re off the mark a bit there Oak. While the Romulans did colonize Romulus and Remus (as they are Vulcans that rejected the teachings of Surak), no information has ever been revealed before about Remus. The planet itself was barely mentioned. So explain to me if it was not mentioned how it could be a piece of Star Trek lore? No response? Exactly, there can be no response to that. Just because you assumed that there were never any prior inhabitants of Remus doesn’t make it so. I also miss how the Prime Directive was thrown out the window. Firstly, it doesn’t apply to the Romulans anyway as the Prime Directive is primarily to protect pre-warp civilizations. Secondly, the Enterprise was asked to come by the Romulans. Thirdly, they had to do something as the Remans were going to wipe out all life on an entire planet (Earth). Aren’t any Prime Directive violations here.

    NZ, I agree.

  • daft invader

    Fantastic satire piece.